The Production Team of the first Zarzuela led by Dr. Zal Velez, Dr. Josie Velez, Dr. Cora Mendoza, Ludy Resurreccion & Myrna D. Santos, Executive Producing Director/ Purple Pillars Production


Zarzuela Filipina Cultural Presentation:

“The Coming of the Cross and the Sword”

 “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada”



This is the First of a Series of Episodes on the contemporary Zarzuela Filipina, created by Purple Pillars Production, artistic theatrical arm of the Extended Arts Program (Safe Haven for Creativity) of THE NURSING OFFICE to celebrate the historical novel of Dr. Zal Velez, “Las Islas Filipinas”. It is a collaborative People’s Production of a zarzuela, with the participation of real-life Fil-Am and Friend artists to showcase and promote Philippine history and culture, utilizing indigenous art forms and expressions, such as, visual drawings, crafts, poetry, music, dance and movement, which have survived to this day, and blending these forms with modern technological multimedia. Spotlighted also are the sub-themes of Indigenous Healing traditions (from katalans, babaylans to midwives and nurses), Martial Arts/Warrior traditions of Kali Silat, and various indigenous artifacts.


 The main theme is the Filipinos’ struggle for freedom and triumphs of self-determination, which began with Lakan Lapu-Lapu’s victory over Magellan’s forces, through the 377 years of Spanish colonial period (1521-1898), 2 ½ years of British Occupation (1758-1762), 48 years of American Occupation (1898-1946), 3 years of Japanese Occupation (1941-1944), until the Philippine Renaissance in modern times.


Our objective is to describe and dramatize a Continuous Corridor of Philippine colonial and contemporary history from Filipinos’ own perspective, to reveal and authenticate a vibrant and spirited culture that has existed among pre-historic, pre-colonial Native Indigenous peoples located in the 7,107 islands presently known as the Philippine Archipelago. 


Our vision-mission is to raise consciousness of global Filipinos with bonds of a confirmed identity of who we are and ground Filipino youth and future generations with a firm and proud understanding of our Filipino culture, heritage, and values.  


EPISODE ONE:   Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada

The Coming of the Cross and the Sword


Five (5) Acts per Episode and presented in two (2) Languages: English and Pilipino, it is offered in contemporary form of the traditional Zarzuela Filipina. The story line is based and adapted from the historical novel by Cristo Rey Alunan, entitled “Las Islas Filipinas,” The Philippine Islands Book I, The Story of Visayan Enrique and the Voyage of Admiral Ferdinand Magellan.


Scene I:The Knighting of Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan in the Spanish Court of Carlos I

Scene II:  The Expedition: Magellan’s Fleet Sailing Out for Spices and Gold

Scene III: The Coming of the Cross (The Christianization of Cebu)

Scene IV: The Coming of the Sword (The Burning of Bulaya)

Scene V:  The Battle of Mactan (Lakan Lapu-Lapu kills Magellan)


Become a witness to Philippine Renaissance as we open the curtain on this great production to promote and campaign for the Philippine Archipelago. Philippine history will never be the same to you, your children and the world.


“It is the duty of every Filipino to advocate for the Renaissance of Philippine Art, Culture, and Tradition now and until the end of time.”


~Dr. Zal Velez/ Cristo Rey Alunan

Author, Las Islas Filipinas


The Making of Zarzuela Filipina

Extended Arts Center proudly presents an off broadway production of a zarzuela based on the novel and historical book written by Dr. Zal Velez “Las Islas Filipinas” Book I, Man of Destiny, the story of Vizayan Enrique, first circumnavigator of the world and the Voyage Admiral Ferdinand Magellan.


Each production is unique in its own way,based on the characteristic of the community where it will be shown and the expressive creativity of the local production team.


The success of the Zarzuela is not only the beauty of the presentation, but the clear conveyance of the message and the fulfillment, statement of a mission. Then it mattered.



  • Presenting the book: “Las Islas Filipinas” (12-12)
  • Tertulla/Brainstorming on the Zarzuela (1-12-13)
  • Creating the Acts & Scenes (1-26-13)
  • Putting the Musical Score (1-29-13)
  • Las Islas Filipinas is born (3-16-13)
  • First Theater Workshop (4-6-13)
  • Auditions (4-6-13)
  • A Visit to our First Theater Venue (4-12-13)
  • A Dress Rehearsal (6-8-13)
  • Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada: A Standing Ovation! (6-15-13)
  • Appreciation Party (7-13-13)
  • Encore Presentation "Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada" NYC Kalayaan Hall, 10/02/15
  • The Coming of the Cross and the Sword West Orange 12/12/2015



The Peoples Cast: You are the Poet, the Music and the Song for Las Islas Filipinas
Dr. Jeanette Longno dances a Flamenco
Jimmy Dizon as Magellan & Jimmy Sales as King Carlos
Miguel Braganza sings "The Impossible Dream"
Jeffrey Fernando as Enrique
The Coming of the Cross: Sinulog
The Love Story begins: Princess Agana (Marvee Sanagustin) & Enrique
The Agurang (Elders): Lita Solis & Emma Santos
A Kali Silat Exhibition by Erving del Pilar
Nelson Padilla as Lakan Lapu-Lapu kills Magellan
Historical Orators: Miguel Braganza, Ner Martinez, Erno Diaz, Randy Gonzales and Steven Raga
The View to Las Islas Filipinas: Rachel Ocampo one on one with Cristo Rey Alunan
Myrna D. Santos, Jeffrey Fernando and Dr. Jeanette Longno
A Happy Ending: Celebrating Success
Renaissance Filipina Women: Myrna D. Santos, Dr. Francia DeVera & Ludy Resurreccion

SCENE CLIPS (Jersey City Museum, 2013)