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The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self-image, emotional brain baggage and more.

It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that the emotional baggage that blocks wisdom gets ground out over the years; leaving the brain wise. Why let the emotional baggage settle in, in the first place in the young. We can also remove the emotional baggage through brain therapy from those who are stuck with emotional baggage ASAP!

The 4th R Foundation has published 1600+ articles, all related to wisdom. Please google,'4th r foundation Sajid Khan' to review their work. All the ills of society from crime to drug addiction and corruption are due to lack of understanding wisdom.

Here is an example of what we do wrong in upbringing that creates havoc with society in so many ways. We bring up our girls humble and boys macho. Humbleness is the power behind wisdom. Thus we bring up our girls wiser than our boys. Look at the result of bringing up our boys macho. Just crime that costs over a trillion dollars in damage is caused by almost men alone. Can you imagine if we raised our boys as
humble as girls what difference it will make. Can you imagine the progress toward a wise society we will make if we raise every child as humble as humanly possible? Here is a link to their work:,

The Third Eye; Everyone Has It, Including You.

The third eye is always there, it is you; your pure self.
Develop it to your full potential. Develop you to your full potential.

Awaken and exercise your third eye and make it in charge of all your behavior, including the behavior of your brain. The third eye is always there, it is you. Develop it to your full potential. Develop you to your full potential. From the earliest times, the ancients have stressed the importance of the third eye in self-improvement. It is a major tool in yoga for focusing on one’s emotional holes. The third eye is none other than the mind/self/I. With the third eye, you observe your emotions without judgment. It is the pure self-observing the phony self-image. It is the mind observing the mind. But I would like to suggest using your third eye to observe your brain and to separate your mind/I/self from the brain and to absorb absorbing the experience of observing the mind observing the brain. The self-observing the emotional turmoil generated by the emotional baggage in the brain. The mind observing the separateness of itself from the brain. Observing and digesting that the problem is not in the pure self - it is in just a part of the brain.

Emotional reactions can originate from your brain, and/or your mind. Consider a shy person. The person knows that there is no reason to be shy, so he feels frustrated and angry at his shy behavior. He thinks he is shy. So, he accepts it and tries to adjust as best he could. By focusing the third eye on the current rational reasons for his shyness he will find that it is the brain’s established memory guided pattern of perception that compels him to be shy. The current behavioral response is frozen to earlier embedded emotions. These embedded memories are what drive the brain to behave in a shy manner. By placing the brains habitual patterns in contextual mindfulness, that is observe that you/I/self/mind is absorbing the current shy behavior in the context of past shyness compelling experiences. Absorb that the brain is perceiving the current outside in experience as if the situation is still the same as it was in childhood.

Absorb that much has changed during and since that time. You are no longer the dependent child. The current shy behavior is unconscious responsive behavior. Wake up to the fact that it is the unpleasant buried memories that are powering the brain’s shy behavior. Once these memories are removed from the brain the shyness will also be removed. These memories are buried deep down in the unconscious brain. By re-experiencing them and bringing them to the surface while at the same time absorbing the impact of these memories on your emotions in light of the changed circumstances. Once the memory that was playing like a broken record in the unconscious is brought to the surface it’s intensity in the unconscious becomes less and by repeatedly reliving it the unconscious becomes free of this shyness generating broken record.

The mind is used to separate the brain’s fault from the self. The self is made to realize that the self is not at fault. Even the brain is not at fault. The brain is like a vessel that contains bad memories that keep churning and producing shy behavior.So with the help of the mind, the brain is cleaned up.

Brain cleaning involves reliving the past incidents just as they happened in full contextual mindfulness. It is like someone is afraid of rats. Place the rat in his hand and he will be first shocked. The next time you place the rat in his hand he will be less shocked and ultimately his fear will disappear. Similarly by absorbing the past buried episodes one at a time exactly as it happened and absorbing the shy feelings in the context of the irrationality of these shy feelings in the context
of the current situation the strength of the shyness is gradually reduced and ultimately removed.

In all this, it is crucial to use your mind/I/self/third eye to separate your brain from your mind and separate the brain from the shy behavior. Link the shyness to where it belongs. It is present because your brain contains emotional baggage. Remove the emotional baggage and the brain becomes shyness free. Also, waken up to the fact that the third eye is not something that only prophets and mavens possess. The third eye is your mind and you should always be conscious of it being you/I/mind/self. As they say that one should be always aware of one’s life’s moments to moments. So, awaken and exercise your third eye and make it in charge of all your behavior, including the behavior of your brain.

The third eye is the key to the divine banquet of a pure life.

The third eye is always there, it is you. Develop it to your full potential. Develop you to your full potential.


Ali Sajid Khan


December 2015

ACF OPRE News: Vol. 3 Issue 19: Design Options for Future Early Head Start Research 

What's New in Wisdom and Early Chlidhood Development


Romans 21:15(NIV). I do not understand what I do. For what I want to
do I do not do, but what I hate I do. - St. Paul

Romans 7:21(NIV). So I find this law at work: Although I want to do
good, evil is right there with me. - St. Paul

Even the Bible is showing us that the best of the best have two
personalities. In the majority of people the brain projects one
personality and the mind another. The mind projected personality is
moulded by education and the brain projected personality is generated
by the brain wiring that is created during the first five years of

It is amazing that most have two personalities in us and yet the world
is aware of only the mind generated personality and so all the
resources of time, research and money is spent on fixing the mind
generated personality. The miseducated brain generated personality is
what causes all the ills of society and yet it is neglected, ignored
and not even known; so no efforts are made to re-educate/fix the brain
generated personality.

It is the mind that projects educated and responsible behavior and the
brain behaves according to its fixations. When the person is acting
irresponsibly the whole focus is on trying to make the person become
responsible by teaching, scolding, preaching, persuading, punishing
the mind to act responsiblely. All these efforts on improving the mind
by teaching the mind seldom work; because irresponsible behavior is
generated by the emotionally challenged brain wiring. The brain wiring
has to be be retuned.

The mind generated personality is all that our experts know and try to
fix. The brain generated personality is below the radar screen. All
the tens of thousands of books; all the time, money and education in
schools are addressed to educating the mind generated personality
alone. No wonder even after studying these books nothing changes, as
far as the emotional intelligence of the person is concerned; as it is
the brain generated personality that needs healing. It is like the
engine is defective and we keep trying to fix the clutch.

The mind itself is generated by the brain and when the brain is
emotionally challenged then it projects an emotionally challenged
mind. Suppose the brain is the projector that projects a self
conscious mind/self-image. It is like the brain is projecting a green
self image and we write books and make every effort to educate the
green self image to change itself into a red self image; while all the
time the brain is projecting a green self image. What we need to do is
adjust/heal the brain to project a red self image.

We already have therapies that heal the subnormal into normal. We can
use the same to heal the so called normal society into becoming super

As the brain projected personality is established by the first five
years of upbringing we need to educate parents, teachers and social
workers to become experts of emotionally healthy conditioning of the
brain. For those older we need to introduce Brain Therapy and
Happiness/Life-Coaching Seminars.

It is extremely critical that our education and health leaders wake up
to the fact that the brain and mind personalities are two different
entities for most people. They get crafted by the brain and mind
getting educated differently. The fundamental source of the mind
personality is the brain wiring and when the mind is emotionally
challenged it is the brain healing that is required.

Our experts have little clue to the differences between the brain and
mind; they do not realize that the mind and brain personalities emerge
differently. Every emotionally challenged personality is subjected to
mind education when it is the brain generated personality that is
emotionally challenged and needs healing.

~Sajid Khan


Can I Show You the Path to an Emotionally Super
Healthy America?

(Today we are Almost the #1 Emotionally Challenged
Country in the World)

The self image is the face of the mind. By healing the self image the mind is healed. As our experts are still confused about the mind; we
can make the mind emotionally healthy by making the self image emotionally healthy.

The world is suffering from a very real fundamental flaw of emotionally challenged minds on such a vast scale. In other words the world is suffering from emotionally challenged self-identities/self-images. It is the self identity that determines one’s grip on reality: the key to an emotionally healthy life. From relationships to happiness and depression, to student failures and drug addictions, from crime to class divides; it is all determined by the emotional health of the self image. All the man made ills of society stem from emotionally challenged self images.

So the #1 problem that needs fixing is to make sure that, from individuals to groups; they all have emotionally healthy self images.
It is the government’s task to first establish emotional health standards by establishing self image standards and second to establish
the educational means to make these standards a reality.

I have already worked out the self image standard and the educational means to achieve these standards.

Sajid Khan
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