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Expanding Affordable Home Care Giving

Self Preservation and Healing as a Culture of Health



Back to Basics: The New Culture of Health



To provide training and knowledge-sharing of evidence-based practices to enhance the resilience and optimal adjustment of individuals, families and communities who have endured extreme adversities related to diseases, disasters and trauma.



  • To train each care giver the basics and the art of care giving.
  • To provide culturally competent and culturally sensitive Home Care-Giving training skills to family members already taking care of loved ones.
  • To promote Non-conventional Modalities of Healing and Wellness for Individuals, Children, and their families and Care-givers.
  • To utilize Native American, Asian, African, and/or Middle Eastern traditions in Circle Stages, Ethnic Food, music, Dancing, and Storytelling as Healing Formats and/or Environments.
  • To allow the Creative Modes of Non-conventional Traditional Healing and Self-care to Flourish and prosper for the General Wellness of the Community.
  • To connect and/or integrate non-conventional modes of healing & wellness with institutional health facilities open to collaborating with alternative medicine and innovative, nurse-driven healthcare solutions.


Non-conventional Healing (def.): Any or all healing modalities that flow with or use natural energies or elements not dependent on pharmaceutical or artificial chemical drugs; any modality that ensures health & wellness beyond codependency on drugs.


Designing Program and Services is based on our RN Provider Training and Expertise in culturally sensitive and safe practice.


Services Provided:

  • Home Care Giving Training
  • Direct Care to Patients in the home: Individualized Patient-Family Care Plan
  • Review of Medication
  • Case Management Planning for Patient and Family (Patient and Family Care Plan)
  • Education  and Healthy Lifestyles Practices
  • Assessment of Patient and Family Needs and Navigating Resources
  • Care Giver Mentorship and Support
  • Advocacy to End of Life Planning



Additional Agenda:

  • Registration/ data Form
  • Provider/Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • Insurance and Billing
  • Financial set-Up (Banking, etc)
  • Marketing and Networking
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Technical Support
  • Sustainability
  • Office Hours

The Nurse is In Action!!!



Medical Consultant   

Community Health Worker

Program Director

Social Worker

Nurse Chaplaincy & Ministry


Community Nurse Educator & Health Provider

 Surajowtie Jeenarine, RN, ASN, Midwife, LPN


Program Coordinator:

Ludy M. Resurreccion


Nurse Coordinator

Myrna D. Santos, RN, BSN, MSN, CNE

Resources & References

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  • VA Caregiver Support
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