Changing the Landscape of Healthcare in the Philippines and Asia

Background/Drivers of Change


Executive Summary (Synopsis)

The Problem (The Challenge)

The Solution: Delivering Healthcare to 110 Million Filipinos

Healthcare Ladder (Steps to Success)

The RoadMap

Predictable Change: Accesibility, Cost Effective/Economic Feasibility, Effective Healthcare Delivery, Quality HealthCare, Practicality/Practicability, Replicability, Universality, Sustainability

SWOT Analysis

PowerPoint Presentation



The overall goal is to open, initiate, provide and facilitate ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE in its broadest meaning, utilizing science-based information and technology for efficient and effective delivery, from health promotion, clinical services, delivery of prescription medicines, Medicare insurance reimbursements, health education, housing, recreation and retirement facilities, clean water and environmental protection, to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of environment and ecology-friendly health products, supplies or equipment for general health maintenance in homes, schools, offices and other public and private arenas.


The past Philippine Government administration has set up the 2016-2022 Philippine Health Agenda ( founded on Values of Equity, Efficiency, Quality and Transparency.The PHA guarantees financial freedom when accessing Universal Health Insurance; Service Delivery Network of fully functional health facilities, and Healthcare for all Life Stages & Triple Burden of Disease (communicable, non-communicable diseases & malnutrition, diseases of rapid urbanization & industrialization).



Access Healthcare Asia

As we morph its vision-mission, we need to fill in the gaps and challenges in health management information, access to health, products and services, leadership training and support, and various structural changes in the healthcare situation of the Philippine and ASEAN regions.


The Philippine Health Agenda (PHA) strategy with the acronym “ACHIEVE” shows an informative and purposive map into how Access Healthcare Asia, could design and formulate its programs, services, and products to address the unmet and/or ever-growing needs of the Rising Tiger of Asia.  As outlined “ACHIEVE” provides a solid blueprint and stable public ground for companies like Access Healthcare Asia to truly deliver health care that people deserve and to rise along the tide of urbanization and industrialization in the Philippines and ASEAN regions.


A–Advance quality health care and primary care

C – Cover all Filipinos from health-related financial risk

H – Harness the power of HRH development

I –Invest in eHealth and data for decision-making

E – Enforce standards of accountability and transparency

V – Value all clients, especially the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable

E – Elicit multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder support for health.


Lutgarda Resurreccion

Program Director/The Nursing Office.Com



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6-Step Ladder

Conceptualization of a Continuum of Educational Programs in Healthcare 

The System: Designing and Building of Healthcare Infrastructures

I Community Healthcare Workers: Introduction to Healthcare 

II Home Caregivers: The first Defense/Caregiving/Healthcare Begins at Home

III Associate Degree for Nurses (Professional Level I Registered Nurses)

IV Bachelor of Science Degree (Professional Level II Registered Nurses)

V Advance Nurse Practitioners (Professional Level III Registered Nurses)The Next Doctor

VI Midwifery (Professional Level III, Licensed)

Key Words to Success

Global Health Crisis

Universal Healthcare/Healthcare for All

Health Care is a Human Right

Scientific, On-going/Dynamic Research

Charter for Change

Community Care. Worldwide Healing


Concepts, Principles, Philosophy

Nursing Theory

Back to Basics in Healthcare

Culture of Health

Marketing Slogan

Delivering Healthcare to One, Delivering Healthcare to All

Locally, Globally



American Nurses Association (ANA)

International Council of Nurses (ICN)

Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Carl E. Balita Institute of Health

Taiwan can help, Universal Health for All


Understanding Health Research

Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health 

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

Johson & Johnson

Robert Wood Johnson

Institute of Medicine (I.O.M.)

Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN