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Early Summer of 2016, when roses bloom the sweetest

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Pines in Bloom
Butter Cups
Salmon Lily
SPRING GARDENING by Marcos Panlilio, Landscape Architect


Cultivating Your Own Tulips


Tulips can add a touch of class to any garden. Tips for beautiful blooms:


  • Choose healthy, large bulbs, with no cracks or signs of rotting on the outside.
  • Tulips will bloom best when planted in the autumn months before the first frost (October or November).
  • Choose a location that receives ample sunlight and does not retain too much water. Plant your tulips approximately four or five inches into the soil. Bulbs should be planted at least six inches apart.
  • In the early spring, any mulch or covering can be removed from the tulip bed.
  • When tulips are in bloom, keep an eye out for aphid infestations. Aphids can cause permanent damage to your tulips, which can spread throughout your entire bed. An aphid infection can often be identified by streaking on the flowers. Remove any infected tulips as soon as possible.
  • Blooms can be cut to be used for floral arrangements. You can also hang cut flowers upside down to dry. Both live and dry tulip arrangements are quite attractive. If you do not cut your blooms for display, then you should cut them as soon as they begin to fade to ensure healthy growth next season.

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Fall Home Decorating

Fall is one of the most colorful seasons and so must your home. As the cold season enters, seasonal depression sets in. Keep your spirit up thorugh COLORS. Take inspiration and happiness from the mood of the changing colors and falling leaves. There's so much beauty in it. Take it into the comfort of your homes.

Fall Home Decorating