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How to Become Wise

A New Key to the Art of Living: Braintecness. 

/ Today's world is full of too much information that passes through the mind. The mind is almost always over worked. It tires out the physical brain during the day and when the mind and body are sleeping in the night the unconscious brain wakes up and reviews the day's mind absorbed information and as a result the mind, brain and body all wake up tired. This hectic brain and mind tiredness is taken for granted; but it need not be this way. This over worked brain and mind pollutes the quality of life and even degrades the performance; resulting in a double loss in the quality of life. Life results in pain and unhappiness when life can be pure pleasure. 

What we need to do is treat the physical brain as an organ of the body, which it is. It is just like the stomach. Imagine if we keep eating, eating, eating for hours what would happen? It would make us sick. The same fundamentals apply to the brain. It has to be rested for at least 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours. Indulge your brain in any mindless activity or just what ever gives you the most pleasure. Pray, sing, play, meditate or try to go to sleep etc.

Just making your mind empty and keeping it blank is a great way to rest your brain and mind. We have figured out a new way to empty the mind - braintecness, as in brain technology. Braintecness is the key to living life wordlessly, experiencing life in pure emotions. The left brain thinks in words while the right brain thinks in biochemical reaction. The left brain is the mind and the right brain is the brain. Braintecness is watching your mind with your brain, watching your brain watching your brain. Learn to watch your mind with your brain. Live the brain understanding and experiencing life moment to moment through biochemical reactions. Focusing on, understanding and experiencing the brain experiencing life in emotions without the emotions being described in words results in a blank mind. Trying to experience life just as the brain experiences life in blind emotions without experiencing the emotions in words puts the mind at rest. 

Experiencing life with the mind constantly reviewing life in words is like the brain is playing football and the mind is giving a commentary on it. It is like the mind experiences life second hand what the brain experiences first hand. Learn to experience life through the brain first hand in pure emotions without the mind commenting on, describing and living the brain experience in words. 

It is somewhat like the brain has the real apple while the mind is the mirror that experiences the image of the apple. Just think what would you rather have, the real apple or its image? The self image is the domain of the mind while the actual self is the domain of the brain. The brain is the key to the pure self and a pure life. So master the art of experiencing life through the physical brain.

Mastering the art of living life biochemically without re-experiencing life in words is much more than just resting your mind. It is the art of enjoying pure life first hand. Remember when you fell in love the first time and you experienced pure pleasure which you can still only feel and not be able to describe in words; well that is how you should live life 24-7! Living life mindlessly by experiencing life through the brain every few hours is a new key to a purer life. Try it! Indulge your brain in braintecness as much as possible by mastering braintecness!

Sajid Ali Khan

Author: How to become wise

Founder: 4th R Foundation

United We Stand

Benjamin H.Santos, BS-HCM, RN

A Nursing Shortage


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that hospitals and long term health care facilities added 27,000 new jobs in February 2009.  These vacancies, coupled with an additional 116,000 open positions in hospitals (per American Hospital Association report) bring the total RN vacancies in the U.S. to more than 135,000. The irony of it all is that it (February) was a month where, nationwide, 700,000 lost their jobs. New jobs being filled are more likely to be that of nurses and the rest are relegated to the statistics of “jobless.” By the same Bureau, it was reported that more than ONE MILLION new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2016. 

 Compounding the problem is the fact that nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggling to expand enrollment levels to meet the rising demand for nursing care. Should such a campaign succeed, shortage of nursing faculty shall arise as a problem thereby restricting nursing program enrollments.  Since the total population of nurses is growing at a slow rate, the average age of the nurses is climbing; insufficient staffing is raising the stress level of nurses, impacting job satisfaction and driving many nurses to leave the profession.

 How can we improve or at least maintain this five-star standard of care that the nurses are dishing out when America is in the midst of a nursing shortage? This “shortage” will be aggravated as “baby boomers age”, nurses are promoted to executive levels, and others are on the way to retirement while the need for health care grows.

Benjamin H. Santos, BS-HCM, RN is a highly decorated Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos war veteran, RN. He is the President and CEO of United Staffing Registry, Inc., d/b/a United Home Care, United Staffing Registry of NJ, LLC and United Travel World Agency, Inc



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