W  E   L   C   O   M   E       T   O      O  U  R       H    O   M    E

“To serve those who truly are in need.” ~ Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Dedication of the Irene Lumbrera Home Living in Queens, NYC, on September 11, 2021

            87-02 188 St. Hollis, NY 11423 USA

Executive Director Dr. Francia DeVera, & Myrna D. Santos, RN, celebrate 123rd Philippine Independence Day at the Irene Lumbrera Home Living of the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging on 6/6/21
Book Reading summer of 2020 at the garden of Irene Lumbrera Home Living
Irene Lumbrera Home Living Program

             B      I       L       L     B      O      A      R       D 

Congratulations, Julia Reid Adelan: A Future Nurse
Celebrating Nurses Month-long: ANA Making a Difference

Welcome to the Nursing Office.Com


The Nursing Office.Com is a 17-year old, non-profit organization taking care of nurses and communities through a Community and Public Health Delivery System, “The Nurse is IN” program. . COM stands for Communities, as such; it is the Nursing Office for Communities, a non-governmental organization (NGO).


The Nursing Office provides organizational and technical support to organizations and develops coalitions for its Healthcare Delivery Model, using “Shared Mission, Shared Governance and Shared Resources”. The Nursing Office.Com maintains its office in Queens, New York  and provides and maintains a Community Center , particularly, The Philippine Community Center Services for Aging.


Taking Care of Nurses


I know what a nurse's life look like because I am a nurse like you. We give a lot of ourselves to others; we take care of others more than our own. It is a difficult task and yet we do not regret. It is a vocation that we accepted freely as we receive the Lamp and recite the Oath of the Florence Nightingale Pledge.


A lot of us live a lifestyle so different from the rest of other professionals. We have to multi-task in order to survive the demands of this profession, for us and our families and friends. In the realization that we can do better, The Nursing Office.Com has come about to add another specialty in nursing practice: Nursing the Nurses/Taking Care of Nurses. 


If you would like to do something for your career, health and well-being, The Nursing Office. Com with its professional services and programs designed especially for you is definitely the right place. We are your very own nursing office. See what we and our professional experienced team can do for you.


Taking Care of Communities


It is my great pleasure to announce that The Nursing Office.Com has developed programs to extend its health and nursing services to the community. The Nursing Office Community Service Center has opened its doors to several communities in greater New York and New Jersey area. This is perhaps the first time that a Nursing Office will be made available to communities serving the minorities, ethnic groups and marginalized population of both urban and rural America.


The Nursing Office is now in the healthcare system as a Community and Public Health Delivery System.


“Any person coming into this Nursing Office should feel the touch of human kindness in many ways.”


Will you "Stand by Me" ?

In my efforts to take care of nurses, I know by this time that I can do it, as I’m committed to this cause, however, I know as well that I need you all to stand by me…..


On a personal note...


Suddenly, The Nursing Office is a full blown eighteen (18) year-old and counting. Time flew; however, I will never forget how it started with the question among my colleagues in graduate school, “What shall we do after we finish our masters?”A lot of discussion went on for days and a lot longer, it stayed in the back of my mind. That’s right, “what shall I do?” At that time, the stress of sleepless nights and paper chase is sinking into me. Little did I know that I will be capitalizing on it in my future career in nursing. My stress strengthened me in my desire to influence nursing and make a difference to take care of nurses.


While taking care of nurses is a major role and that I am very ambitious, I started in my own shy ways to find my target audience. I have to find nurses, mingle with them, network with leaders and study their culture. I have to cross states to find nursing communities and find out what they are doing. The challenges were real; however, I was determined and was having fun in the process.


I produced the first Nurses Show Live in 2007 as a stress reduction program. I followed up with the publication of the Filipino Nurse Magazine which was later changed to Modern Nightingale to make it through the mainstream. The ideas were grand: shows, magazines and websites. The question was “Will nurses accept and buy me?”


Today, I have no doubt that I will one day realize the mission and vision I have set for nurses. Resistant to change as I am, you have given me a chance to serve you. I thank you very much for believing that I can.


I dedicate this mission to all of you who have inspired me. To my family, friends and my patients who made me who I am, a professional nurse. To the most beautiful people in the world, with the hands that care, NURSES.



MAY                                                                              2024

Moving On Post-Covid:

Changing the Landscape of Healthcare


We have seen the world during this last pandemic; it was so draining in every aspect of our lives, yet we endured as a people. Today, we are faced with the challenge of rebuilding, and re-structuring our healthcare to be more effective now and for the future. As nurses, this is our chance to influence the future of nursing. (05/01/23) The American Nurses Association made a difference by announcing the celebration of Nurses, not by just a week but this time, a month-long focus on Our Nurses.Our Future. This gives a closer look at our nurses from different stages and perspectives, starting with the Celebration of Nurses, first as individuals, concentrating on their self care, because they need to be strong and free of burden before they can take care of others; promotion of their professional needs, and encouraging them to become leaders of change in the healthcare system. All these, redefine Nursing as a Profession in this twentyfirst century.    

Then, the International Council of Nurses promotes a year long call and commitment from nurses around the world with this message, "Nurses together: a force for global health", to respond to the global need of a healthcare that is  accessible, sustainable, affordable and sensitive to peoples' health recovering from the devastating effect of the past pandemic. In addition, a Charter for Change  report have been issued to support this dire need for change in the healthcare system.


Looking Back:



As a nurse in this unprecedented time of Corona Virus pandemic, I cannot help but find a way to help the community and do my share in this greatest challenge of the 21st Century in the heights of technical, science, medical, financial and social developments.

In my musings in FB which became one of the widest venues of connections and information channel, I have conceptualized a way to use it as a tool to this Actual Real-Time Descriptive Research on the COVID -19 that continue to claim lives and resources, a global plague.

This descriptive research will include a wide range and extensive review of literature and content about a virus that came and kill, from the joint perspective of every scientists, doctors, nurses and the community that has in anyway affect the way the individuals and the world respond to live and survive in this uncertain time from an unseen enemy, a virus known as COVID-19.   

In this Pandemic Era, the government leaders are called to protect its people, from the highest laws of the land, not to instill fear but convince the millions to comply and do their individual share of survival.  As the world keep on standstill and lockdown, people of all faith keep their Trust and Hope in God for Divine Intervention.

I give salute to the nurses around the world in their unconditional work in the frontlines. They are working so hard with commitment to their duties together with the healthcare team. Let us pray that they will continue to respond to this global challenge we never had ever before. 

Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN (March,2020)

Chief Nurse


Looking Forward:

A Nurse Taking on the Challenge

The Nurse is IN: Nurses Role in Healthcare

 Nurses have long fought for a more humane healthcare system based on individual patient need, not ability to pay. More than ever, nurses play a major role on issues of healthcare providing solutions for a healthier tomorrow. We are gaining significant momentum as professionals. This is indeed a compliment and empowerment to us and yet on the other hand, a call of a challenge to us in caring for the American people as well as the international community. How big and how important can this challenge be? Do we have an answer for that? Yes, we do, and yes, we will!


As the new millenium starts, The Nursing Office.Com takes the challenge to promote solutions that are based on the evidence and actual experiences of nurses who are behind the scenes of healthcare. It is the time for us to come forward and be in charge of a domain that is always, and rightfully, ours.


We have managed through those years, though it was not recognized. This time, we will take the responsibility and leadership to show our wisdom. We will stand up and define our roles. We will no longer be in the background but rather, we will be visible as we walk our talk. We will be in the Board Rooms. We will re-think why it failed and why we need reforms. We will come up with our own nurse driven solutions, initiatives and programs to support a massive change in our healthcare. And in the height of these times of technical, scientific, medical advances and artificial intelligence (AI), it's time to go back to basics. And in as much as we claim it's our domain, let us be with it, in it. Let us be IN, The Nurse is IN!


Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Chief Nurse/Founder



Nurses House for nurses in need

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses

Discover Nursing with Johnson & Johnson

Remarkable Modern Nightingales

Joy Abraham, MSN, RN, ANP


Getting Ready to Give Back with TEA


 Joy Abraham, a Fil-Am nurse from Mt Sinai Hospital, NYC, took a vacation to visit her hometown last October, 2010, just to see how impoverished her people are and upon return to the US, became determined to give back. She organized a group she called TEA to stand for Toboso-Escalante Association. In just a few months, she has the website, did a fundraiser and scheduled the first medical-dental mission to Toboso and Escalante, Philippines, last May 26-27, 2011. By the second year, she has spearheaded more projects for the local people of Toboso and Escalante. More medical-dental missions are coming.


TEA stands for Teach, Empower, Advocate

We Speak the Nursing Language

OPEN: 24/7

Every Nurse has a Story to Tell

Many years ago I worked as a trauma nurse at a local hospital and had a 3 year old patient named Marie who was suffering from a rare life threatening disease. Her only hope was a blood transfusion from her 5 year old brother, Eric. When the doctor asked him if he was willing to give his blood to his sister, Eric paused for a few seconds, and then said in a soft voice, "I'll do it if it will save her." Later that day I helped to oversee the transfusion and sat in the treatment room with their mother during the process. "Marie already looks better! You're doing great, Eric" I said. He gave me a big smile before tears suddenly filled his eyes. Just then, the doctor returned to see how they were doing, and Eric asked, "How much longer until I die? It took us all by surprise, and then my own eyes turned with tears. I realized that sweet little boy thought he had to give all his blood to his sister-- and was willing to do it, without question."


~Gwen Hernandez, Latina Nurse

Learning as a Lifelong Process

We all learn at different levels and we learn different specialties in our lifetime. We “graduate” with different titles and careers. But learning continues past this graduation. It is a continuous process of achieving the ultimate lesson in life.  It is indeed a lifelong process, but like any other human nature, it has an end.


It doesn’t matter how long it will take us to learn, but what matters is that we reach that point of realizations, when we can truthfully and wisely say that “I understand, I accept and agree that there is a Higher Being with us “, and that we are no longer looking at what is material and human but of something beyond and spiritual.~MDS


The garbage man

As a good interpersonal practice in the workplace, I always treated the housekeepers as a part of my nursing team. I know my garbage man for the past twenty years. He does his job so well that I have no complaints.


When lay-offs predominated the past recession era, he tells me in the most enjoyable way “I love garbage, give me all your garbage! He explains further that he loves them, because it has been his livelihood for a long time and what happens if there is no more garbage, and then he will lose his job as well.


I got the message, simple and true why he loves garbage. Talking to him further, that at home, he doesn’t even care to look at his garbage.


Same in nursing, we should love our patients because our trade depends on them. ~MDS


Golden Nuggets are Food for Thought

Apostles in the making

It’s a bitter cold day of winter. As I was parking my car in the church’s lot, I saw the familiar faces of the young boys directing traffic every Sunday. As it was extremely cold, when I passed by them and saw that they have no gloves and head caps, with their noses as red as apples, I said, “Please come inside the church, it’s too cold out here”. The boys were so brave and determined and proud, when they replied to me, “We have work to do, it’s okay”.~MDS


 Egg with an Attitude

 What about this for fun?

 My friend Chad is always busy.

Yesterday, we had a community reception in the church after the traditional Midnight Mass (Simbang Gabi). It was dinner, (supposed to be) and yet I found some hardboiled eggs with stickers on it, like those Easter eggs. Anyway, I took one; first I thought it’s healthy, secondly, it’s convenient. I’ll just put it in my pocket. When I was about to eat it, another friend said, “Oh where did you get those eggs?” And then somebody said, “Oh that is the egg with an attitude! Chad made that.”


I found out that Chad’s idea is to make simple things special. As she does not have time to cook, she thought of those stickers on the egg to give them  a statement, a signature, if not an attitude.~MDS


 It’s time for new ideas!

We are traditionalists. Change and new ideas do not excite us. We have no room for them. We have enough things going already and we don’t want anything more. We are doing well. We are in our best comfort zones. But are we in our best shape and state of nursing practice?


In this age of evidence-based practice, (EBP) we need our open mind not to resist the new wave of proven facts to guide a safe nursing practice and culture. Let us open the windows and let the fresh air come in. Let us give chance to new ideas. Let us listen, think and accept them as they may be the answer to a better, safer, and easier practice after all.~MDS


Not just violating a law!

Like any other rush hour morning commute, as I squeeze myself in a tight subway train, I tried to sneak a bite on my bagel. I haven’t swallowed, when I heard a tiny voice who said ,“There’s no eating on the train allowed”. I looked at him, a 7-year old boy, holding his bottle of juice. I scrambled for an answer and it has to be right. I said, “That’s right, I just violated a law. Don’t you follow me, okay?”The little boy smiled at me, I could see the feeling of heroism in him as he acknowledged that he caught a “violator” in the act. A minute later, I saw him opened his juice and took a sip.


As he enjoyed his drink, I felt my first blunder of the day as well as a lesson learned for life: I am a role model as a person, as a professional. If I break anything, no matter how slight it is, that will have an impact to somebody. In this case, I’m not just violating a law, but failed to give a good example, especially to this young child who looks at the adults as their role models.~MDS



You Need to KISS

As nurses and professionals, we are always challenged by deep thoughts and critical thinking. We are trained to be always correct and to make good decisions. There is nothing wrong with that. However, when we are trapped into so many issues, and it comes to a point when we are almost sorry for thinking “I could have…., I should have…”, we should let go and forget about it. “The past is history, the future is a mystery. All you must truly be concerned with is the present. No matter what has gone before, you have the option to make changes, to make new choices, right now.” This is an excerpt from  Keep it Simple and Sane, by Barb Rogers




The Nursing Office Unveils the Community Health Delivery Model at Columbia University during the Health Disparity Conference, March 6-7, 2014
The Nurse is In Launches at the Kalusugan Coalition's Play Street, Woodside, Queens, NYC August, 2013
Operation Blood Pressure: The Quickest Way to Relate to the community
Children : Not too young to know about Blood Pressure
The Nurse is In at the Lion's International Sponsored Health Fair, Immaculate Conception Church, Jamaica, NY
Community Health Starts with a Mural on Cultural Diversity

One Flushing Director, John Choe with a little help from The Nursing Office Chief Nurse, Myrna D. Santos  at the completion of the community mural by the Long Island Railroad Station in Main Street, Flushing, NY (Sept, 21, 2013)

The Year of ACTION

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

 ~Harry Truman,

33rd U.S. President