Meeting with Fr. Benigno P. Beltran of Sandiwaan Learning Center

July 5, 2018 (Wed 11am – 4pm) and July 9, 2018 (Mon 10am – 11am)

Sacred Heart Parish Church, Kamuning, QC, Philippines

(Note: with permission to quote his FB posts on project updates and events.)


Feedback on NuEnergy Packet of Ayal Lindeman:

  1. Fr. Ben is more interested in the “Heat Seeker” solar panels, which generate 50% more heat than solar panels from China generating only 19% heat. Possibility of showing to the Interfaith Dialogue Bishop’s Group, to recommend use in Catholic churches & schools all over the country, and to the Climate Change Commission directly under the Office of the President.
  2. Fr. Ben needs more detailed technical explanation (i.e., video, email) of Heat Seeker solar panels from Ayal, to market in the Philippines as income-generating business.
  3. Per Fr. Ben, the WTE electrical generator costing $5m will have to through difficult process in government & private investment circles, where “lagay” system is still in place.


Developments in Fr. Beltran’s projects:

Sandiwaan Learning Center & MAID (Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig) – are in process of obtaining certificates as tax-deductible organizations registered w/Philippine Council for NGO Certification. 

  1. Fr. Ben Beltran received donation of $500.00 from DCF (Divine Child Foundation, Inc.) delivered by Ludy Resurreccion for Myrna D. Santos, DCF Interim chair. Ludy donated book on “Nuritional Healing,” by Phyllis Balch, and books like, “Martin Luther King: Biography” and “End of Poverty” by Jeffrey Sachs, among others.
  2. Fr. Beltran took Ludy Resurreccion, The Nursing Office. Com program director, to visit FELTA TECHVOC Academy, 18 Notre Dame St., Cubao, Q.C. We witnessed the preparing of students for competition by some of 30 teachers trained in Minecraft, a game-based learning system (owned & supported by Microsoft) to enhance the learning of English, Science & Math in ALS (Alternative Learning System) of Dept. of Education for Out-of-School-Youth (OOSY) & former drug dependents.  Also, we went to WOW! Organic restaurant for a tasty, healthy, organic food & drinks for lunch!
  3. Goal of Sandiwaan: To develop/sustain a Funding stream for Sandiwaan programs: STEM, ABM, GAS, K+12, Gen. Academic Curriculum, Accounting, TVL Home Economics, Commercial Cooking, Cookery, Housekeeping, Care-Giving, etc., for Senior high school students.  Market:  10,000 skilled workers needed by Japan.  Also need to teach Japanese/Nippongo online. 
  4. Need $10,000 for SLMS – Sandiwaan Learning Management System to benefit OOSY & drug dependents & Muslim refugees in Marawi City.  Need techy millennials as meaningful volunteers to teach AI (Python 3, a programming language).  Per Fr. Ben, through Jesse Arteche, Loida gave $10K in 2013, Ludy Corrales gave $2K. Timeline – ASAP, as significant breakthroughs are now happening, as follows:
  5. Jul 28/18 – FB post: “Rained at Parade! The parade for Nutrition Month (“Ugaling Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon, Aanihin”) at the Early Childhood Center (with children dressed up in vegetable & fruit costumes) & Development program of the Sandiwaan center for Learning in Smokey Mountain got rained out, but the kids plodded on bravely with their mothers. We are promoting nutritious food, not merely edible things we get in the supermarket & fastfood chains --- food without toxic chemicals & pesticides, containing micronutrients needed by growing children.” With Manila Dept. of Social Welfare Development, Smokey Mountain Permanent Housing, Balut, Tondo, Manila. Also Rotary Club of Toyohasi-North, Japan (Savwe Children by Nutrition Club) and Rise Asia Foundation.
  6. Jul 30/18 – FB post: “ – World Bank urges DepEd to overhaul ALS, Alternative Learning System.” The SCL (Sandiwaan Learning Center) is trying with might and main to use educational technology to remedy problems out here. We will launch the Phil. Natl. Minecraft Competition in partnership with Microsoft Phil and FELTA on Aug. 16, 2018, to create a buzz & raise consciousness about the ALS among OOSY and then use Minecraft Education Edition to teach the lessons in the ALS curriculum.”
  7. Aug 17/18 – FB post: “With ALS learners from the Sandiwaan Center for Learning at the launching of the Philippine National Minecraft Competition at SM Centerpoint, Aug. 16, 2018. Exclusively for ALS learners, the objective of the competition is to build climate-resilient cities that can mitigate the dire effects of climate change. The ultimate objective is for ALS instructional managers & learners to use Minecraft Education Edition to learn Science, Technology, Engineering Math and the Arts and Humanities, including coding & computational thinking.”
  8. “This is the first National Competition of Minecraft all over the world! Thank you Microsoft Education Philippines, Philippine National Minecraft Competition, Felta, DOST-PCIEERD, DepEd Division of Quezon City and the Sandiwaan Center for Learning,” Board of Trustees and Personnel,” “to be able to provide cloud-based educational technology & online game-based learning to school drop-outs – 6.4 million Filipinos 15-29 years old have not finished high school and we are hoping to reach thousands online.”
  9. “With the ALS instructional managers of DepEd Quezon City Division & their Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Quezada, and the force behind the Phil. National Minecraft Competition, Mylene Abiva of FELTA, Ms. Glenda Sacbibit of DOST-PCIEERD, Microsoft Philippines Grace Co, Jomar de Leon, Paolo Balinas & David Tapang. The plan of the Sandiwaan Center for Learning is to train 125 ALS instructional managers and 6,250 ALS learners in the use of Minecraft Education Edition to learn English, Science and Math from the ALS curriculum.

“We hope to use Minecraft to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Philippines.”


WOW!  Well-being Options for Women (Organic food restaurant, 140 Scout Gandia St., Kamuning, QC)

 Organic protocol Initiative specially dedicated for women, since 1 Filipina in 13 has breast cancer.

  1. Clean food with no toxic chemicals used, following Hippocrates advice to “Let your food be your medicine.”
  2. Individualized menu for each breast cancer patient.
  3. Reference: “The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Nutritional Approach for Preventing Recurrence,” by Edward Baumar, MEd, PhD, & Helayne Waldman, MS, EDD.
  4. Goal: To get 300 sq. meters space for restaurant with Filipino organic cuisine, Filipino dancing by MAID, and Filipino artists’ works/exhibits – Intramuros area. Contact & proposal now with DOT currently formed by global franchising experts.
  5. Need: $10,000 as bridge financing – to develop mobile ordering app; buy cooking utensils; for nutritional healing advocacy of WOW, esp. prevention through healthy, clean, organic food.
  6. Per Fr. Ben, Fil-Am nurses and doctors can do crowdfunding online.
  7. Also need:  Breast Thermal Imaging Machine (instead of current mammo press down model, also radioactive) – non-invasive; for earlier detection.
  8. Aug 20/18 – FB post:  “As my form of penance for the abomination done by brother priests to hundreds of little ones, I will redouble my efforts to give food without toxic chemicals to little ones stricken with cancer. Please help me!”


VERITAS E-Trading Network with Urban & Rural Partners – a general assembly in October 2018 of organic food producers & farmers in Calabarzon area formed as CORE – Calabarzon Organic Exchange in partnership with VINES – Veritas Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship & Sustainability.  CORE is rural based; VINES is urban-based.  Fr. Ben is sending message, asking Fil-Ams, esp. doctors, to help lease large tracts of land in the Calabarzon area for use in organic food farming.

  1. Need $10,000 to finish Veritas e-commerce platforms, training the “order takers” and “delivery officers” in the Diocese of Cubao, QC, with the Bishop’s consent.
  2. July 27/18 – FB post: “Organic food is expensive! The Veritas-Calabarzon Organic Exchange aims to lower prices of organic rice, vegetables & fruits, of organic pork & chicken by industrializing organic protocols & bypassing the middleman thru the Veritas e-commerce platform.”
  3. Sep 5/18 – FB post: “Birthday girl Leafiel Mondejar celebrating at WOW Organic Restaurant with organic sparkling wine (USDA certified!) and chocolate brownies with IT guys from CCS, the group of nerds building the Sacred Heart Parish-Shrine app and the mobile ordering app for WOW organic Restaurant as a labor of love. Kaya binabaitan ko bilang pagtanaw ng malalim na utang na loob.”

“Oozing with digital skills like graphic design and computational thinking, they will also help build the Sandiwaan Center for Learning’s Convergent and Adaptive Learning Environment System (SCALES) and the Veritas e-Trading Network e-commerce platform. You are God’s gift to us, Michael Ong, and may God be your reward. Thank you also, Ike Seneres for your maven-like powers to connect digital strategies to our vision of helping millions thrive in the digital global economy.”


Other projects collaborating with Fr. Ben’s Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig (MAID):

WAWA Watershed Bamboo Reforestation Project

Jul 19/17 – FB post: “Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig would like to thank Saint Jude Catholic School for sponsoring 1,000 bamboo seedlings for 2017 and another 1,000 seedlings every year for the next four years, for a total of 5,000 bamboo seedlings at the Marikina Watershed, SJCS has been partnering with other schools & institutions to mitigate the dire effects of climate change. Fr. Vic Rayco, SVD, initiated the bamboo reforestation project near Wawa Dam.”

“Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig would like to thank Jollibee Group Foundation for their sponsorship of 10 hectares (4,000 seedlings) at our bamboo reforestation project in the Marikina Watershed. Just like their help for climate disaster victims, they are also helping in mitigating the effects of climate change by planting bamboo which is 400% more efficient in absorbing Carbon emissions from the atmosphere.”

Apr 26/18 – FB post: “Teachers from St. Jude Catholic School planting bamboo at Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig’s Bamboo Sanctuary at Wawa Dam Bamboo Reforestation Project.”

Jul 27/18 – FB post: “The Sacred Heart Parish-Shrine requests a donation of 200 Php from those to be married in the parish church, then we will plant a bamboo seedling in the name of the newlyweds as their contribution to our obeying the mandate of Laudato Si.  Since April 22, 2017 (Earth Day), 141 couples have been married. The Parish wrote a check for $28,200 to MAID, and they will see to it that their names will be placed in the bamboo seedlings.”

Jul 27/18 – FB post: “Plant a tree or bamboo seedling and help assure a sustainable future for generations yet unborn. Help Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig plant bamboo in the Marikina Watershed to help prevent erosion, flooding, and combat the dire effects of climate change.”


BCBP Bamboohay Project

July 22/18 – FB post:  DOST-FPRDI & Nature’s Legacy Exhibit of Bamboo Armchair – 1) ergonomic, 2) easy to handle, 3) engineered bamboo, 4) environment-friendly.

Aug 23/18 – FB post:  Executive Order #879 mandates the planting of 2 million hectares to bamboo. We have already discussed this twice with (DENR) Sec. Cimatu and Louie Morales with John Rana have been conceptualizing on how to achieve this. Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig (MAID) will lead the planting of hundreds of bamboo seedlings on Sept. 18, 2018, World Bamboo Day with the Brotherhood of Christian Business Men and Professionals (Mabuhay Bamboohay!) and the Climate Change Commission.


Inquiry into TNO/Access Healthcare Asia office space in Manila/QC, Philippines

  1. Office space of 40 sq. meters at 15-20,000 Php /month (est. $400) &

                    Terms – 3 months advance, one-year lease.

           Fr. Ben’s secretary Cecilia can scout for possible spaces nearby (but Church                            space not available for renting)

  1. Office equipment – PC, phone, fast Internet; long conference table, 2 desks, projector or flat screen (video or Power Point)
  2. Personnel – 1  PT-FT secretary at 15-20,000 Php/month (est. $400)

          1 Messenger/runner/all-around repair, cleaning, maintenance (15k/month)

  1. Office supplies – for printing, Office Printer to produce docs, journals, presentations.
  2. Signage (small).


Per Fr. Ben, he needs an Executive Assistant – to do the “heavy lifting” paperwork:  highly skilled in writing & communications


Ludy Resurreccion

The Nursing Office/Program Director

September 08,2018