Redefining a Website:

The Nurse is IN


I am a nurse who is trying very hard to be IN, in this century’s technology, social media and artificial intelligence (AI). Without a technological background is not an excuse not to be IN from the mainstream. In baby steps, I got bolder to present myself, my ideas and advocacies, and The Nursing Office. Com in the World Wide Web.


It all started from 1&1 who has given individuals like me without previous experience to create a website on our own, and build portals overnight. The highly competitive business of website building became an edge for me to be able to learn and use the tools of the trade to express myself and become visible in the clouds of web.


As I explore into this venue, I found myself creating a unique strategy to be IN and frankly proud to present my creativity with a lot of tweaks from the rules and guidelines of the traditional website, in short, redefining a website, or the world wide web according to me.


This website offers me a lot of possibilities that I could not have if I was to start or use a different medium. I am using this venue, to organize my own personal and professional profile and simultaneously publishing it, therefore it is my own laboratory to work on my own vision of what is life for me, my own Book of Life in the making. It is my living life documentary and biography.


This website is about my Art and Creativity. This is, first of all, About Me and the difference I make in between, in any way, place and time in the greater Universe. It is about my adventures in the Roller Coaster Ride of life. This website features the organizations I found and affiliate with. It is about the people I meet along the way every day that make a difference in how I perceive my place in the Sun.


As Life is a broad horizon, a universe by itself where one cannot live by himself alone. Take my hand and live this life and walk through this universe, together. Let us soar like the dragons, full of strength and power and fly like the doves, gentle, peaceful.


As you can see from this SiteMap, I have clearly bared my thoughts so that I can continuously improve myself while opening doors for anyone to see and follow the footsteps to wherever they want to be.

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