The Nurse is In

As the world population grows enormously, how can the people be taken cared of en-masse effectively? In response to the Institute of Medicine, nurses have been challenged to become an instrument to show leadership as they have the training and education to do so.Therefore, we are calling all nurses to respond and accept this challenge to take care of our people and communities in the capacity of Community and Public Health Nurse in this time of COVID pandemic.


The Nurse is IN:How may we help you?”

As nurses are given the challenge to lead individuals, families and communities toward health maintenance and promotion, we show our willingness to accept this responsibility by making ourselves available at your service.


The Nurse is IN program will make you feel the nurses’ presence and genuine interest in your health through socio-cultural and economic approaches to your well-being. It is our sincerest way to deliver our message of caring for communities, delivering public healthcare for all, resolving health disparities and promoting equality and equity for people of color and challenging the healthcare apartheid. The Nurse is IN is a sign of our presence in the community. How may we help you?


The Nurse is IN is one of our Nurse Driven Healthcare Solutions as a community and public health delivery system to ensure healthcare for all and ensure the first level of defense against diseases and illnesses and reduce healthcare cost and while ensuring quality healthcare and equity for all. Our goals are consistent with the goals of Healthy People 2010.


We are calling all nurses to establish and organize their own nursing office in their communities. This program will ensure jobs for thousands of nurses and continued interactive preventative healthcare for communities as we empower them to have initiatives and leadership, as well as empower the people to take care of themselves.


  1. Introduce the Program to Nurses.
  2. Register their own Office.
  3. Design the programs, services and sustainability based on their assessed needs and resources.
  4. Establish the process.
  5. Establish guidelines for professional practice in community and public health.

Phases of Development:

Phase I

  • Identify registered nurses, retired nurses, student nurses and related healthcare providers.
  • Identify community resources: governmental, non-governmental organizations (ngo), personal/individual.

Phase II

  • Identify targeted communities
  • Community assessment of needs
  • Community Organizing

Phase III

  • Designing programs and services based on the needs
  • Design Program Plan and Sustainability

Phase IV

  • Implementation of Programs
  • Sustainability and Funding

Phase V

  • Documentation: photos and written summary of report
  • Assessment of Effectiveness of programs and services

   The Nursing Office Nurse Driven Healthcare Solution “Making a Difference in Home Care Giving”

                                 "How may we help you?"


Expanding Affordable Home Care Giving

Self Preservation and Healing as a Culture of Health



Back to Basics: The New Culture of Health



To provide training and knowledge-sharing of evidence-based practices to enhance the resilience and optimal adjustment of individuals, families and communities who have endured extreme adversities related to diseases, disasters and trauma.



  • To train each care giver the basics and the art of care giving.
  • To provide culturally competent and culturally sensitive Home Care-Giving training skills to family members already taking care of loved ones.
  • To promote Non-conventional Modalities of Healing and Wellness for Individuals, Children, and their families and Care-givers.
  • To utilize Native American, Asian, African, and/or Middle Eastern traditions in Circle Stages, Ethnic Food, music, Dancing, and Storytelling as Healing Formats and/or Environments.
  • To allow the Creative Modes of Non-conventional Traditional Healing and Self-care to Flourish and prosper for the General Wellness of the Community.
  • To connect and/or integrate non-conventional modes of healing & wellness with institutional health facilities open to collaborating with alternative medicine and innovative, nurse-driven healthcare solutions.


Non-conventional Healing (def.): Any or all healing modalities that flow with or use natural energies or elements not dependent on pharmaceutical or artificial chemical drugs; any modality that ensures health & wellness beyond codependency on drugs.


Designing Program and Services is based on our RN Provider Training and Expertise in culturally sensitive and safe practice.


Services Provided:

  • Home Care Giving Training
  • Direct Care to Patients in the home: Individualized Patient-Family Care Plan
  • Review of Medication
  • Case Management Planning for Patient and Family (Patient and Family Care Plan)
  • Education  and Healthy Lifestyles Practices
  • Assessment of Patient and Family Needs and Navigating Resources
  • Care Giver Mentorship and Support
  • Advocacy to End of Life Planning



Additional Agenda:

  • Registration/ data Form
  • Provider/Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • Insurance and Billing
  • Financial set-Up (Banking, etc)
  • Marketing and Networking
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Technical Support
  • Sustainability
  • Office Hours

The Nurse is In Action!!!



Medical Consultant   

Community Health Worker

Program Director

Social Worker

Nurse Chaplaincy & Ministry


Community Nurse Educator & Health Provider

 Surajowtie Jeenarine, RN, ASN, Midwife, LPN


Program Coordinator:

Ludy M. Resurreccion


Nurse Coordinator

Myrna D. Santos, RN, BSN, MSN, CNE

Resources & References

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  • VA Caregiver Support
The Nursing Office Team