WELCOME to The Nursing Office- Philippines

The Nursing Office Phillipines is now an active organization, led by Dr. Leticia Puguon, PhD, RN, to promote the mission and vision of Community and Public Health Delivery, as a Nurse Driven Healthcare Solution. The organization involve nurse volunteers and other civic-oriented individuals in the region of Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya.

As I was called to give my Message of Support & Congratulatory Remarks as Chair of the Philippine Nurses Association, during the Launching Program of the Dr. Carl E. Balita Institute of Health Sciences at the Pan Pacific University, Urdaneta City:

Dr. Rhonda T. Padilla, President of Panpacific University, Dr. Carl Balita, Vice Pres. for Health Sciences, all the distinguished guests:  Dr. Willie Ong, Health and Social Media Icon; Dr. Luis Ramon Rodriguez, CEO Medical Depot Philippines; Dr. Linda Buhat, Pres. Emeritus of ANSAP; Ms. Anunciasion Solomon- Lipat, Past Pres. PNAA & Participants to this great event,  Good day to everyone.
In behalf of the Board of Governors of the Philippine Nurses Association in my capacity as the Chairperson, may I express our profound Congratulations to Pan Pacific University through Pres. Rhonda Padilla, & to Dr. Carl Balita,our esteemed colleague in the nursing profession, on this momentous Launching of the Dr. Carl E. Balita Institute of Health Sciences today on this prestigious institution.
Rest assured Dr. Carl that you have the support of the Philippine Nurses Association on this educational endeavor. Soar high as you enhance innovations in Nursing Education and Health Services. 
As you have said a while ago, 
"The future is here!"
Good morning and Mabuhay!


~Dr. Leticia Puguon

PNA Governors, Chairman