Nursing Fun Time: What About Fun?

Play Games Like a Kid Again
Line Dancing, a Favorite among Fil-Am Nurses
Same Time, Same Place Year after Year: Cabrini Nurses celebrating REUNIONS, Liberty Park, NJ, Sep 2013
Working 12 hours is not an excuse to have FUN with friends.
Dancing the night away!




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Our Sense of Humor

Do you know that we can have fun in anything that we do? But, of course, appropriately, subtly, with taste. Of all the things that we should not lose is our sense of humor. It is also an indicator of health and disease. Indeed, our sense of humor is good: it keeps us pleasant, gives us a clearer, lighter outlook. If you are sick, your sense of humor is gone. At the bedside, if your patient starts getting funny in one way or another, it means he is getting better. It takes a healthy mind to crack a joke; otherwise, it is ridicule, sarcasm, bitterness, if not just plain flat emotion leading to depression.



Patient: " I dont eat doughnuts'!

Nurse: "And what are these powdered stuff on your shirt?"