Conceptual Development: Thesis Statement 

Write an outline format in bullet

Create Raw Linkages/References

Finalize into a professional academic paper

  • Background
  • Mission/Vision
  • Executive Summary (Synopsis)
  • Presentation (Body Paragraphs)
  • The Problem (The Challenge)
  • The Solution
  • The RoadMap
  • Conclusion:SWOT Analysis
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Citation/References


• Good organizational skills: The ability to create order out of chaos, and the ability to know where all the important papers and documents are at all times. You prioritize your activities and time effectively. 

Some people think expensive, sophisticated software is a must for managing projects. They're wrong. There are powerful tools right on your desktop that will keep your projects on track. Learn how Microsoft® Excel® can be your secret weapon.

• Good technical skills/knowledgeable: You really are an expert in your line of work. You know how things work and how to get things done. You are detail-oriented.

• Good leadership skills: You know how to direct and motivate people. You are an effective orchestrator of people and processes. You can see and communicate the big vision.

• Good people skills/politically savvy: You know how to effectively deal with all kinds of people and you know how the system works. You know how to say the right things at the right time in order to accomplish your objectives.

• Good problem solver: You evaluate all the information you have and come up with creative solutions. You are adept at "piggy backing" on other people's ideas and creating an even better idea.

• Good communicator: You can get your point across with a minimum amount of words. You can effectively address the "C suite" as well as have yourself understood by the rank-and-file staff.

• Ability to stay focused: You aren't usually sidetracked with other issues and agendas. You constantly have the critical success factors in the forefront of your mind.

Excel is great at the two things you absolutely need to create a project management tool: date math and maintaining lists. Open Excel and search for the word Project in online templates, and you will find dozens of templates that can help you tame your project planning and tracking tasks.

• Flexible and adaptable: When Murphy's Law goes into hyper-drive, you bend like a willow in the breeze with your creative problem-solving skills. You're not so rigid that you cannot make adjustments in your game plan to reach your intended goal. You meet crises head-on, knowing there are always ways to resolve challenges.

• Good at conflict resolution: You're adept at mediating disagreement and can help opposing parties arrive at win-win compromises.

Whether you're an Excel expert or just getting started, project management techniques are easy to implement. You'll discover valuable tips and tricks for letting Excel handle a lot of your more challenging project management tasks!

Learn features like:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Time and date math functions
  • Table formatting
  • Filtering
  • Charts and graphs





Dinner with the Devil

 The Best Surrealist Artist in Modern Times

  Bienvenido Bones Banez



The Mouse/ Beginners Class

More Than Emails

Advance Class: Office 365

Windows 10

Cyber Security


Reminiscence and Memoir Writing


Reminiscence can be an activity used with the elderly to promote the telling of memories and the sharing of stories, and helps people connect to one another and practice self-expression. It is helpful as an exercise to stimulate the parts of the brain that are used for long term memory, and can be an extremely helpful activity to prevent / or assist those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


Reminiscence allows a person to reflect and tell a story about the past, and allows someone to reveal individual characteristics and personal details. In a group setting each one may bring in photographs, music, audio recordings or personal objects that prompt the person to talk about issues, decisions and events of their life and a facilitator may be a counselor who is able to help the person examine their life’s events. In a group setting like PAGASA, it may begin as a social Pabidahan/sharing…until they can be held to concentrate and think deeper. Thereafter, the introduction of memoir writing will be received positively.  Then a writing workshop follows.