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Sabrina Gardner, Founder & CEO

I am a humanitarian, founder, advocate, entrepreneur, mother, friend author and creator. Parent of three children, one who struggles daily with type 1 juvenile diabetes for 18.5 years and another who struggles with adhd and addiction.  My goal is to create the first school/academy in U.S. history, which can be utilized in existing schools, homes and communities around the globe via technology, retail, real-estate, theater, stage/play and mobile fashion. Making a difference in the lives of others by improving their overall health on a daily basis with diabetes and other medical health issues.  Educating families and communities in prevention, awareness, and control of chronic disease which will induce longevity.  Introducing a unique learning environment through health and education learning initiatives, while breeding support systems for the entire family as a unit as well as the community; for those affected by chronic disease or looking for healthier lifestyle changes.  To educate and promote health, wellness, awareness with prevention methods to assist in combating chronic disease as well as the trials and complications associated with chronic disease.


Sabrina Gardner

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The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of  N.Y.C./Global Academy and Training Institute, Schools for Diabetes Health and Wellness/Home School and Community Health Initiative,is Incorporated by the University the State of New York Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department from grades P-12.  The Certificate of Incorporation extends to a global academy and training institute, a home school and community health initiative allowing the corporation to fulfill its services far beyond schools and community.  Sabrina Gardner is the founder of the corporation and was inspired by the struggles of managing consistent daily care for her own child who has type 1 juvenile diabetes and her oldest daughter who struggles with adhd.


The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C,/Global Academy and Training Institute envisions blended relationships between, students, families, caregivers, community and experts (specialist), incorporated with education and support systems as a solution to the challenge of consistent chronic disease management.  "Our learning environment will provide  services to assist others' to become active participants in disease management and guardians of their own ongoing health."


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Sabrina Gardner receives a Community Service Award from Darby Foundation (11/14/2015)
Health Fair, Smokey Park, Richmond Hill, NY(Summer,2015)
Promoting The Academy in the Community
Volunteer Teacher, Jose with Ms. Gardner
Reaching out to students at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School,(Oct,29,2014)
Reaching to students at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
Over 100 students reached in a day! (Oct,2014)
Students at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School meet and interview experts on Diabetes from The Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy, Myrna D. Santos, RN (Nov.19,2014)


Eugene Kaganovich, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator

The Diabetes Challenge


Diabetes is a complex and challenging disease. More than 20 million Americans have diabetes and 41 million have pre diabetes. Many people experience limited support in managing their condition. Treating diabetes does not have to be complicated and the good news is that YOU can be in control. Simple changes in diet and physical activity can significantly reduce the effects of diabetes in your body.The wellness for diabetes program is unique. This program is based on online communication via Skype or email. The purpose is to put you in control through education and professional guidance. We are here to answer any question you may have regarding glucose control, diet, exercise, holistic options, medication management and even insulin pumps issues.


Your doctor usually focuses on blood glucose control. Wellness for Diabetics looks at individualized comprehensive analysis of your condition and develops a healthy program to target your specific needs. This is the first professional wellness program developed for diabetics by professional who has lived with diabetes since childhood. We understand your needs and are ready to help.

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Shared Mission, Shared Governance, Shared Resources


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