Financial Education, Planning and Success 

Money Made Easy for Nurses


Nurses' Creativity in Business and Finance

Going into business has evolved into another specialty: Nurse Entrepreneurship.

The number of nurses going into business has significantly increased through the years.

Some factors to consider when going into business are knowledge, skills and passion. 

  • When nurses go into business, where else can they go into than the area that they know best: healthcare. The healthcare industry offers a big field of opportunities for nurses going into business.
  • While nurses venture into the corporate world, their passion for caring still have a special place in their hearts. Nurses do business that no ordinary entrepreneur has: caring and business in one. 

If you are a nurse and  looking to pursue another career in nursing, you might want to check on healthcare. We have a lot of possibilities and we can assist you to start your own Nursing Office.

The Nursing Office Business Model for Nurses

The Nurse is IN (Passion, Specialty, Service)


Mission: Every nurse will have a Nursing Office


I           Finding your Niche, (Theme) of your main service.

II          Creating your Business Name

III         Stating your Mission

IV         Developing your Goals and Objectives

V          Designing your Programs and Services

VI         Organizational & Legal Set up

VII        Financial Set Up & Accounting

VIII       Marketing and Networking

IX         Technical Support

X          The Nurse is IN Action!



  1. Conceptual Start-Ups
  2. Moving Forward
  3. Business Plans
  4. MOU/MOA

Its more than a Franchise

  • Training
  • Support
  • Set-Up
  • Coaching

It's more than a Business

  • Leadership
  • Making a Difference/Giving Back
  • Enjoy Tax Breaks
  • Make Profits in all kinds and forms.