Spirituality: Finding God

As we search for God who is as wide as the universe, we narrow even our ways to find him.How can we make God a reality in our lives? How can we find true answers to our deepest questions? What is the way to God? Our God is within us whose presence we carry in our soul.  We do not need to search everywhere for God as He is our nearest and dearest friend, teacher, coach, partner, and life whisperer. The only way to find and catch God is by just remembering Him in everything we do until He will become active in our life. This is our spirituality or God experience, feeling His Presence and Love. Your spiritual practice is to relate with God as you go through the experiences of life. Just go through its ups and downs with God by your side and God’s wisdom will grow into you. Then you naturally understand the mysteries of the inner-life and the universe. The understanding of Truth that arises by relating with God is not something you can get through study or learning. It arises from within you as your mind attunes with God. Then Truth simply manifests itself. However, there is a false identity within you, the ego-self, that will resist your effort to make God’s Presence a reality. It will continuously distract you with petty concerns and void pursuits. You must be watchful against your own self as your greatest enemy. But God is kind and merciful, and so at these times of weakness, God reaches out as you seek for Him. There is no other time but the present to receive God’s grace. The practice of finding your spiritual inner self and connecting with one another being through divine intervention; the finding of God and putting Him in our highest consciousness , our daily living putting him in our midst, this is God and my perception of who He Is. Find Him once and stay forever.


Spirituality in Nursing Practice

In the light of a different nature of service provided by nurses in the healthcare setting, it is no doubt, a vocation and profession in one.  It is a vocation in the sense that kindness and spirituality are important aspects of care. Spirituality in the practice of nursing is beneficial in two ways: first, it enhances a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and secondly, it lightens up the nurse’s heart as she attends to the most personal level of care given by a stranger to a sick individual, without any relations at all.

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Learning and Spirituality

We all learn at different levels and we learn different specialties in our lifetime. We “graduate” with different titles and careers. But learning continues past this graduation. It is a continuous process of achieving the ultimate lesson in life.  It is indeed a lifelong process, but like any other human nature, it has an end.


It doesn’t matter how long it will take us to learn, but what matters is that we reach that point of realizations, when we can truthfully and wisely say that “I understand, I accept and agree that there is a Higher Being with us “, and that we are no longer looking at what is material and human but of something beyond and spiritual.~MDS

The Yoga Nurse

Annette Tersigni, RN

Nurses are ministers and witnesses to suffering. The practice of centering is where we always begin. The practice of yoga, the practice of finding your divine inner self and connecting with one another. I truly believe that I’ve connected with every one of my YogaNurse students through divine intervention. I see you. I am honored to be present with you, share your pain and your joy as we traverse through our common interest in changing the world of nursing for the better and expanding consciousness in healthcare. 

It brings me so much peace when I see nurses and especially YogaNurses awakened and inspired, using their power and voice to exact positive change in the world. 

One of my earliest students in YogaNursing, Lisbeth Overton, is doing exactly that. From the beginning, I knew she had power. She found her true calling, found her divine inner self, and she is now transforming the lives of women and nurses, helping them find their divine selves. 

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to catch up and we found ourselves setting our heart chakras on fire as we explored all the joys and challenges of nursing and celebrated the indestructible spirit of the nurse. 

Gratitude galore to the angel of podcasts Lisbeth Overton and gratitude to YOU for your sacred service to the world, for your trust in the YogaNurse Mission, and for your divine inner self. 

Give the podcast a listen. It’s well ‘simply divine’. 

Here is the link for our amazing conversation.

Annette Tersigni, RN (2/15/2020)

Putting God in our Midst

Spiritual Awareness Workshops 2018 

In Search of Higher Consciousness

(Dr. Prashant Shah)

126 E 56th St, 25th floor (between Lexington and Park Ave).


Sunday 14th October 2018:     Course-1: How to Recognize a Sage? (Total 4 hours)

Sat/Sun 20th/21st October:     Course-2: The Way of the Mystic (total 8 hours)

Sat/Sun 27th/28th October:     Course-3: Restore your Health Naturally (total 8 hours)

Saturday 3rd November:           Course-4: The Biochemic Way to Health (total 4 hours)

Sunday 4th November:                   Discussion on Course-3 and 4


The courses will start at 11am and end at 4.30pm. There will be a total of 4 hours of lecture each day. The remaining time is for 3 breaks, which comprise one hour for lunch and two 15-minute breaks.

Course Description

Course-1. How to Recognize a Sage?

This course is based on wisdom of the book: Tao Te Ching. It says the Tao is like a universal awareness that underlies all things. Hence, to attain inner freedom, transcendental peace, and deep contentment in your life you have to only align your ways with the way of the Tao. However, the Tao is very subtle and it can only be grasped with a mind that is without personal motives. So, how can you pursue the Tao?


The clue is: First, follow the law of heaven and purify your motives. Next, find a Sage or living master. Then track the ways of the Sage, for the Sage naturally follows the Tao. However, the Sage does not show himself in society. Hence, it is not easy to recognize a Sage. So the Sage Lao Tzu addresses the issues: How does the Sage behave? What are his guiding principles? Why does he value things differently? What is his true attainment? What strategies does he adopt? How does the way of the Sage differ from the way of ordinary folk?

Duration: 4 hours


Course-2: The Way of the Mystic

Just as behind the superficial existence of a leaf there is a greater existence of the tree, so also behind our individual and personal consciousness there is the greater consciousness of the soul and the over-soul.

In this workshop you learn how to install a presence of the greater consciousness in your mind and involve it in your affairs. When you can do that, you will not be easily misled by your mindset and wishes or the people in your environment. Instead you will develop a ‘truth sense’ and be guided by the prompting from a higher consciousness.


  • Basic ideas of mysticism: the relationship between our personal consciousness and the God consciousness.
  • The technique of mysticism: making a personal God and learning to attune the mind with it
  • Devotional exercise: making God a reality in your life; learning to live for God’s sake; stages in awakening
  • The levels in the practice; the doctrine of the mystics

Duration: 8 hours


Course- 3. Restore your Health Naturally

Your health is always your concern and not the doctor’s concern. However, today the people are given to believe that their health depends on doctors and the medical system. It has made them very dependent on the medical profession. On the other hand the health care system has become very expensive, highly specialised and too technical to be comprehended by the common man. Hence, you feel helpless, confused and vulnerable.


However, there are alternatives. You don’t have to look upon your health as something that depends on the progress of modern science. Instead, you can think in terms of the vital force and toxaemia and learn to correct your unhealthy habits. Here we show you simple ways by which you can detox your body and restore your vital force naturally. And you can do it WITHOUT depending on medicines or the medical profession. 


  • Holistic healing: healing vs. curing; the problem of toxaemia; understanding health in terms of the vital force
  • Simple ways to detox the body: Diet, nutrition and eating habits; fasting and the healing crisis
  • Water therapy; cleansing diets; and the no breakfast plan
  • Healing the body by changing the consciousness; correcting emotional disorders

Duration: 8 hours


Course-4. The Biochemic Way to Health

In the 18th century, Dr. Schuessler analysed the ashes of the human body to find the presence of twelve mineral salts in them. He called them ‘tissue salts’ and claimed that they are essential for a healthy functioning of the body. Whenever there is a deficiency of any of these salts in the body tissues, certain typical symptoms arise. You can use these symptoms to identify the specific tissue salt deficiency. Then all you have to do is to supplement the tissue-salt in a dynamic form (6X potency), and the body will on its own find its way to return to natural health.


Here you learn the theory and practice of this Biochemic system in. You learn about the different functional disorders that arise in the body and how to relate them with the ‘biochemic remedies’. We discuss some typical cases of common disorders and show you how to use the book: The Biochemic Prescriber for finding the remedy. In this way you can begin to treat common ailments and simple constitutional disorders. Then you can help yourself, your family and your friends in health matters. (The book is available from the Amazon and Kindle online bookstore).

Duration: 4 hours



In Search of Higher Consciousness (2015)

Conducted by Prashant S. Shah 

The workshops will be held as follows:  From: 6.15 pm to 9 pm; At: Quest Partners, 126 E, 56th Street, New York For details and booking, contact: Chiku At: Mob: 917-442-4458; Res: 1-212-280-7553.


On the Workshops

In these workshops you are exposed to a certain level of wisdom. This wisdom is contagious and it makes you see things differently. You begin to see your mental processes and the nature of things from a very unusual point of view. What you cannot learn through years of self-study you can learn by simply participating in these workshops. Concentration and Mind Training The fine art of succeeding with yourself In this workshop you learn the art of concentration and use it to develop your inner life. The inner life is important since your happiness and well-being depends more on your thoughts and emotions, and less on your external circumstances. First, you learn to concentrate and take control over your attention. Next, you become aware of the influence of thoughts and emotions in your life. Then you exercise your control over the negative thoughts and emotions that occupy your mind. It will develop your ability to think clearly, to understand things better, and to be more focused on whatever you do. In this workshop you learn to: · Concentrate the mind through chanting · Use concentration in everyday life · Develop your will-power through steady gazing· Deal with negative thoughts · Use thought power · Overcome negative emotions


The Cosmos according to Occult Philosophy This workshop will give you an insight into the place of the human being in the cosmos. Here, the human being is considered as a microcosm, a miniature of the cosmos; and the growth of the human being is related to the development of the inner bodies and faculties on the interior planes of the cosmos. The questions for the workshop are: What is the spiritual purpose of our human life on earth? What are the inner worlds? What is the correspondence between the inner worlds and our subtle bodies? What remains of us after death? How do we grow on the inner planes? What is the cosmos in occult philosophy? What is the law of correspondence? What is the place of ‘the occult’ in spiritual life? What is the nature of occult experiences? Contents · How Charles Darwin made a monkey out of us. The evolution of consciousness. The four stages in the evolution of life in the cosmos. · The occult constitution of the human being. The inner planes and how we function on them. What develops as we grow spiritually? Occult cosmology: Placing a human being in the cosmos. Microcosm as the little world. Using astrology to illustrate the law of correspondence. · The place of ‘the occult’ in spiritual life. Understanding occult experiences.


The Way of the Mystic Just as behind the superficial existence of a leaf there is a greater existence of the tree, so also behind our individual and personal consciousness there is the greater consciousness of the soul and the over-soul. In this workshop you learn how to install a presence of the greater consciousness in your mind and involve it in your affairs. Then instead of being lead by the desires in the mind and body, you will be guided by the promptings of a spiritual intelligence. Here we also show you the advantage of the theistic approach over the atheistic approach to spiritual development. Contents · Basic assumptions of mysticism; relating the personal consciousness with the God consciousness · The technique of mysticism: making a personal God and attuning our mind with it · Devotional meditation: making God a reality in our life; learning to live for God’s sake · Stages in the awakening; stages in the practice; the doctrine of the mystics


The Cosmic Cycle and the Sign of Our Times Modern humanity, in the age of science, has made a lot of progress; we all can see it. However, we don’t see what humanity has lost in the process of making this progress. In this workshop we begin by showing the loss. We evaluate the progress in the modern world from the point of view of the spiritual purpose of human life. The aim is not to be critical of modern developments, but to make you aware of the nature of the challenge that is coming in the near future. In particular, we show that the world is on the brink of a change in consciousness; and we, as human beings, can either participate in making the changes in ourselves and in society, or we can resist these changes. Further, to participate in these changes we have to prepare ourselves, since the new era demands ‘higher level’ solutions of a different kind. The message of this workshop will be most valuable to people who wish to serve as spiritual workers for the new era. Contents · Introduction: The two basic levels of human consciousness; the cosmic cycle; understanding the ‘men of antiquity’; why the present time is called the Dark Age. · Spirituality lost: What makes an idea sacred or profane; what is more important, knowing the whole or knowing the parts? Uniformity as the opposite of unity; the false supremacy of reason. · Counter spirituality: The decay of religions; confusing the super-conscious with the subconscious; mistaking the occult for the spiritual; the mushrooming growth of pseudo-cults. · The New Age: The ending of an era; how to participate in the coming of the new era; towards a change in consciousness; some expected changes in society.


Nursing Chaplaincy & Ministry

Pastoral Ministry,(lay ministry), is another vocational calling among the lay to serve the community in strengthening faith and spirituality through leadership by working with pastors, to serve on the parish councils, to become bridges for peoples of different languages and cultures. These ministers are trained on pastoral care of the sick, bereavement and consolation, youth, liturgical planning, catechetical formation and other services for families and their communities.


To become Ministers, there is a formal training program.

Pastor Jeffrey Abatayo leads the Advent Wall Street Bible Forum held in the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging (PCCSA) office in Queens (January 8,2020) to conduct Bible Research and Bible Studies to " Put God in Our Midst" as a part of The Nursing Office Ministry and SHIELD Program of PCCSA.

Healing Ministry supports the healing process within the individual, to his family and friends and their community, so that no one suffers in sickness alone.

To request prayers in this difficult time, you may contact us. Our Prayer Ministers are available to you wherever you are. Pls contact....

Propagation of Faith & Spirituality

Propagation of FAITH


The Mission of the Holy Eucharist, led by Chad Gatchalian, RN promotes devotion to the Virgin Mary of Vailankanni among the Indian Catholics in Bronx, NYC (7/04/2014)

NursesCare: The Art and Science of Healing

Phases of establishing nurse-patient relationship



Nursing, as a job and profession, was created to make nurses as special assistants to doctors, “to make sure that the doctor’s orders will be followed to treat a patient”. Nurses take vital signs, interview and make records, feed and bathe patients, give medicines and perform routines as basic in an organized environment of healthcare setting. This first contact is special because subsequent or continued relationship will ensue and could make or break a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship.


Remember the movie “Titanic”? When Kate Winslet was about to jump to her death, Leonardo DiCaprio spoke to her. What a scenario to start a relationship! However, through Leo’s positive approach, he was able to break a barrier of being strangers and develop a beautiful relationship of friendship and ultimately romance and a beautiful love story. Fiction or not, it’s very feasible. It’s about human nature.



In another level of nursing, nurses go beyond the physical. This is when the nurse uses her other skills to start a therapeutic relationship, that is, when the nurse looks at patients as the persona behind the records and the patient responds to look at the nurse as somebody who will take care of them at this time of imbalance between them and their environment, an advocate to them and their health. They’re beginning to appreciate each other ready to start an interpersonal relationship.



This is the ultimate relationship, when the physical and psycho-emotional phases are met appropriately and the relationship gets past behind the physical. They become more advance in the nature of their discussions and interactions. They are now capable of planning together for health and life issues. There is more than trust and respect. There is a metaphysical bond that has been established and they are ready to talk about spirituality, ethics and other idealisms.




Nurturing the hands that care


As nurses become more caring, they become more therapeutic. They become healers in one way or another, by either healing a wound or healing a “broken heart”, they can heal! The purpose of this program is to help nurses develop and nurture their healing powers which are not purely innate but a combination of being nurses in a healing environment and their own kindness and spirituality.


Searching your own mission: Mission of the Holy Eucharist


After a while of that most active phase of your life, when your career is at peak and your family is growing, you will one day slow down and look for answers to questions that you only know in silence.

Questions will pop out like: How do I pray? What is my mission in life? Is there anything special I want to do? Like most of the leaders and doers, you will search for the answers you would like to know and act upon them.


One nurse, my friend Chad, was an ordinary one, very simple. I did not see nor hear of her for thirty years since graduation from college in Manila. When I saw her for the first time, she has definitely changed. She is a picture of a truly acculturated and full-blooded New Yorker; I almost did not recognize her.


Again, to me that change is nothing, until I found out what had Chad transformed into. She became very spiritual as she discovered a special relationship with the Virgin Mary of Vailankanni, The Lady of Good Health and how she pursued her mission.


Today, I am happy that I met her again, not only as a friend but an alliance to the mission of promoting and nurturing the healers in nurses. We have been doing ministry to the sick and promoting devotion, prayers and unity through the Ministry of Holy Eucharist. 


Healing Through Spirituality

BIBLE STUDY SERIES: (Meeting of Mind, Body & Soul)

“Putting God in our midst”

“Draw Me Nearer to God”

“Dining with the Devil”

Take your First Lesson and build your Ark!

The Tongues:

  • Pilipino
  • Hindi/ Malayalee
  • Spanish
  • English

In Collaboration:

  • Emmanuel Prayer Group
  • Resident Chaplains
  • Mission of the Holy Eucharist
  • Abatayo Ministries
  • Nursing Office Ministry & Chaplaincy


Majority of Americans avoid addressing end-of-life issues, according to new study, age, race, education level, and health status impact advance directive completion


San Diego, CA, December 10, 2013 –

During the past two decades, high-profile legal cases surrounding end-of-life decisions have received widespread attention in the United States, prompting increased media focus and numerous debates on the subject.


Despite this continuing nationwide dialogue, many Americans still tend to avoid addressing their own end-of-life (EOL) issues, including the completion of advance directives. In a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a group of investigators examined the factors associated with advance directive completion.


Although various national polls and selected state surveys provide some insight into American attitudes about advanced directives, there is a lack of population-based data regarding advance directive completion among adults. For this study, investigators analyzed data from the 2009 and 2010 Porter Novelli HealthStyles national surveys, which included EOL and advance directive-specific questions.

The team looked at responses from 7,946 participants in the HealthStyles survey and found that only 26.3% had completed an advance directive. The data showed that advance directives were more frequent among women, whites, respondents who had a college degree or postgraduate training, or were married. Respondents with advance directives also were more likely to report having a chronic disease and a regular source of care. The study shows significant associations between completing an advance directive and age, income, education, and health status.

"For black and Hispanic respondents, advance directives were less frequent across all educational groups. These data indicate racial and educational disparities in advance directive completion and highlight the need for education about their role in facilitating EOL decisions," explains Jaya K. Rao, MD, who, at the time the work was performed, was an Associate Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina.


For respondents who had never completed an advance directive, investigators found that the most frequently reported reason for not having one was lack of awareness.

"The study provides information from a large sample of adults on their attitudes and behaviors regarding advance directives," says Lynda A. Anderson, PhD, Director, Healthy Aging Program, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Prior studies have focused on clinical populations, state samples, or certain age groups. People who lack the knowledge to have EOL concerns or discussions or about the role of advance directives in facilitating EOL decisions may represent potential targets for intervention."

While several investigations have shown that health care costs are greatest during the final years of life, researchers found that the use of advance directives was associated with lower levels of Medicare spending and a lower likelihood of in-hospital deaths.


"Given the current discussions about implementing various models of health care delivery, including the patient-centered medical home, EOL issues need to come to the forefront of planning efforts," adds Dr. Rao. "Hopefully, these findings will contribute to the current national conversations about EOL care."



By: Beverly Lytton
Elsevier Health Sciences

Sajid Ali Khan: How to become wise


In the company of wise men


A colleague, who did not know about me before, once said to me as I stop and enjoy taking shots with my camera, “you are like a child, you are fascinated in everything”. Indeed that is how I feel. As I become older, I see things differently and want to find or give meaning to everything. Did I miss these things before or what? 


My wisdom tooth may have long erupted and gone, but did it really matter? I have not found the reason yet, I have to ask the tooth fairy in my musings.


Life is beautiful, if you can only stop, look and listen to everything around you and become philosophical. Wisdom is a wonderful feeling and state of mind. It is not about yourself, but it is your beautiful mind. Why and how do you seek wisdom?


My coach to wisdom is not an ordinary coach: he is Sajid Ali Khan, Grand Master Wizard in the Cloud, Inventor, Author, Creator of a whole new 'wisdom industry' ( How to become wise?)


If wisdom can be learned, come and follow me. Let us become wise and enjoy what there is in life that matters, to share and lead the world in peace, beauty, and happiness. After all, aren’t these the ultimate reasons for our being?


Potri at the breaking of the Fast

Ramadan, Midnight Shift and a Muslim RN

By Myrna D. Santos, RN


Potri Ranka Manis, RN is a practicing nurse in NY. She is a Bai Labi a Gaus (Queen) of the 15th Pagawidan of Pat Pangempong ko Ranao.The Meranao people  or people of the lake is one of the 13 indigenous people of Mindanao  who embraced Islam during the 10th to 14th century of the pre-colonial Philippines.


Potri is currently living in NY where the number of Muslims and Mosques has increased dramatically within the past decade. She has witnessed the historical destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC on September 11, 2001. She has openly embraced her faith and wore her hijab (headscarf) since then to show support to her people, the Muslim community.”I want to see how many people will cast their stones on me… and nobody has indeed, so far”, Potri says.


She works as a night nurse three times a week at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. The midnight shift has contributed to her gentle sustenance during the month of Ramadan as she religiously and unfailingly observed fasting as her dedication to God.


She has previously served in the Chaplaincy of the Cabrini Medical Center.



1.877. WHY.ISLAM


A Way of Life

This prose written by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) in 1927, gives us wisdom in our daily lives by describing the way on how we should live


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater
and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble,
it's a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit
to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.


Author - Max Ehrmann (1872 - 1945)


Your first response to an opinion or a piece of news from someone close to you might be a strong one, but you'll want to avoid a knee-jerk reaction if at all possible. Give it a chance to settle in, and you might be able to regard it in a more philosophical light. Whether you asked for this information or not, a better opportunity to express your feelings about it will present itself, and you'll be more thoughtful and coherent.


If you can't change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou


God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Stephen W. Hawking (1942)

A Brief history of Time/NY Public Library

 "The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired."

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something that can be done about it”

~Stephen Hawking