The Making of a Zarzuela: Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada



DUYAN NG MAGITING, zarzuela Filipina series, is created by Purple Pillars Production, artistic theatrical arm of the Extended Arts Program (Safe Haven for Creativity) of The Nursing, based at 52 North Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208.


The main theme of Duyan ng Magiting zarzuela Filipina series is the Filipinos’ struggle for freedom and triumphs of self-determination, which began with Lakan Lapu-Lapu’s victory over Magellan’s forces, through the 377 years of Spanish colonial period (1521-1898), 2 ½ years of British Occupation (1758-1762), 48 years of American Occupation (1898-1946), 3 years of Japanese Occupation (1941-1944), until the Philippine Renaissance in modern times.


Our objective is to describe and dramatize a Continuous Corridor of Philippine colonial and contemporary history from Filipinos’ own perspective, utilizing indigenous arts forms and expressions and blending these with modern technological multimedia. Most importantly, to reveal and authenticate a vibrant and spirited culture that has existed among pre-historic, pre-colonial Native Indigenous peoples located in the 7,107 islands presently known as the Philippine Archipelago.


Our vision-mission is to raise consciousness of global Filipinos with bonds of a confirmed identity of who we are and ground Filipino youth and future generations with a firm and proud understanding of our Filipino culture, heritage, and values.  Finally, we seek to stimulate reflection and imaginations on how Filipinos are showing the world HOW to LIVE and THRIVE in HARMONY with Mother Earth or Inang Daigdig. (For details & production photos, see )


EPISODE ONE:   Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada

The Coming of the Cross and the Sword

El LLegado del Cruz y Espada


Based on and adapted from Las Islas Filipinas, Book 1: “The Story of the Visayan Enrique, First Circumnavigator of the Globe, and the Voyage of Admiral Ferdinand Magellan,” the following is a Summary of our zarzuela Filipina, “ANG PAGDATING NG KRUS AT ESPADA.”


Scene I:The Knighting of Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan in the Spanish Court of Carlos I

Scene II:  The Expedition: Magellan’s Fleet Sailing Out for Spices and Gold

Scene III: The Coming of the Cross ( The Christianization of Cebu)

Scene IV: The Coming of the Sword (The Burning of Bulaya)

Scene V:  The Battle of Mactan (Lakan Lapu-Lapu kills Magellan)


The original Poster Design by Kenneth Magbanua was used for the Premier Presentation of "Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada", June 15, 2013.

The First Theater Workshop at Mood Lounge, Purple Pillars Studio, Union, NJ

The Perfect Stage at the Jersey City Museum for The Peoples Artists

"For all the riches in the world, I will not relinquish Magellan's body. We will make him live amongst us, to remind the people of Mactan that we surrender to no man, and that any adventurer who comes to dominate our people shall himself be dominated."

Las Islas Filipinas.Org, donated the Funds raised from the zarzuela to Fr. Ben Beltran, Director of Veritas for "Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig".

Post Production Appreciation Party for The Peoples Theater of the Purple Pillars Production at the Mood Lounge Studio, Union, NJ

Setting the Stage at Purple Pillars Studio, Richmond Hill, NY (8-26-2015)

The Making of a Zarzuela

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