The Nursing Office Supports THE HEART at PLAY FOUNDATION

It takes a special type of heart to leave no child behind,

We write to you believing, yours is of that kind.


It takes a special kind of heart, a renewed sense of hope, an innovative spirit, and compassion-driven perseverance to ensure that no child is left behind.

The Heart at Play Foundation provides gratis Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) to special needs persons. The registered non-profit organization empowers special needs children and adults through its pioneered method of DMT. The aforementioned therapy merges special education principles and the elements of dance to create a progress-measurable, ABA-based, holistic form of healing. Thus, paving way for our developmentally disabled community members to live life to a less inhibited extent. We aspire to raise community awareness and involvement geared towards the genuine acceptance and integration of special needs persons in society. 

Myrna D. Santos, RN & Patricia Rivera, Co-Founder of The Heart at Play Foundation at Nurses Lounge, Brooklyn, NY (2014)


Upon THP’s inception, the primary beneficiaries were members of the special needs community. However, we realized that the bi-fold effect of our work was the healing of society of its prejudice towards the former. As the mainstream world becomes more and more informed of special persons’ plight, its causation, and the positive action that can be taken, a facet of humanity, once so painfully foreign to this community, started to emerge.

For four years, we have been conducting weekly outreach sessions for our marginalized special needs brethren, giving them the attention and treatment they need to cope with daily life. In addition, the foundation organizes multiple annual projects that showcase or highlight the growth of our wards. We openly collaborate with other NGO’s to promote equality and solidarity through outreach and awareness-oriented activities. We are as are grateful as we are surprised to have started a cause, which has evolved into a youth movement. Youth ranging from teenagers to adolescents act as main proponents, exemplifying volunteerism and compassion.

We are blessed to have been able to help over 600 special lives, in 5 locations (4 local, 1 international).



Now, aiming to spread our goodwill even further beyond the comforts of our homeland, we hope to partner with your organization. After careful discernment and prayer, we believe we have been guided to reach out to you in hopes of becoming a collaborator.

We seek your help, in being able to reach the communities over seas, particularly those in the United States. We intend to help the last, the least, and the lost, in your society be they of Filipino, American, Filipino-American, or of any other descent.

Specifically, we wish to share our unique Dance Movement Therapy Program in the United States by conducting therapy sessions on-site for special needs persons. We are open to suggestions of which areas (or parishes) to first attend to. Perhaps you are familiar with towns or organizations that have an immediate need for the program we offer.

Looking forward to your prompt and favorable response.

Patricia Rivera

Co-Founder & Special Events Coordinator

The Heart at Play Foundation

Myrna D. Santos & Patty Rivera (July,2016)