WELCOME to Extended Arts Center Where Everybody is an Artist

The Extended Arts at The Divine Child Museum, Linden, NJ (11-04/2014)
Myrna D. Santos, Marcos Panlilio & Ludy Resurreccion at Dragon Gallery New York, Richmond Hill, NY (12/20/2016)
The Extended Arts at PAGASA Community Center, NY ( 8-27-2015)



A public/nonprofit partnership to implement a community center where learning, health, and wellness is developed through a) integrating existing health care concepts and practices (traditional, alternative, and complementary), b) developing the informed participation of individuals, their families, and communities in its research and application, c) promotion of arts and culture as a basic component of a culturally appropriate healthcare system and d) promotion of mental health by redefining the meaning of Arts in Nursing and its impact on individual, families, communities and healthcare.  




To train the general community, groups and families  in health maintenance and wellness, to provide direct services, education and training, by providing a safe haven to creativity in arts in all its forms, hereby promoting a cultural identity, the basic determinant of individual, family and community health.


Philosophy and General Assumptions


The model seeks to engage the community in addressing the unmet public health and clinical healthcare needs and access issue. Such needs are elucidated in available Federal, State and local data, from mortality & morbidity rates; census demographics on literacy & educational levels; primary & secondary languages spoken; immigration status; and other socio-economic indicators.


This model aims to reduce overall individual healthcare costs, mitigate dependency on Medicare and Medicaid and similar entitlements, to relieve the burden of both overmedication, and address the chronic lack of adequate and suitable healthcare, as well as to increase individuals’ economic participation and productivity.


Through documentation and demonstration of its efficacy, as well as the production of research and data, it is hoped that this model could be replicated widely nation-wide, to address the urgent health care needs of the uninsured, underserved, high-risk, marginalized communities as well as the international community on global health.


Overall Goals


  • Promotion of arts and culture as essential elements of individual and community health
  • Provide quality healthcare for all.
  • Reduce healthcare cost.
  • Resolve the healthcare apartheid and promote equality of healthcare for all.
  • Job creation.
  • Quality education and training for both skilled and non-skilled specialties.
  • Emphasize preventative and community health approach


Arts & Culture in Health 

Channeling the deep and rich traditions of Filipinos' indigenous healing arts, The Nursing Office (TNO) recognizes that Everyone is a Healer, and the Practice of Healing is  authentic and vibrantly evident in Filipino indigenous songs, chants, poetry, music, dance and movement.   These symbolic energetic forms seek to establish and sustain humans beings' harmony with Inang Daigdig (or Mother Earth), for it is in synergy with natural and healing rhythms of our Mother Earth that we experience Peace and Abundance, Truth and Love.


The Extended Arts Program of The Nursing Office (or TNO Extended Arts) is a Haven for Creativity, where writers, poets, musicians, visual artists, performing artists, and all who aspire to become who they really are from their hearts ---may join with kindred others, not only  to re-member, re-join, or re-store our indigenous selves, but most importantly, to re-create the New World that Works for Everyone!


Production Meeting "The Coming of the Cross and the Sword" West Orange (11/17/15)

In support of Arts in its various Forms of Expressions & Creativity

Visual Arts

Meet our Artist-in-Residence and Visual Arts Director, Bienvenido Banez, a world renowned Surrealist (Nov, 2015)
Establishing Network with Ms.Yuko Nii, Director & Founder, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY (11-15-2015)

Theater & Stage

Zarzuela Filipina: "The Coming of the Cross and the Sword"

Purple Pillars Production finds, assembles and expresses the artistic concept using all forms of art into an appropriate medium for presentation. Brief symbolism:

Purple for Higher Consciousness

Pillars for Strength, Stability

Haven/House for people who have nowhere to go

“SAFE HAVEN FOR CREATIVITY” in all its forms

  • Visual Arts/Photography/ “Guhit”
  • Dance / “Indak”
  • Film Arts
  • Music / “Tinig”
  • Performance/Expressive Arts/Literary Arts/ “Katha”


Building Bridges for Fil-Am Artists

Fil-Am Artists Helen Dimaya and world renowned photographer, Carlos Esguerra with Consuelo Almonte of Phillippine Community Center Services for Aging, at the"Kapentura" Exhibits at the Phillipine Cener, NYC on August 1, 2016.
"da Painter" April Gamboa Villacorta exhibits Vangough-inspired paintings at "Kapentura", Phillipine Center, NYC August 1, 2016


Filipino-American Arts Fiesta:

   An Artistic Milieu by, with, and for Filipino Artists


Rationale and Background


                In the Renaissance of Philippine Art and Culture, a prominent and lively platform for the Filipino artist and the Filipino-American artist has yet to be established.  Oftentimes, many artists from the homeland come to America, seeking validation of their artworks and/or artistic visions, which have not found an appreciative audience in the homeland.


                While the Philippine Government agencies here in America are focused on serving resident Filipinos' need for diplomatic, consular, and other bureaucratic concerns, many if not, most Filipino artists from the Philippines have been attracted or drawn to use the ample available spaces found in Philippine Consulates' lobbies, libraries, or auditoriums, which have been transformed into, albeit, de facto art exhibition spaces.  If the artist's goal is to introduce oneself to the expatriate Filipino community and showcase artworks to would-be buyers and/or sellers of artworks, this goal would have been well served.


                However, while succeeding in helping artists with temporary exposure, and even remunerative rewards for artworks with popular appeal, this short-term effort does not serve the long-term goal of establishing respect and high regard for what our Artists are truthfully accomplishing:  showing the world Who we are as Filipinos, by visually expressing in original forms and colors the excitingly myriad permutations of the Filipino Soul.  


                Hence, the home-grown Filipino artists and Filipino-American artists alike need to have access to a friendly environment (or space) dedicated primarily to showcasing products of their artistic visions, where their works are allowed maximum exposure and interaction with other artists' works from all over the world.  


                In any milieu or mingling of art critics or connoisseurs, art historians or writers, academicians or intellectuals, and other appreciative articulators who can connect to show commonalities of Filipino-made artworks with larger spheres of artistic genres and styles --- infinite horizons of possibilities open up profound insights on how Filipino and Filipino-American artists are contributing their exuberant visions of humanity to the interconnected global realities of our times.




1.  To provide internationally recognized Exhibition Space(s) for Filipino and Filipino-American artists to exhibit all forms of artistic works in all modes and mediums, and develop facilities or enhance available physical spaces        toward a permanent Philippine Arts Gallery & Exhibition space.


2.  To create Crossroads of Arts, an intersecting Environment or Space where community members visually experience artistic works, meet in person and interact with Filipino and Filipino-American artists and know them as persons.  More importantly, to recognize, appreciate, and accept our Artists as vital and integral culture-bearers of the evolving authentic  Filipino identity and spirit.


3.  To explore, experiment, and pursue innovative approaches, plans, and strategies to create Viable Market Opportunities to help sustain Filipino & Filipino-American artists' livelihood for survival and continuing artistic productivity.


4.  To increase and enhance the understanding and appreciation of Art as a Channel of Life's truths and wisdom, stimulated by intellectual and           aesthetic criticism of writers, journalists, academicians, historians or other  visionaries who view works of artists from different & varied genres,                mediums, styles and schools, or historical eras.


5.  To maintain and sustain Filipino artists' visibility, exposure and active                 participation in the Renaissance of Philippine History, Art, and Culture here in America and in the Philippines.




  1. Organize, hold, and celebrate the Filipino-Arts Fiesta annually in the five (5) boroughs of Metropolitan New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan), or in the tri-state areas of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.


  1. Connect the networks of various Filipino arts organizations, galleries, artists' groups to find ways   of collaborating or cooperating in mutually beneficial projects, programs, or services, following principles of transparency and accountability.


  1. Provide access to Venues for tertulia, or intelligent discussions & forums on Filipino artists & writers and their works, as well as journalists, community leaders and organizers, fundraisers, marketers & advertisers, Internet bloggers, Facebook friends, etc., and their projects.


  1. Secure the production of the Las Islas Filipinas Journal as the publication where documentation or transcripts of tertulias or intelligent discussions, art reviews, play reviews and commentaries, etc., are contributed on a regular quarterly basis, for on-line distribution or in hard copies.



  1. Establish policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure artistic integrity, remuneration, or credit in the marketing, distribution, sale, exhibition, and other uses of art works entrusted by Filipino and Filipino-American Artists to community members.


  1. To reach out to Filipino-American communities across the country and   engage their participation through arts festivals, arts exhibitions, discussions, forums, publications, etc., the great works of Filipinos and Filipino-American artists.

Extended Arts Center of Elizabeth New Jersey

Exploring all possibilities


  • Organizing 52 North
  • Sustainability of 52 North
  • Program Development & Management for St. Elizabeth Parish
The Art of Building Networks and Collaboration

Myrna D. Santos with Fr. Beltran, Dr. Zal Velez (Deputy Mayor of West Orange, NJ), presenting the manuscript of his book, Las Islas Filipinas, to Extended Arts Director, Marcos Panlilio, with Dr. Josie Velez at the Purple Pillars/ Nursing Office.

Arts & Culture: A Major Component at the MOOD Lounge

Marcos Panlilio, Director of Extended Arts of Elizabeth, finds time to integrate Arts & Culture in every way, during a Zarzuela Meeting among members of Las Islas Filipinas at the Mood Lounge.

Extended Arts Center of Queens, New York

Potri Ranka Manis, RN, co-produces Newyorkustan, a short webseries under the direction of Steven de Castro, about three friends who band together to save their local mosque from eviction.(Nov.11, 2011)


The Nursing Office nurses join the casts of Newyorkustan taping at the Kalusugan Coalition Center
Kinding Sindaw performs at the United Nations to promote Right to Water among indigenous peoples on June, 2011
Kinding Sindaw teaches dance movement to young Americans ( June 2, 2011)
Potri Ranka Manis, RN, teaches the Filipino-American children at the Philippine Center on June 16, 2011
Kinding Sindaw performs “Ritual Dances” at the La Mama Theater, March 19, 2012, under the directorship of Potri Ranka Manis, RN.


Extended Arts at New Paltz


Malaika Queanu, produces and directs a cultural presentation at the New Paltz University before the crowd of young college students. (April 9, 2011)


Young College Students perfect fan movement
The sounds of Kulintang echoes from the stage of the University of New Paltz
The tradition goes on as Kinding Sindaw teach cultural dance fron Southern Philippines to students of SUNY, New Paltz

Extended Arts Center of Union County, New Jersey

The Nursing Office Extended Arts and the Mood Lounge starting a new concept of creativity between entrepreneurship and community service.
Marcos Panlilio, Extended Arts Director, continues to promote Arts & Culture at the Mood Lounge
Food Service as an Expression of Creativity

Chef Rico, treats each menu as an art expression, that customers order food because of the artful presentation of its garnishing.

Zarzuela Production Workshop at the MOOD Lounge
Zarzuela Productions Workshop with Potri Ranka Manis at Mood Lounge, April 6, 2013


The Nursing Office at The International Film Festival Manhattan with Director-Producer Luis Pedron (Oct, 2013)
Myrna D. Santos, RN presents a short film on " A Day in the Life of a Gerontological Nurse"

You may watch the video in this link:



Watus Solis: Creativity in Fashion Design
Kevin Nadal's "Filipinos in New York" Then and Now

Extended Arts Center

Myrna D. Santos, RN


Marcos Panlilio

Executive Director

Ludy Resurreccion

Program Director

Bienvenido Banez

Director of Visual Arts