Four Dragon Global Network

Human Resource Management & Business Development

  To move, manage, influence, grow, develop and build people as a valuable human capital and resource.

  100 % Man Power Efficiency (MPE)

Philosophy :

Work should not be an effort but rather a natural human energy utilization bringing about the production of desired outcomes.
We provide professional services to both employer and employees, hereby creating a happy, mutually acceptable working environment, thus, increasing productivity and teamwork.
Productivity results from mutual respect and understanding between contracting parties of employee and employer, as the provider and recipient of services respectively.

Strategies to resolve unemployment


  • Strategies to resolve Nursing Shortage
  • Maximizing Man Power Efficiency (MPE)
  • Job creation & Business Development
  • Placements & Referrals
  • Training Programs
  • Outreach
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Interagency collaboration & Partnerships

  Human Resource Management and Business Development


Key Objective: A business and strategic partner to all offices of the Four Dragons administratively and technically through quality staffing services, training and development and programs development.


      Major Programs/ Services:


I.        Administrative    Support to all Units in terms of :


A.      Hiring Process :

1.       Recruitment Process:

2.       Selection Process

3.       Deployment Process

4.       Policies and Procedures


B.      Enabling process

1.       Competency Profiling

2.       Needs Identification ( Need specific )

3.       Focus Group ( control group )

4.       Program Intervention ( Training & Non-training )

5.       Assessment and Evaluation

6.       Policies and Procedures


C.      Performance Management Process

1.       Defining Performance Expectation

2.       Target Setting

3.       Performance Review

4.       Performance Appraisal

5.       Policies and Procedures

6.       Job Designs


D.      Administration of Employee Benefits and Compensation

1.       Salary Scaling/ Model Development

2.       Develop Compensation Philosophy


E.       Employee Retention Process

1.       Pay  Philosophy( position, person, performance)

2.       System of Rewards

3.       People Program

4.       Succession Planning

5.       Process for Promotion


F.       Filing and Records  and Document Control


II.      Technical Support  ( sustain competitiveness in the market  & business  viability )


A.      Benchmarking to keep company up to date  in  emerging trends in the business.


B.       Package and market Business Development Programs (Business Process Outsourcing) including manuals of operation/ policies and procedures.

1.       Psychological Testing

2.       Training Packages ( Professional, Team Skills, Mgt. and Leadership and Person Specific)

3.       Career Planning Schemes

4.       Employee Satisfaction Survey      Process

5.       Performance Management Process

6.       Job Evaluation Process

7.       Corporate Events Planning and Management

8.       Staffing and Resource Pooling

9.       Payroll System

10.   Quality management system

11.   Consultancy

12.   Job Contracting