W   E   L   C   O   M   E    T  O    O  U  R    H   O   M   E

I R E N E   L U M B R E R A   H O M E   L I V I N G 

This Home Living Program is a joint collaboration of The Nursing Office Foundation (TNOF) and the Phillippine Community Center Services for Aging (PCCSA). This nurse-driven housing solution and initiative provides a cheaper and healthier alternative lifestyle to homeownership or single living. Come join us. You will never feel alone. This is your home. 

First Home Anniversary, July 2020 (Book Reading)
Second Home Anniversary, July 4th, 2021

Our Services for Seniors

Case Management

The Philippine Community Center Services for Aging and The Nursing Office Foundation  offer case assistance, information and referrals to our senior members to help them gain access to needed services, benefits, and entitlements they would be unable to obtain on their own because of personal and socio-cultural factors. Many of our seniors are either unaware of the appropriate benefits and services available to them or are unable to make their case to the appropriate agencies. Many of our seniors have Limited English Proficiency or lack access to the means necessary such as a computer or transportation to access the services they need. In order to provide this support our case manager reaches out to the seniors in the center to discover their needs, inform them of appropriate benefits and services available to them, and assist in obtaining the desired services or benefits through referrals and advocacy. The case manager identifies entitlements for which our members may be eligible and develops a client service plan and may provide advocacy on behalf of our clients to assert client rights and eligibility benefits or services. We provide multi-lingual help in Tagalog and English and other dialects.

Some of the situations we provide case management for are: 

Benefits – Low income members make Inquiries about benefits like:

  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program),
  • SSI (Supplemental Social Security Income),
  • Housing Assistance,
  • Disability Benefits and other benefits
  • Home Care Services


Transportation – Many of our members require assistance to fill in the application for Reduced Fare Metrocards or Access-A-Ride. We provide car services as needed 


Health Insurance – Members need help with Health Insurance renewal, change of address, Medicaid Applications, and other healthcare related issues. Every year, during Open Season, we review their health insurance plans based on their active healthcare needs 


Bill disputes – Members sometimes need help with understanding or resolving disputes about their internet/cable bill, or medical service bills


Documents review – The Case Manager sometimes needs to read letter/documents for members and to explain or interpret them


Employment – Many members ask questions about employment, senior employment programs, and how to get income support


Citizenship/immigration – Our seniors have questions about or need help with citizenship, re-entry permission, green card, visa issues and other immigration help


Mental Health Community Approach as Prevention  to help older adults with anxiety, depression, social isolation, and more


Technical Support, Financial Planning, Banking, Budgeting

Special Assistance with grocery shopping, cooking, laundry

Free Telephone Services

Burial and Terminal Services


"Thanks for your helping hands to create more space in my room. Also, thanks for the early dinner. Seems you got mom’s healthy menu, yummy!"~E. R.


"Our seniors look and feel very special and becoming to our Home Living."~ R.S 

Home Sweet Home " Home is Where You are" Founder: Consuelo Almonte
Bahay-Kubo: Building a Culture in the Backyard

Spring & Summer Fun (2022)


Program Description & Mission:

The development of a “Bahay Kubo” Nursery for Seniors at the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging presents a dual community-based mission to promote cultural heritage while providing alternative therapy for physical and mental health among the elderly members of the community. The corner lot surrounding the Irene Lumbrera Home Living between 188 Street and Henley Road in Hollis, Queens will be landscaped to picture the ideal home in Philippine culture: (Bahay-Kubo) with assorted garden of plants from A-Z familiar among Filipinos. This will be an excellent laboratory to show different plants, fruits, and vegetables; promote cooperation among the seniors to start and maintain the garden, review the nutritional value, and provide these especially grown vegetables for member’s consumption.


  1. Collect seeds, seedlings of special plants
  2. Cultivate and maintain the garden
  3. Develop and maintain a bird feeder to watch the beautiful birds
  4. Put up a nursery of collectible hydroponic plants, flower plants and miscellaneous house plants for barter or sale as a fundraising for the next season.  


Francia DeVera/ Executive Director

Myrna D. Santos / Managing Director

Ludy Resurreccion/ Program Director

Mario Pera/ Project Director

Romer Suba /Garden Maintenance



Elena Abella

A Dulce

Ellezara Rosco

Thelma Andaya

Catherine Suba

Susan Thater


Member Organizations:

Divine Child Foundation

Kaibigan Foundation

Philippine Community Center Services for Aging

The Nursing Office Foundation