Reminiscence and Memoir Writing


Reminiscence can be an activity used with the elderly to promote the telling of memories and the sharing of stories, and helps people connect to one another and practice self-expression. It is helpful as an exercise to stimulate the parts of the brain that are used for long term memory, and can be an extremely helpful activity to prevent / or assist those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


Reminiscence allows a person to reflect and tell a story about the past, and allows someone to reveal individual characteristics and personal details. In a group setting each one may bring in photographs, music, audio recordings or personal objects that prompt the person to talk about issues, decisions and events of their life and a facilitator may be a counselor who is able to help the person examine their life’s events. In a group setting like PAGASA, it may begin as a social Pabidahan/sharing…until they can be held to concentrate and think deeper. Thereafter, the introduction of memoir writing will be received positively.  Then a writing workshop follows.


Dr. Carmencita Fulgado, NYC (2015)

Once Upon a Time, Ninety Years Later

Mr. Fred Medina (StoryTelling, 2012)



Once Upon a Time, Ninety Years Later
Lolo Fred Medina, 2012
Happy Birthday...Natividad Abalos, RN
Once an Irish, Always an Irish
Emma Santos (Middle): The Doctors Wife
Lady Francesca Todd The Miss Universe's Daughter
Ethel Romm: Let's drop Wednesday from the week
Antonio Taguba: From a Veteran to a Caregiver (2015)

Stories Told and yet to be....everyone has a story to tell


  • Consuelo Almonte ( The Way Back Home)
  • Cora Mahinay (Walking Tall)
  • Ethel Romm ( The Unimaginable Power)
  • Lita R. Solis ( The Baby Dragon)
  • Lumen Castaneda (The Silver Lining)
  • Mrs Todd ( The Miss Universe's Daughter)
  • Nilda Berguido (Crossing the Panama)
  • Phoebe Andes ("Im Ready!)
  • Sheela N.P. ( A Mother's Prayer)
  • A Soldier's Story: Captivated!
  • Antonio Taguba: Tough Guy with a Soft Heart
  • Gerry Baranda ( My Love Story is the Story of my Life)Where Do I Begin?


The Wall Streeter

I was a young thirty something and fresh from the service after getting 2 bullets run through my arms in France. I was working as a barber in a shop in front of Wall Street’s Stock Exchange. After 5 years with my employer, he wanted to sell the barbershop. I bought it, put 5 barbers, a manicurist and a shoe shine man. We took care of the busy business men, groomed their hair, their nails and shined their shoes. We work from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, from Monday to Friday, all year long for 20 years, except for holidays and weekends. I enjoyed my commute to Staten Island via the ferry boat.

I was happy and contented, I brought in the “whole” bacon to my family, sipped my glass of gin before every dinner, enjoyed the ballgames and my boys. I was a contented man. What else do I need after all these years at 96? I only wanted to be home with my family and the usual sip of gin with my dinner; after all, I’m an Italian. Carpe Diem!


~MDS, 2016