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About Us
We are a group of nurses serving and taking care of nurses and our communities.


To promote, celebrate and salute nurses as everyday heroes, and provide products and services to influence a change in nursing culture that is compatible to the personal and professional growth of the nurse. To promote Healthy People and Communities.


To become an effective catalyst for the transformation of the Modern Nursing Culture.

To lead the change and transform the Community and Public Health Delivery System.


Our guiding principles focus on issues that matter to nurses. The health of our people lies on healthy nurses. Nurses should be free of burden so that they can unselfishly give service to the community. We take care of nurses and our communities through the CAMP (Community Approach to Mental Health Program).



B      Be Yourself, Be Truthful, Be Gentle as a Dove

E      Ethical Use of Money

C     Creative Investment Strategies for Services

L      Legal Consciousness

E      Empirical Team Building Approach and Design

V      Values are Forever and Priceless

E      Emotional Intelligence

R      Remain respectable



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Press Release

The Nursing Office.Com:

Transforming the Culture and Lifestyle of Nurses

 New York, NY (January 22, 2009)


The NursingOffice.com is an innovative new company that is quickly becoming an industry staple for nursing professionals.  This new entrepreneurial venture has unveiled a unique holistic concept by providing a variety of services for nurses.  Its goal is to foster growth and excellence in all areas of nurse’s lives, by providing helpful resources. 


Founding the company, Chief Nurse Executive, Myrna D.Santos, brings an exciting visionary idea to the nursing profession.  A veteran nurse with over 30 years of experience, she has provided the foundation for other nurses to experience more balanced and holistic lifestyles.  The Nursing Office.Com is operated and managed by a unique blend of nurses and business professionals who promote the importance of advancement and good health among nurses.


While nurses specialize in the treatment and recovery of patients, The Nursing Office.Com provides the tools and services to put nurse’s needs first.  This idea has resulted in a highly resourceful website and magazine publication for nurses in all levels.


All nurses can use the services offered by The Nursing Office.Com.  Whether it’s learning how to manage conflict in the workplace or developing a healthier and more efficient lifestyle, The Nursing Office. Com has it all.  This company knows how to give nurses effective methods and advice from various experts worldwide.


~Amanda Dacquel


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Taking Care of Nurses, Taking Care of Communities


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