Community Mental Health Program: A Community Approach to Mental Health

CAMP: Community Approach to Mental Health Program


VISION:  A Community that Heals Together Stands Together in Unity;

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To provide training and knowledge-sharing of evidence-based practices to enhance the resilience and optimal adjustment of individuals, families and communities who have endured extreme adversities, disasters and trauma.



Life's challenges are far more bearable if shared among family & friends.



  1. To promote Non-conventional Modalities of Healing and Wellness for Individuals, Children, and their Families and Care-givers.
  2. To provide a Sanctuary (or Safe Space) for Non-conventional Healing Modalities for Practitioners, Clients, Families, and Caregivers.
  3. To utilize Native American, Asian, African, and/or Middle Eastern traditions in Circle Stages, Ethnic Food, Music, Dancing, and Storytelling as Healing Formats and/or Environments.
  4. To allow the Creative Modes of Non-conventional Traditional Healing and Self-care to Flourish and Prosper for the General Wellness of the Community.
  5. To connect and/or integrate non-conventional modes of healing & wellness with institutional health facilities open to  collaborating with alternative medicine and innovative, nurse-driven healthcare solutions.