My Marbles 

  1. Spirituality: From the Highest Consciousness*
  2. Entrepreneurship: Making a Million One More Time*
  3. Leadership & Management Her Style

1 Spirituality: Finding God from the Highest Consciousness** 

Our God is within us whose presence we carry in our soul. We do not need to search everywhere for God as He is our nearest and dearest friend, teacher, coach, partner, and life whisperer. The only way to find and catch God is by just remembering Him in everything we do until God will become active in our life. This is our spirituality or God experience, feeling His presence and Love.


Our spiritual practice is to relate with God as we go through the experiences of life. Just go through its ups and downs with Him by our side and God’s wisdom will grow into us. Then we naturally understand the mysteries of the inner life. The understanding of Truth that arises by relating with God is not something we can get through study or learning. It arises from within us as our mind attunes with God. Then the Truth simply manifests itself. However, there is a false identity within us, the ego-self, that will resist our effort to make God’s presence a reality. It will continuously distract us with petty concerns and void pursuits.We must be watchful against our own self as our greatest enemy. But God is kind and merciful, and so at these times of weakness, God reaches out as we seek for him. There is no other time but that moment to receive God’s grace. The practice of finding our spiritual inner self and connecting with one another through divine intervention; the finding of God and putting Him in our highest consciousness, our daily living putting Him amongst us in our midst, this is our awakening to God and my perception of what He is. Find God once and stay. ~MDS

2 Entrepreneurship: Making a Million One More Time*


Before they call it entrepreneurship, we mean business just the same. However we call it now, will be the same idea of making money. Some call it an art or luck, I call it destiny, an adventure with God. Let us see, will I still make money the second time around? I have no doubts, I still have God!


At my age, in my good days, I am still thinking of earning, no longer for me but to the cause of the seniors. In my association with the PCCSA, I believe that we can make a difference in the lives of the seniors, whose plights I was in until God sent my caregivers to me.

It may not be late for me to see, but I trust the association to deliver these services and mission. Through this book as a labor of love from the community, will rise a building, a housing for the aging and the homeless.

It is not an attempt to recreate the idea, but to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs, to use the same style and principles and make millions. May the experiences I had, inspire them. May they get ideas on how to create industries as big as a Poultry Farm, or as small as the “turo-turo”. I did it all with fun, with God. It can be done again. There is no magic but faith.


In the book written by a nurse, Annette Tersigni, “How to become the richest woman in Babylon”, any woman who is limited in her skills and capacity to do  any business, can do and succeed by getting the orchestra of the best team to provide these skills and capacities, utilize proven strategies to do any particular business. With Irene, she worked in this principle; when she went into the cow business, she took partnership with the man who has special ability to assess which cow will be good and potentially gain weight in few weeks for a better price. With her fishing business, she took the captain of the boat to manage the ship and recruited the best fishermen and earn million in every trip. She studied the basics of her business and employed the help of people she trained. How can/did she manage her enterprise without these people as her very important resource and manpower? How did she own her farm without mentorship from the top of the line, the right connections to the bank and capital? In whatever business she did, leadership and management were superb. She was always in the company of good men. God was always her guide to her North Star. ~MDS 


Leadership and Management Her Style:

The Art of Her Deal

At a very young age, Irene has already shown the qualities and traits of a leader and manager. How she negotiated with her Impong Polin for her classmates and whole class to eat lunch in that dream long table where people of positions and dignitaries eat, served by the butler himself for a weeklong? When she rode in the car of her Aunt Sabrina to tell her that the car is her family’s because Aunt Sabrina did not return the title of the lands she borrowed from her mother, Antonina? What kind of guts and justice to tell the truth and firmly believe and stand for what is right?  What does she know to make these kinds of deals with adults?  


With booming business, I cannot do it alone, I needed people to work for me and with me. I learned that finding trustworthy people is very difficult. There will always be temptation with money. I have learned from INC that in business, you should always be hands on and ever present. As I need to attend to services every Wednesday, I leave my trusted person for at least two hours. Sure enough, she built her house and bought a car from my expense!


When I was recruiting fishermen for my boat, I gave them all the reasons why they should join me: a thousand pesos each family, and a cavan of rice.  I treated my fishermen in between fishing schedules. I brought them to Luneta Park every night. 


When she boldly knocked at that gate in Riverside and asked Ka Felix to help her at 4’oclock in the morning? When she asked Dr. Leviste to give her the land without money to build her farm? When she built her chicken farm, her dream house, the road, because they are charging her more than the value of her land. When Ka Felix’s body was being transferred to his home to be buried, she led to direct the traffic.  There is no doubt at all, the millions she made and everything that she has done as a social activist, philanthropist, a deaconess, are testimonies of her great visions, faith, leadership, management, entrepreneurship on her own style that rose to be her legend today.~MDS 

Irene M. Lumbrera Home Living Program, Hollis, NY
Bro. Fausto DeVera and Dr. Francia DeVera as Rajah Humabon and Hara Humani