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The Modern Nightingales: A Century of Caring

Cover Page: Nilda Berguido "Crossing the Panama Canal to America"

Foreword: The Nursing Language: Caring as the Common Ground 

The Unsung Heroes

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Schools of Nursing

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Visiting Nurses of New York

Nilda Berguido, RN "Crossing the Panama Canal to America"

A Salute to Unsung Heroes

Soo Hee, RN

Nilda Berguido

Lydia Bunag

Yolanda Nurse

Valarie H.Crossdale

Aida Roy

Filipinas Lowery

Phoebe Andes

Dorothy de Castro

Claudette Morissey

Merielle Roti

Teresita D. Dunuan

Egna Martinez

Ayal B. Lindeman

Natividad Ronquillo Abalos

Niyom Kanjanintorn

Naomi White

Clemencia Wong

Miraflor Arcenigas

Caring as the Common Ground

  • Be it known: He/ She is a Nurse
  • Area/ Field of practice in nursing
  • Years served
  • Challenges & Success
  • Dedication to the next generation