The Nursing Office Supports The Divine Child Foundation & Religious Arts Museum

St Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church Parish 220 East Blancke St, Linden, NJ 07036



The most beautiful art in the world have been inspired by deep religious fervor. In the history of the Christian Church, one of the most fervent devotional practices has been devotion to The Divine Child, more popularly known as The Infant Jesus of Prague, or SANTO NIÑO.


The physical space, to be called The Divine Child & Religious Art Museum, or hereinafter known as “Divine Child Museum”, “Casa Santo Nino”, “Bahay ni Santo Nino”, “Casa Do Mininho Santo”,  is housed in the property of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church Parish, 220 East Blancke Street, Linden, New Jersey  07036.


VISION:  A fervent, inspirational, and contemplative space for experiencing the power of Innocence embodied by the Santo Niño, or The Divine Child, as the patron for Immigrants.. 


1)  To create an open environment to reflect on God's Love for us.

2)  To contemplate and evoke feelings of devotion to our Faith Community.

3)  To inspire Service to others, especially those with True needs.


1.  Spiritual

To lead and reach the highest peak of spirituality in man, so they may view the world from the greatest perspective that fosters the relationship of mind, body and spirit.

To dramatize the historical events that led to this devotion and to engage the participation of the Parish community members in constantly commemorating its symbolism and significance in our religious and spiritual life.

2.     Artistic

To display the various collections of statues and artifacts inspired by this devotion to the Infant Jesus, the Divine Child or the Santo Niño; and

To encourage arts and crafts activities and host exhibits, demonstrations, festivals, and other varied activities centering on The Divine Child or Santo Niño.

3.  Educational

To demonstrate the origins of The Divine Child, or devotion to the Infant Jesus, its symbolic meaning as well as the advent and development of the widespread devotion.

4.  Health and Healing

To create a venue for community and public health delivery by designing programs and services that improve health education and health literacy that is culturally appropriate and for parishioners and other groups, and address the real and true needs relating to Mothers, Children, Seniors, and their Families.

 5.   Community Service/Social Philanthropy

To establish an alliance of the Parish with the community and design sustainability for the Program by maximizing and cost-effective utilization of available resources.


Ludy Resurreccion

Program Director

Our Lady of Guadalupe gracing the Simbang Gabi Tradition Celebrations at the Philippine Consulate, New York with Marcos Panlilio, Myrna D. Santos, The Nursing Office Ministry & Chaplaincy & Friends (12.13.17)
Santo Nino Fiesta, March 26, 2015

Museum Inauguration and Grand Opening Celebrations


Filipino Mass and Blessing

October 12, 2014 (Sunday)



Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church

220 East Blanke Street

Linden, New Jersey 07036


Bring your Images of the Santo Niño (Divine Child) to be blessed after the Mass and to join the Procession that follows.

Light Refreshments will be served at the Museum after the Opening ceremonies


Casa Santo Niño Museum finally opens it's doors to the Public to house the extensive collection of the images of the Divine Child collected, donated and given as gifts. In this Museum one can find the Five Most Venerated Images of the Baby Jesus: Bambino Gesu, Italy 15th Century, Santo Niño de Cebu, Philippines 1521, Santo Niño de Atocha, Spain 1554, Infant Jesus of Prague, Czecoslovakia 1556 and the Divino Niño, Colombia 1942. Come and discover the World of the Divine Child.

Casa Santo Niño Museum, 238 East Blancke Street, Linden, New Jersey


The Holy Mass, St Elizabeth of Hungary Church
The Blessing of the Children by Bishop Marconi
The Blessing of Divine Child Statues
The Nursing Office & Las Islas Filipinas
The Procession
The Celebrants
The Blessing
The Cutting of the Ribbon
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Award Winning, Kirby Asunto
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Director/Curator, Marcos "Ping" Panlilio
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