Center Activities 2021 (87-02 188 St., Hollis, NY 11423)

  • ​Computer Class: Beyond emails
  • Social Day Club (Coffee Breaks) "Lazy Sunday", Summer Cool Down
  • Bible Research & Study (Advent Wall Street, INC)
  • Operation BP (TNO)
  • Health & Wellness (Nutrition, Exercises) TNO)
  • Nursing Chaplaincy & Ministry (Prayers & Special Intentions)
  • Entrepreneurship (RNF)
  • Theater Workshop (DCF/LIF)
  • Senior Services (PCCSA)
  • SHIELD Program for Seniors (PCCSA)
  • Art Therapy (Dragon Gallery of New York)
Aka Tito de Vera & Dr. Francia De Vera in Rajah Humabon & Hara humani

THEATER WORKSHOP :“Zarzuela Filipina”

“You are the poet, the music and the song” for Las Islas Filipinas

Audience: The Casts

                Production Team

                General Membership



II    Las Islas Filipinas: A Coalition of 7,107 Islands

III  Cast’s Report: I am…., I’m from

IV  The Story Line: “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada

V  “You are the poet, the music and the song” for Las Islas Filipinas

VI  Networking, Auditions, Engagement


Pre-Workshop Activities:

·         Read on Philippine History: The Beginning

·         Research on your character

·         Trace your roots (Heritage)


 NOTE: The WORKSHOP is ongoing; each of us is an important member of this Coalition/Production. While we value your time, we invite you to stay longer and integrate our missions into your mind, heart and spirit. We are the Philippine Renaissance. This is about us, our heritage, our culture, the very soul of our being.

In this Life Time Theater, you always have a part.  

Bible Research & Study
How to Celebrate your 100th Birthday

TIDBITS & Announcements

Random Appreciation Pizza Treat

 Goodness begins at home. Greetings to the ICU nurses of Brooklyn VA, as they are all smiles for a hot pizza treat from The Nursing Office.Com.

~Michelle, Malou, Shini, Kathleen

 Best Wishes to the Night Owls of Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Telemetry, 17th floor.

Recipient of Random Appreciation Treat  from The Nursing Office.Com.  Happy Pizza, nurses!


"Thank you for the hearty Pizza it saved our night...The 17th Floor Bronx Lebanon Nurses had a good time and really lighten the burden of the night shift. Kudos to Myrna Santos and the MODERN NIGHTINGALE MAGAZINE ."

 ~Tibby Jomo ,RN  , Dennis Adjie-Sarpong, RN , Rosemarie Nixon RN , Shirley Wilson , RN , Lourdes Wainwright, RN and PotriRankaManis

PIZZA TREAT:Terms & Conditions

This offering is valid only in NYC,USA, available through Dominos Pizza.

Qualified Recipient Nurses’ group should be within the Delivery Area of Dominos Pizza.

The Nursing Office. Com determines the Terms and Conditions.


 Retired after 33 years of service, Mirielle Roti, RN, remembers and reunites with her friends, colleagues and students. Welcome to The Nursing Office, Ro! There is work after the bedside.


Congratulations to Eugene Kaganovich, RN who receives the Employee of the Month Award from the New York Harbor Healthcare System, Brooklyn Campus.


Senior Programs


Rico Adelan

Mario Andaya

Catherine Boville

Nilda Berguido


To all birthday celebrants this month, we wish you all a very happy birthday.

Don’t forget to treat yourself as special as you can. Remember, you are your most important asset, treat YOU well!


 What you can do to spread the word about your Best Find :

Tell your friends and all nurses, spread the word and forward this to your friends until we reach out to every nurse around the world, and never a nurse will be left behind.

Services you can use

      Are you a nursing organization that has no budget for a website but wants to be seen online: You have 2 options: Check out Or we will do it for you through this website. No organization is too small, The Nursing Office. Com will make it professional and economical for you. Whether you want a printed or electronic newsletter, we can assist and help you.


Interns Needed


The Nursing Office. Com is looking for student interns for the following positions:

  • Creative Design
  • Writers
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Support
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  1. We offer stipends.
  2. Totally online attendance/virtual office.
  3. Consideration for future employment offers.
  4. Must have own PC.

You may send your inquiry/resume to: