Program Directors Mike and Josie Jampayas

KAGALAKAN Social Club:  “Laughter is the best medicine”


This is an exciting program of the PCCSA, Philippine Community Center Services for Aging, Inc., Kagalakan aims to encourage Active Seniors to expand choices, access support networks to help them cope with health, housing, psycho-social, financial, legal, immigration issues, etc., by connecting and communicating with peers in happy, friendly, stress-free, fun-filled events in private settings.(See www.thenursingoffice.com/philippine-community-center-services-for-aging/ )


One of PCCSA’s missions is to see Active Seniors who are opening their own private homes (or houses) to provideSeniors with Interactive Spaces for:

  1. Joke-telling contests, Balagtasan, poetry readings, historical, dramatic readings, etc.,
  2. Dialogues, story-telling, informal talks, meetings;
  3. Social activities - Singing folk songs, praise songs, piano-playing, Dancing,Celebrating birthdays, Game-playing, Watching classic Filipino or English movies, Exercises like Zumba, Tai Chi, etc.;&
  4. Healthy Food practices – following “Food as medicine” philosophy of Hippocrates& Chinese medicine, conduct healthy eating talks, sharing healthy food tips, sources, and preparing methods convenient for Seniors at home.


The PCCSA is happy to launch the Kagalakan Social Club with the gracious kindness, support, and accommodation of KagalakanSocial Club Directors, Ismael “Mike” and Josephine “Josie” Jampayas.

"Dinner with Rajah Humabon and His Forty Wives", December22,2019 at the Ilocano Center in Queens, NYC