We will keep you up to date with our events as well as other events, local and international, for your complete planner of professional activities.


To find Nursing Conferences world-wide:


Memorandum of Understanding

By registering for this event, I agree that the Nursing Office, its employees and agents have the right to photograph, videotape and record me at this event and use my photographed, videotape and/or recorded name, likeness, voice, and statements to promote The Nursing Office, including without limitation, a derivative use, without compensation to me, at the sole discretion of The Nursing Office and I release The Nursing Office, its agents, affiliates, and licensees from all liability connected to their use of my name, likeness, voice or statements including, without limitation, any right of privacy or publicity claims.

CALENDAR of EVENTS 2022-2023

Finally Recognized, Mission Accomplished

Our Past Parade Participation



CALENDAR of EVENTS 2020-2021

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2021 GRADUATES, Julia Adelan, Joyce Adelan and Timmy Borio (June 27th, Lunch time at The Nursing Office 87-02 188 St, Hollis NY

First Community Reading of The Legends Rising, July 4th, 2020

at the Irene Lumbrera Home Living, 87-02 188 Street, Hollis, NY 11423

Inauguration of The Nursing Office, NYC, celebrating International Women's Day with The Nursing Office Foundation,Allied Medical Staffing, Kalinga, LLC and NaFFA.

Advent Wall Street launches at the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging(January 08,2020) with Abatayo Ministries and The Nursing Office Ministry & Chaplaincy

Purple Pillars Productions presents a People Theaters 

The Story of Pit Senyor, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Brooklyn, NY (Jan.4, 2020)

Past Events 2019

Past Events 2018

PLACE: 26th Madison Avenue (starts between Madison & 38 th St to 24 st (end)


Past Events 2017


Schedule of Events/Program Highlights

I  OPEN HOUSE "WINDOWS to PCCSA" (Collaboration, Networking)........................Consuelo Almonte

II The World Through My Window.......................................................................Margarita Marfori

III Building Bridges Program: Networking for Artists (Windows of Opportunities)..... Ludy Resurreccion

IV A Window of Pakistan/ Pakistana....................................................................Ma. Consuelo Almonte

V  A Window to Autism...................................................................Bienvenido Banez/Autism Survivor

V  AHA Moments & Discoveries………………………………………………………………..Myrna D. Santos


On the celebration of The Nursing Office 10th Anniversary, The Nursing Office' Purple Pillars Production proudly present 10 Great Events for 2016.

Associated Events from Partners & Friends



  • Dinner with the Devil  by Enricos Foods
  • Art Show: Satanic Desire (Putting God in our Midst)
  • Entertainment
  • Satanic Rhapsody in Piano by Bienvenido Bones Banez
  • Literary Exercises
  • Poetry Reading of Satanic Verses
  • Saving the Golden Girls (& Boys)

The Nursing Office PAGASA-SAI & Banig sa Bood HTS International, Inc.

supports Ma-Yi Theater Company's

                     "HOUSE RULES"

                By A. Rey Pamatmat and Directed by Ralph B. Peña

                April 10, 2016  Sunday @ 4:00pm  HERE 145 Sixth Ave, NYC

             Tickets & Information www.here.org or call 212-352-3101

             Tickets $30-35  Students & Seniors $15 Group Rates 212-971-4862




In HOUSE RULES, tradition and contemporary manners make strange bedfellows when the grown children of two Filipino-American families - neighbors in the same apartment building - come to realize their parents are not immortal, and that the rules of the many card and board games they play together are constantly renegotiated, as are the rules of living. In the mix are a tough-as-nails father, his sons, a physician and a comic book artist; a no-nonsense mother and her daughters, a doctor and a budding photographer; and another doctor who has mysteriously broken off his engagement with the old man's son.


Written by Ma-Yi Writers Lab Co-Director A. Rey Pamatmat and directed by Ralph B. Peña.



This is the volatile and hilarious cocktail of humans in HOUSE RULES, A. Rey Pamatmat's funny and deeply moving play about two Filipino families dealing with the impending death of parents.  Meantime, there's plenty of monopoly, mahjong, and gin rummy to keep them all busy.


Post-show Talk: Tertulia sa Pamana  @6:00pm


SPOTLIGHT: The Graying New Yorker"


Does impending parental mortality look any different from the eyes of their children?Traditional Filipino, Filipino-American, or cosmopolitan New Yorker? 


Death can be a comedic illusion, as no one really "dies" and parents & ancestors live on in our genes and DNA, like cutting-edge DNA technology has graphically & scientifically established (See PBS.org's series, "Finding Your Roots," by Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.).  The Ancients have known this all along; hence elaborate rituals honoring Ancestors have always been an integral essence of every indigenous or ethnic culture in the world.


The graying New Yorker, living longer and spinning life as never before, must also confront this transition from being just a Parent or relative to that of becoming an Ancestor. The person (or memory of) plays beyond physical life as indeed, we can and have become Who our parents and/or ancestors were.


As America "grays up" along with the world's elderly, death as a comedic illusion in this play focuses a "spotlight" on this transition process and tinges it with wise, balmy laughter and soothing hilarity.


EVENTS 2016- 2017


January.........................Dragon Callery Exhibit

February.......................Will I be my Valentine...Forever Living by Imogene

Spring (March 17)........Krus at Espada (LIC)

May...............................Nurses Week "You Are"/ Living the Science 

 ....................................Nursing Leadership with Maria Irrizary

June PIDCI Parade.......Las Islas Filipinas " Rajah Humabon & His Forty Wives"

August..........................Junior Seniors Prom

October........................PCCSA Forum: Preparing & Enjoying the Golden Years

                                     (Navigating Resources)





2017 Activities Report

Date ACTIVITY Expense/Monies/Staff

Jan 19, 2017 Queens Library Workshop on QL Staff Alina Valdez

How to Apply for U.S. Citizenship & Olaiza Castillo

Jan 22 – 29, 2017 Time Sheets Audit of TNO Personal Assistants work with

Horizon Agency on customer Paul Szto Ludy & Nieva

Jan 27, 2017 Attendance at Melinda Katz, “State of Queens Borough”

Address, York College, Jamaica, NY Ludy & Nieva

Jan 31, 2017 Launch Meeting of TNO with Forever Living Imogene Raypon

Jan – Feb, 2017 Time Sheets Audit of TNO – PA work with

Horizon Agency on customer Paul Szto Ludy, Nieva, Myrna

Jan – Aug 2017 TNO support of Women-Owned & Minority

Business (WOMB) with Saima Rehman Myrna, Ludy

Feb 2, 2017 The Nurse is IN Forever Living Entrepreneurship, Myrna, Imogene

New York City

Feb 16, 2017 Attendance at Phil. Health Information Mgmt. Forum,

Business Processing Forum, Philippine Consulate, NYC Myrna, Ludy, Nieva

Feb 18, 2017 Attendance at 2nd Filipino-American General Assembly,

Philippine Consulate, NYC Ludy, Ludy & Nieva

Feb 19, 2017 Business Meeting with John Llemos (IT) on

Access Healthcare Asia (AHA, Inc.) Myrna, Ludy, Nieva

Feb 26, 2017 Meeting with Nilda Jaynal & Gilda Sambajon re TNO

Las Islas Filipinas & Banig sa Bood, White Plains, NY Ludy, Nilda & Gilda

Mar 1, 2017 Council of Elders/Las Islas Filipinas Get-Together w/ Myrna, Gilda, Nieva,

Nilda Jaynal, 12 Drisler Ave., White Plains, NY Aka

Mar 2, 2017 AARP Volunteers Meeting, AARP NY, Manhattan Ludy & Nieva

Mar 15, 2017 Drafting “Mano Po” Journal w/Paul Dantes, TopsLLC Myrna & Ludy

Mar 25, 2017 Attendance at Aka & Dr. Francia de Vera’s son’s

Wedding (Rudner & Raquel) in Philadelphia, PA Myrna & Ludy

Apr 2, 2017 Attendance at Mutya ng St. Patrick’s Church,

Fundraising Event, LIC, NY Nieva, Myrna, Ludy

Apr 9, 2017 Attendance at NYC Attorney General’s Community

Meeting, Boys & Girls Club, Atlantic Ave, RH Nieva, Ludy, Myrna

Apr 19 - 29, 2017 Dragon Gallery Spring Exhibit, “WINDOWS,”

By Margot Marfori Bien, Margot, Myrna

May 2, 2017 Installation of PCCSA Green Banner at Front office Myrna

May 3, 2017 Attendance at Richmond Hill High School

Family Day, 114th Street, Richmond Hill, NY Myrna & Ludy

May 4, 2017 Forever Living Products – Display & Inventory Ludy

May 11, 2017 Meeting with Rose Campos on HR services Myrna & Ludy

May 19, 2017 CUNY Intergenerational Forum, NYC Connie

May 20, 2017 Attendance at Knights of Rizal/ Aka Tito Induction Myrna, Ludy

City Hall, New Jersey

May 21, 2017 Organized Native, Ethnic costumes from Ping Panlilio

Collection & Antique Shop, Elizabeth, NJ Myrna, Aka, Francia

May 22, 2017 Federal Reserve Fair (Resources for retirement)

at Science, Industry & Business Library (SIBL), NYC Rose Campos & Ludy

May 24, 2017 Attendance at book launching, “In the Belly of the

Beast,” by Marivir Montebon, Phil. Consulate, NYC Ludy

June 3, 2017 Boodle Fight with Rajah Humabon at his court with

Parade Participants Myrna, et al.

June 4, 2017 PIDCI Parade Assembly, Manhattan, NYC Myrna, et al.

June 6, 2017 Meeting w/ Ping Panlilio on Divine Child Foundation, Inc. Myrna & Ludy

June 22, 2017 Queens Library Workshop on How to Apply for

U.S. Citizenship Queens Library Staff

June 24, 2017 Moved out Sto. Nino Museum from Linden to Elizabeth, NJ Ping, et al.

June 27, 2017 Ugnayan Youth Meeting w/Terrenze Rienton,

Roosevelt Ave, NY Nieva & Ludy

July 11, 2017 TNO Meeting on Divine Child Foundation, Inc. Aka, Francia, Myrna, Nieva, et al

July 24 – 28, 2017 PCCSA/TNO Bereavement Support/Connie Almonte Nieva, Ludy, Aka, et al

Aug 6, 2017 Attendance at Mutya Event, St. Patrick’s Church, LIC Nieva, Connie, et al

Aug 11, 2017 TNO-Dragon Gallery Artist Bienvenido Banez’ Submission

Of art exhibit proposal to Queens Museum Bien, Ludy, Myrna

Aug 18 – 19, 2017 PCCSA Pilgrimage to Montreal with Aka & Francia Connie, Nieva, et al

Aug 21, 2017 FDGN Meeting with Ping Panlilio on 52 Georgian Ct. Myrna, Kitty, Ludy

Aug 31, 2017 AARP Volunteer Meeting, Queens Blvd Connie, Nieva, Ludy

Sept 5, 2017 Forever Living Products – PCCSA Sustainability Project Nieva, Ludy, et al

Sept 9, 2017 PCCSA Founder’s Day – How to Celebrate your 100th Connie, Nieva, et al

Birthday: Eric Lachica presents USMedicarePH.org

Sept 24, 2017 Attendance at San Lorenzo Ruiz celebration at Immaculate

Conception Church, Jamaica Estate, Queens Connie, Myrna, et al

Sept 28, 2017 PCCSA – FL Table at Richmond Hill High School Family Day

For Students, Parents & Teachers Nieva, Imogene, Ludy

Sept – Dec, 2017 TNO resumed support of WOMB project (w/Farzana) Myrna, Ludy

Oct 21, 2017 PCCSA President honored by PACCAL, NJ as

Outstanding Fil-Am Senior 2017 Connie, et al

Oct 23 – 27, 2017 TNO-PCCSA supports Irene Lumbrera to restore

Medicaid benefits Ludy

Oct 31, 2017 Closing on TNO-PCCSA Investment property for

Sustainability Myrna, Connie, Kitty

Oct – Dec, 2017 Transfer & registration of Connie’s vehicle with PCCSA Myrna, Connie, Ludy

Nov 18, 2017 Participation at 2017 Forum for Senior/Aging Com’ty, Connie, Nieva, Myrna,

Kalayaan Hall, Philippine Consulate, NYC Ludy, Gilda

Nov 24, 2017 PCCSA Thanksgiving Dinner Connie, Myrna, et al

Nov 30, 2017 PCCSA meeting on Support for PIDCI case Nieva, Connie, Myrna

April – Nov, 2017 TNO-PCCSA Temporary shelter for Attiq Rehman Myrna, Ludy, et al

Dec 3, 2017 Attendance at Red Poinsettia Ball to benefit medical Connie, Nieva,

Missions in Philippines (Aka & Francia awardees) Myrna, Ludy

Dec 9 – 31, 2017 TNO-PCCSA Support for Vicky Suba’s Confinement Myrna, Ludy, et al

Dec 12 – 18, 2017 TNO-PCCSA sponsored visit of Steve Hermosisima,

AHA, Inc. Manila-based partner of TNO Myrna, Ludy, et al

Dec 16 – 17, 2017 TNO meetings on Lena Bulatao’s Incident Report Myrna, Ludy, Steve

Dec 29, 2017 TNO-PCCSA New Year’s Day Dinner Myrna, Connie, et al


April 10, 2016................House Rules (MaYI)

April 24, 2016................Second Anniversary Santo Nino Museum

May 6,2016...................Nurses Week Presentation "You Are"

May 15, 2016................Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza

May 20, 2016................Fil-Am Seniors Excursion to Atlantic Day Care

June 5, 2016................PIDCI Parade "Rajah Humabon"

June 11, 2016..............."Kasalan"Aka & Francia Wedding

                                       Rajah Humabon's Harem (A Tableau)  

August 27,2016............FORUM on FWVP/Philippine Consulate, NYC

September 30,2016......Unveiling Dragon Gallery NY

October 10,2016...........1oth Year Anniversary, The Nursing Office

Nov. 19, 2016 ...............Thanksgiving Dinner "Satanic Desire"

Dec. 23,2016..................Year-End Christmas Party at RehabWorld




SAVE the DATE : OCTOBER 2, 2015
Zarzuela Delivered: Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada, Kalayaan Hall, NYC, Oct.2,2015

A Review

The Meeting and Melding of Cultures
Somewhere in Spain today stands a statue of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan with a caption saying that Magellan died in Spain. According to the chronicles of Antonio Pigafetta, Magellan was buried in Cebu, an island in the Philippines.  He died in the hands of Lakan Lapu-Lapu, the Chief of Mactan, who refused to pay the tribute that Magellan demanded in the name of King Carlos I of Spain.

The play "Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada" (The Coming of the Cross and Sword) is the story of Magellan as he sailed into the New World, in search of the Moluccas Spice Island.  It was held October 2, 2015 in New York City, where the Filipino-American community gathered for a People's Theater for the annual fundraising presentation of PAGASA Social Foundation, Inc. (Philippine American Group for Aging Seniors of America).


The zarzuela, where actors act out the scenes in mime, while a literary narrator narrates the different scenes and the dialogue was Spain's legacy.  Interspersed throughout the performance were songs and dances that so beautifully captured the mood and sentiment of the period. The close-up look at the characters gave the audience a personal glimpse at the souls that inhabited these beings, a chance to observe closely their body language and facial expressions peering through the internal musings of the characters, their doubts, optimism, and spirituality.  The zarzuela successfully humanized the characters of Magellan and Enrique, conscious of their mortality and perhaps their roles in history, and of their fate in such a risky undertaking.


Enrique of note was a Filipino who started out as Magellan's slave. He was so knowledgeable that he spoke to Magellan of the Spice Islands, in the place where he was born.  He eventually became Magellan's right hand, and the truth be told, was actually the first circumnavigator of the world, having come from the Philippine Islands and then returned back with Magellan in 1521.

In scene 3, Magellan meets and befriends the native Chief Rajah Humabon. This scene reveals to the audience, through Magellan's eyes, a vibrant and spirited culture composed of small kingdoms, rich in gold and ceremonies which existed among pre-colonial native indigenous peoples of the Philippines.  This is the most colorful and festive scene, the meeting of cultures, where the beautiful, glittery and colorful native costumes of the Philippines were on proud display.

In the final scene, we learn how the Filipinos resisted valiantly Magellan's aggression.  Very remarkable was the exhibition of the Kali Silat, the native fight dance, which represented the resistance of the natives from Magellan's incursion into the island of Mactan, where he finally met his death.  In such an occasion, when most of the people who attended were Filipino-Americans, the true nature of Filipinos shines. 

We offer our deepest gratitude to the author Cristo Rey Alunan who painstakingly leafed through the pages of the Pigafetta Chronicles in order to bring to life the truth about the Filipino's struggle for freedom and triumphs of self-determination. The play was produced by Purple Pillars Production, the theatrical arm of The Nursing Office Extended Arts, providing safe haven to creativity.

~Pauline Santos

October, 2015, NYC


Watch for a full swing of Events as we officially open our Community Center.

Schedule changes every week (Bible Study Series/Meeting of Mind,Body & Soul)

Business Meetings, Networking, Brainstorming


  • March 28, 2015....................................Spring Opener Flea Market & Bingo
  • April 11, 2015......................................Health Fair
  • April 15, 2015......................................Preparing and Enjoying the Golden Years                                                             with AARP
  • April 26, 2015......................................Santo Nino Fiesta
  • May 2, 2015.........................................Mother's Day Celebration with the                                                                      Meetles!
  • May 16,2015........................................Dual Citizenship
  • June 7,2015.........................................PIDCI Parade" Ang Pagdating ng Krus at                                                              Espada/ NYC
  • July 12, 2015.......................................L.E.A.D. Training/ by LEGACY
  • July 19,2015........................................Intergenerational Workshop/ By My Baryo
  • June, 2015...........................................LR Appreciation Day
  • August 25, 26, 27, 28...........................Theater Workshop/ Richmond Hill Center
  • August 30, 2015..My Baryo, My Boro ( TNO/ PAGASA Community Center. 2-6 pm)
  • SEPT, 2015..........................................Founder's Day: Witness to a Renewal & Dedication to a Mission
  • September 10, 2015.....................Preparing & Enjoying the Golden Years                                                  "Medicaid Entitlements" ( PAYAG Restaurant, 12 noon
  • September 20, 2015....Health Fair with David Weprin(Smokey Park, Richmond Hill) 10-4 pm 
  • October 2, 2015.........................The Coming of the Cross & the Sword/ NYC
  • Dec. 12, 2015........................................Parol Making( Filipino School ofNY-NJ)
  • Dec.12, 2015.Zarzuela "The Coming of the Cross and the Sword" West Orange, NJ
  • Dec. 17,2015................................Navigating the Caregiver Maze with AARP                                                            (Payag Restaurant)


The Cutting Room

Volker Orth (Debbie Silverfine)

Harlem Community Center

Queens Payag


Elizabeth of Hungary Parish Hall(Marcos)

Philippine Center NYC

Queensborro Hall

Astoria Manor (Nina Smith)

Sheraton LaGuardia( Myrna Gutierrez)

Long Beach Toburan(Irvy Sulit)

Mercedez Benz

Sheen Center


ICS, Queens

St Patrick's LIC


Since 1993, HERE has been one of New York’s most prolific producing organizations, and today, it stands at the forefront of the city’s presenters of daring new hybrid art. Over the last 20 years, HERE and the work presented HERE have garnered 16 OBIE awards, two OBIE grants for artistic achievement, a 2006 Edwin Booth Award (“for Outstanding Contribution to NY Theatre”) from the CUNY Graduate Center, five Drama Desk nominations, two Berrilla Kerr Awards, four NY Innovative Theatre Awards and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. 145 Sixth Avenue (enter on Dominick Street, one block south of Spring) www.here.org


Directions: Subway: C/E to Spring Street Parking: Available at 239 Hudson and 360 West Broadway

Dr. Prashant Shah's 

Spiritual Awareness Workshops for 2017

(Dates to be Announced)

There are 4 workshops of duration of 4 hours each (one day only). Each one can be held on any Saturday and or Sunday.

Course-1: Living by Intuition

Intuition is the guiding voice of our soul. When we listen to our intuition, our life becomes more interesting, more joyful and more magical. The basic step for becoming intuitive is to shift the focus of our life from the lower nature, which is the seat of our ego and its by-products, to the higher nature, which mirrors our soul. Then we can use intuition to guide our actions and to give a deeper meaning and purpose to our life.


  • Installing the spiritual seed; creating mental space; preparation; the practice; and some results
  • The significance of Intuition; how to make your intuition reliable; attitude matters; intuition in spiritual practice
  • Using intuitive inference to change the experience of your everyday life

 Course 2: The Spiritual Tradition of the Ancient Hindus

Tradition is the knowledge of eternal laws and truths. Originally this knowledge was received by the Sages. Subsequently they passed it down the generations in the form of doctrines, beliefs, customs and practices. Over the years the spark of this heritage gets lost, and hence it has to be revived from time to time and kept alive for the benefit of humanity.

Here we discuss some of the basic ideas held by the men of antiquity in India.


  • Belief in Karma; whatever happens is justice; karma yoga
  • The rules for Dharma; the ideal leader (Ram Rajya)
  • Spiritual Alchemy; the goal of surrender to the greater life

 Course-3: The Biochemic Way to Health

Use Dr. Schussler’s biochemic tissue salts as a self-help measure to overcome your common disorders

Biochemic medicine was discovered by Dr. Schussler (a homeopath) over a hundred years ago. He identified twelve mineral salts that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. When there is a deficiency of any of these salts in the body tissues, certain typical symptoms arise. You can use these symptoms to identify the specific mineral salt deficiency in the body. Then all you have to do is supplement the deficient the tissue-salt in a dynamic form (6X potency); and the body will, of its own overcome the deficiency and return to natural health.

Here you will understand how disorders arise in our body; you will learn to relate certain kind of symptoms with specific remedies; you will learn how to pick the right remedy for typical cases; and you will learn to use the author’s book: The Biochemic Prescriber. The book can be read within one hour; you can begin to use it immediately; and you’ll be amazed with the results you get.


  • The concept of holistic healing; how the biochemic tissue salts were discovered
  • The guiding symptoms; the leading remedies for common disorders
  • Treating constitution disorders; finding the remedy in practical cases

 Course-4: Meeting with Men who walked with God

I learnt mysticism from Shri Nyaya Sharma (Sharmaji); subsequently I was influenced by Jasubhai Trivedi (Bapuji); and I’ve some interesting experiences with a healer (Shastriji).

All of them were inspired people and very unusual. Here I will narrate some of my experiences with them and some stories collected from people who were very close to them.

Dr. Prashant Shah


  • POETRY & STORY-TELLING (Pabidahan)


Mother's Day 2015
Financial Education sponsored by AARP (Dec.6,2014)
Simbang Gabi sa Konsulado (Dec.11,2014)

Our Past Events

Filipino American Families Association of Queens Christmas Party, Dec 8, 2013

Over 200 Years of Caring & Service


Six Nurses from the New York Harbor healthcare System/ Brooklyn Campus, joint-celebrated their 60th birthday with a sentimental and happy remembrance of nursing service and caring at the Fort Hamilton Community Club on November 8, 2013.

Birthday Celebrants: Nurses Myrna D.Santos, Mireille Roti, Sofia Jones, Janet Lee, Yolanda Bornea & Irma Delfin

Purple Pillars Production presents

a Las Islas Filipinas


Celebration & Awards Party

July 14, 2013

Purple Pillars Studio at Bistro Gallery

1996 Morris Avenue

Union, NJ

Post Production Celebration Party

Mission Accomplished

The Production Team and Cast of "Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada" celebrated last month's successful show at Jersey City Museum  with a presentation of check donation to Fr. Beltran of Veritas Foundation to benefit programs to the Smokey Mountain Projects headed by Dr. Zal Velez and the Las Islas Filipinas group.

Purple Pillars Production

“Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada”


A Zarzuela Filipina based on the novel “Las Islas Filipinas” by Cristo Rey Alunan.


WHEN:     June 15, 2013

WHERE:   New Jersey Museum

               350 Montgomerry St.

               Jersey City, NJ

TIME:       3-5 PM



The Performance: A Standing Ovation


The Battle of Mactan: Lapu-Lapu Against Magellan
The Kris (Sundang) Takes on the Sword
The Victory of Lapu-Lapu: " He who dominates us, shall he himself be dominated"



“Zarzuela Filipina”


WHEN: May,2015

Where: Purple Pillars Production Studios


           Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY 11418          

Time:   10:00 am

Audience: The Casts

                Production Team

                General Membership




II    Las Islas Filipinas: A Coalition of 7,107 Islands

III  Cast’s Report: I am…., I’m from

IV  The Story Line: “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada

V  “You are the poet, the music and the song” for Las Islas Filipinas

VI  Networking, Auditions, Engagement


Pre-Workshop Activities:

·         Read on Philippine History: The Beginning

·         Research on your character

·         Trace your roots (Heritage)


 NOTE: The WORKSHOP is ongoing; each of us is an important member of this Coalition/Production. While we value your time, we invite you to stay longer and integrate our missions into your mind, heart and spirit. We are the Philippine Renaissance. This is about us, our heritage, our culture, the very soul of our being.

In this Life Time Theater, you always have a part.  

Art Exhibit at Riverside Gallery, Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack, NJ

February 23, 2013

Divine Child Foundation Fundraising at the Mood Lounge, Union, NJ, with the JAS Band

January 20, 2013.


Producer: Extended Arts Director, Ping Panlilio & The JAS Band

The PASSAGE Art Show


The Nursing
Office/DOLORES: Colors of Pain

Proudly presents


Michael Bacol &
Errol Balcos



The Philippine Center

556 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10036


The Exhibit runs from April 23 to May 4, 2012

Admission is Free


Opening Reception

Monday 6pm April 23





Cultural Events

The Role of Culture in Healing

Kinding Sindaw "pandibulan"

Pandibulan (bathing by moonlight)

Featuring dance, music and folktales of the Yakan people of the Southern Philippines

 A new evidenced-based concept on “The role of ancestral arts and culture in healing.”  By Potri Ranka Manis, MA, RN 

Nurses Show Live

Watch for the next Nurses Show Live near you....

Past Nurses Show Live

May, 2007

May 2, 2010


The Nursing Office.Com Sponsors 7th International Nursing Conference

The Nursing Office.Com (USA-Phil).

The Nursing Office. Com promotes the 7th International Nursing Conference by the Philippine Nurses Association of America, (PNAA) Philiipine Nurses Association (PNA) and Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing,(ADPCN).The 3 day-event was held in Cebu City, Philippines on January 7-9, 2010.

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