The Super Nurse

Power of the Great Whale

EmPowering Nurses


Nurses are professionals with vocation as care-givers. The traditional roles we have inherited from our founders have lingered within us that we became so comfortable until we fell into a deep sleep that we have not realized how great and powerful we have become. We are not aware of how great and strong we are. If we can all empower each of the nearly three million nurses in the US, nurses may be the missing link and the real solution to the nursing shortage and play a major factor in the Healthcare Reforms in general. (Read more)

The Power of You

The word "educate" truly means to "draw out" that which innately exists within each and every one of us.

Many believe that it is their personal responsibility to train those around them to behave and "stayhave" by grafting knowledge onto people from the outside, which proves consistently de-energizing. But when we draw out the best from the inside through compassion and understanding, then we tap in to each person's innate power source.

According to one UCLA study on communication effectiveness, 7% of what people are receiving from you are the actual words you say and the remaining 93% is the energy of "who you are" (belief, attitude, judgment) in non-verbal communication.

Another study at the University of Toledo concluded that the first 30 seconds make or break the connection between two people who meet for the first time.

Nonverbal communication conveys a stronger message than verbal communication.

So nurses espousing negativity in the nurses lounges does in fact get translated in the workplace, even though it may be nonverbal. You simply cannot have an attitude and keep it a secret.

This IS a foundational concept. It IS YOUR connection - who you are at any given moment - attitudinally both about yourself and how you've decided to limit others - they are FEELING you, feeling into you and will be receiving your message from the who of you that you are in that moment.

Your authentic self is the most powerful self you have. In compassionate connection you are most powerful; in your AFZ - Attitude Free Zone - you ARE your most powerful.

When you don't feel you can succeed with certain negative, limited-minded individuals ... begin with compassion, and you will take a big step in the direction of getting new understanding in place.

Reaching out to make a difference in education ...
Mary Reynolds, M.S.