What Nurses Want

As busy nurses, we know what exactly we want. This will feature areas in our life that we can learn from, either as a light informational reading or as a practical guide in our daily lives and activities.

  Being a nurse is already special in itself, but the nursing profession is making it the best of the professions because of the so many specializations it has, thus making a nurse practically impossible to be unemployed. RN gives the nurse not only the license but the capacity to become one practitioner of its multiple areas of skills & competences in related fields.
I have been a bedside, critical nurse for over thirty years and aware that I will never be always strong to carry on with the stress and physical demands of this specialty. For several years, I have been preparing for the greatest shift that I have to do at this stage. First, I took my masters degree specializing in education. Today, after setting the Virtual Nursing office that I have been dreaming of for eight years, I am ready to make that shift from the hospital setting to the community.
This Shifting doesn't make me less of a nurse, but rather am continuing a specialty as a community health advocate to prevent the state of critical illness that an individual may end up with if not prevented. Whether I am in the bedside taking care of critically ill patients or in the community advocating for health, I am still a nurse. I can relate to both areas because caring is their common factor.
I am shifting now. I hope that you too will take this long term planning because we will always be nurses in everything we do. I made my choice, what about you?


Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Nursing Careers & Specialties

A career in nursing opens up to a lot of specialties suited to your preferences, skills, lifestyles, and needs. Help yourself. Be the best of whatever you do. Be happy.

  1.  Ambulatory Care
  2. Cardiac Catheterization
  3. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  4. Certified Nurse’s Aides
  5. Clinic Nursing
  6. Clinical Instructor
  7. Clinical Ladder Leadership
  8. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  9. Coronary Care/CCU
  10. Corporate Nursing
  11. Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Nurse
  12. Critical care
  13. Diabetes Educator
  14. Doctor of Nursing Practice
  15. Emergency/Trauma Care
  16. Family Practice
  17. Geriatric
  18. Healthcare Provider
  19. Home Care
  20. Hospice
  21. HMO/Managed Care
  22. Industrial Nursing
  23. Independent Nursing Practice
  24. Infection Control
  25. Information Technology
  26. Interventional Procedures
  27. IV Nurse/Phlebotomy
  28. Labor & Delivery
  29. Legal Nursing
  30. Long term care
  31. LVN/LPN
  32. Management/Administration
  33. Medical Mission
  34. Medical-Surgical
  35. MICU
  36. Midwifery
  37. Military Nurse
  38. Neurology
  39. NICU
  40. Nurse Anesthesia
  41. Nurse Attorney
  42. Nurse Coach
  43. Nurse Educator
  44. Nurse Entrepreneur
  45. Nurse Faculty
  46. Nurse Manager
  47. Nurse Midwifery
  48. Nurse Practitioner
  49. Nurse Scientist
  50. Nursing Home
  51. OB/GYN/L&D
  52. Occupational Nursing
  53. Office Nursing/Doctors Offices
  54. Oncology
  55. Online Nursing Instructor
  56. Operating Room
  57. Orthopedics
  58. PACU
  59. Pain Management
  60. Palliative Nursing
  61. Parish Nursing
  62. Pediatric/Adolescent
  63. Perinatal/Neonatal
  64. Physician’s Office
  65. PICU
  66. Post-Anesthesia Care
  67. Professor/Clinical Instructor
  68. Psychiatry/Mental Health
  69. Public Health/Community Nursing
  70. Quality Management
  71. Radiology
  72. Rehabilitation
  73. Research Nursing
  74. School Nursing
  75. SICU
  76. Stoma/Wound Care             
  77. Travel Nursing                   
  78. Telehealth Nurse
  79. Telemetry
  80. UR/QI Case Management
  81. Yoga Nursing