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When will nurses treat each other with respect?

This is in response to one of our nurses who wrote:

 Message: When will nurses treat each other with respect?


Hi Kathleen,

I know how you feel. I have been there for over thirty years and I know what it is.


Nurses are humans, too and they are not infallible. It is human nature that makes them display this negative behavior, more frequently when there is a lot of tension like nursing. It becomes a defensive mechanism for nurses to protect their ego which is at stake at that very moment. It should not happen on a regular basis though, because nurses are caregivers. They cannot take care of others if they have bitterness eating them. It takes kindness to be a nurse, and nurses should not only take care of their patients but their co-nurses as well.

Another phenomenon is the “eating of the young”. This is always present in nursing. We cannot fully explain why, but for me, I could say that it is a form of “initiation” into the workplace. Nurses will put you into a “test” on how much and how long you can take the difficulties. And if this is the case with you, hang in there, take your test and pass them. Be kind, courteous, and assertive. You will soon become “fully initiated”, unbeatable, untouchable, and accepted member of the cult.


Myrna Santos, RN