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Nurses’ Fashion

By: Adcel M. Alcantara, RN


Nurses: Straight & Neat. Slim & Fit.

(For the guys)


Men who detest fashion and style because of the fear of being lips labeled “gays” are soo archaic. In this age of Apples and Blackberrys, that notion had already been corrected and guys can be bold and brave in their styles without the apprehension of being called a vain gay. Who says true male nurses are out of fashion anyway?


Here are tips specially formulated for you.



The hair is our crowning glory and for the Adonis nurses who are not allowed to have their hair touching the collars, styling the hair is a big challenge. Some resort to sporting the same old, boooring hairstyle all throughout their four years of college, while, those who do not want to busy themselves for a monthly haircut, have their heads bald and shaved.(Not so good to look at.)


Flaunting a hairstyle that enhances your attractive facial features while keeping the eyes off of those not-so-attractive parts, gives you the guts to carry yourself in a more confident manner. But since there are limited hairstyles available for men, having such would be a problem.


Here are some things that might be of help:


Consult your hairdresser. Although costumers are always right, you cannot just tell the haircutter to cut your hair into a certain style and then punch him at the face if it did not turn out the way you expect it to be. Experts are always willing to give you the best advice to help you decide which style best fits your facial structure. Ask them politely for their suggestion and they’ll surely be at your service. Besides, they don’t charge extra fees for consultation. So why hesitate?


Bring photos of all the styles that you have tried before. This will help your stylist to choose which hairdo best compliments your face shape. Bringing photos of Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt may be of help, but it’s still up to you and the stylist to modify the style for you. If the stylist says that it won’t really work for you, then it’s up to you to take the ri


Let them know of your lifestyle. This is a major factor that should be considered. If you are the nurse-slash-council officer type, then of course, you should be wearing a more decent cut. But if you are the student nurse-slash athlete of the year type, you can sport a more liberal hairdo during your game, but makes that a sachet of hair wax can transform it to a more duty-appropriate style. Dreadlocks and braids are a big no no! Don’t dare get your hair done this way if you don’t want your chief nurse running after you.


Discuss every detail of the cut that you want. A major cause of conflict in most salons is the misunderstanding regarding the styles. Do not just say “Cut it short!”, because what’s short for you may even be shorter for them.


Make sure that you choose the style that you are most comfortable with. Others would dare to get totally different style for their hair, but since they are not comfortable with the whole new look they resort to wearing caps or bonnets, (which you, as nurses cannot do in the hospital).

And lastly, do not color your hair. Fiery reds and blazing yellows shades don’t go with the pure white attire.


Self Esteem and Passion through Fashion

While a nurse’s wardrobe consists mainly of scrubs, lab coats, rubber shoes, stethoscope and few dress clothes, which may have been the same all these years, these proudly speak about you as a nurse; what you do and how much you love what you do and how proud you are at what you do best, nursing.

From now on, we will have this fashion section to teach and give you tips on how you can be fashionable as a nurse and be competitive with the society. For our nurses who are already in suits and high heels as nurse executives and managers, we will keep up with fashion’s pace, and for the new nurses, we’ll teach you ways to develop your love for your profession through fashion. Whatever state of nursing career you are in, let’s dress up for success.

Winter Fashion by Fior

Simple Color Coordinates

Take note of the long gray wool coat, over red top, light gray blazer  and black   pants, gray suede winter boots,long red scarf as contrast and a matching silver hand bag.

It will definitely keep you warm and in style...

Human Maniquins don Dita Sandico-Ong Fashion (Textile made from Abaca)