A Legend Rising



My warmest greetings to this wonderful community of God and Love.


The book presents the beautiful, fairy-tale like story of Irene Lumbrera whose faith in her God is as tall as the mountain of highest peak, Everest; as strong as the hardest  cores of nanospheres  and diamonds, who has become a self-made millionaire at age 26 when the Philippines is just recovering from the tolls of war and Great Depression; comes to the United States to be amazed with more good fortune, returns home after thirty years just to become homeless again at 88 when she found out that her home and properties are no longer hers, and rising back at 89 when the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging adopted her and placed her on its Home Living Program hereby regaining her basic human rights of home and shelter, dreaming of a happy ending for herself and her community , willing to work as hard to build a dream and complete a mission, stronger in her faith as ever, the rock of all faith and churches. 


This book also presents the legend of Felix Manalo, the founder of Iglesia in Cristo, (Church of Christ) as narrated and witnessed by Irene Lumbrera based on her personal and firsthand experiences with him who will become her ultimate teacher and pastor. This is a tribute and salute to a man whose vision and wisdom brought to build a Church that has gone global unto this day and has empowered the rising of legends over three generations.


This is just the beginning of a great story to be told on A Legend Rising and destiny-inspired quest of a mission whispered by God to an ear of a helpless and sick nonagenarian, to be equipped with a company of wise men, an orchestra to be led by Irene Lumbrera herself, a deaconess, an apostle to share God’s love and blessing chosen by God, the ultimate Rainmaker and claim His Glory and Power that "With God, there is nothing impossible." Her faith has earned her heaven on earth never losing hope that this Will be done.


I am very happy to celebrate with you, Irene. I am fortunate to know you who have shown me how to nurture Faith and Believe. I only know you for a short while, but as if I have known you forever. Your stories made me travel with you back in time and enjoy the ride. My final cuts in the form of questions addressed to the readers make this story telling interactive so they may become the judge themselves especially on issues of spirituality and higher consciousness as you have exemplified.


I am honored to become a part of this community to meet leaders of this Church of Christ. Together we will celebrate a Leader in her own rights, a teacher of life and a legend rising


This book shows how Legends Rise and bring more to come.

 Myrna D. Santos/Author