WELCOME toThe Executive Board

Invitation to the Board of the Nursing Office

Greetings to all of you, my friends, to whom, I have shown my passion for nursing for the past 7 years.


It is with great pride to show you what we have done with The Nursing Office.Com. We have successfully passed the first phase in putting the platform in the best possible perspective. From your review of the website www.thenursingoffice.com I have basically bared my mind, intensions and visions for nurses. I have established a positive relationship with the nursing community all over the world.


We will take this momentum to keep up and start the year into a full time nursing office while maintaining our goal to take care of nurses through comprehensive, relevant and helpful contents and programs  in print, (The Modern Nightingale), on the web and our events.


Now that I have set the tone and laid out the foundation of our Office, it is time to go back in order to move forward. I developed and put up our banner before I put the people who will carry it, because it was a very complex idea. I wanted to show you the concretes in order to convince you to join it. I renew my invitation to you to become a member of this organization as Board Members so that the whole concept will materialize.  As I am committed to this office, I would like to know your commitment as well.


Please join me in this endeavor and enjoy our ride with The Nursing office .Com, flying high through the wings of our Four Dragon Global Network, Inc. Please ride on and commit your ticket to this wonderful ride and adventure.


To respond and accept this invitation,you may email or call me: myrnyc@msn.com / 718-687-2581  

Nursing and nurses were my inspiration. Thank you very much.




Q & A for The Nursing Office Board of Organization

This Q&A has been prepared to provide official information about The nursing Office. Com and its organization.

Q: What is the Nursing Office.Com?

A: The Nursing Office. Com (www.thenursingoffice.com) is a virtual nursing office that will serve to take care of nurses in a global scale and perspective. The best illustration of this is:

                                              The Nursing Office. Com

                                                Taking care of nurses

                                         We speak the nursing language

                                                       OPEN: 24/7

About Us
We are a professional group serving and taking care of nurses and communities.


To promote, celebrate and salute nurses as everyday heroes, and provide products and services to influence a change in nursing culture that is compatible to the personal and professional growth of the nurse.

To promote and maintain people's health and deliver community and public health.


To become an effective catalyst for the transformation of the Modern Nursing Culture.

To make Nurses as the agents of Change in the Healthcare Transformation.


Our guiding principles focus on issues that matter to nurses. The health of our people lies on healthy nurses. Nurses should be free of burden so that they can unselfishly give service to the community.  The strength and progress  of our communities lie on our HEALTHY PEOPLE (families, youth, immigrants, women, seniors). We take care of nurses and communities.

Q: What is the Board all about?

A: The Board is the governing body of The Nursing Office.Org


Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of the Board?

A: The duties of the board will be designed by the board members themselves. Through business, leadership and management skills we will start our organization, put up our bylaws, rules, policies and procedures, so that we will thrive as a successful nursing office both for nursing services and financial sustainability. We will put up the basics for our projects, so that it can be implemented by our employees, or partners. It will be a virtual office, we do not need to meet face to face, but we can do it online or through the phone whenever time is convenient for each one. We will have a designated board room, just for us.(www.fourdragon.com)

Q: What does it take to become a Board member?

A:  Ourselves will be our greatest asset. Our willingness  to give back to our profession and influence the future of our nurses will keep us together in this mission and vision.  
I hope that this will help for now to get us started.




We, at The Nursing Office, value our board members’ personal and professional knowledge, experience, private business and community engagement, and we are aware of what challenges they can face in carrying out their board responsibilities precisely because of the number and breadth of associations and connections they have. Making unbiased, independent decisions on behalf of an organization isn’t always easy. We will avail this organization with moral and ethical resources that will help us (Managing Conflicts of Interest) as we recognize potential conflicts of interest, determine when these conflicts present areas of concern, and do something about them.


The Nursing Office will promote a culture of disclosure in this nonprofit organization by exploring the meaning of conflicts of interest and the legal rules relating to them. We acknowledge the difficulty in identifying problematic conflicts of interest and give recommendations for best practices based on:

  • the most recent state and federal laws governing conflicts of interest
  • important legal concepts, including private benefit, and intermediate sanctions
  • situations that give rise to conflicts of interest
  • creation of a conflict-of-interest policy and the need for proper disclosure
  • establishing a procedure for responding to existing conflicts
  • organizational code of ethics and maintaining an overall culture of integrity
  • special considerations for private foundations in dealing with conflicts of interest

The first key is to DEFINE the conflict, try to avoid all possible conflict-of-interest situations and to identify and follow a process for handling them effectively. How we manage conflicts of interest and assure open and honest deliberation affects all aspects of our organization’s operations and is critical to making good decisions, avoiding legal problems and public scandals, and remaining focused on our mission, promoting a culture of "The Best Interest" for all of us and the communities we serve.






Board Committees and Board Membership

NY recently enacted legislation that differentiates between Committees of the Board such as Executive, Governance, Audit, Nominating, Finance etc. that have the power to make decisions ordinarily within the purview of the Board and Committees of the Corporation that are essentially advisory. Committees of the Board, those that can make decisions binding the organization are required to be made up of Board members. 

This trend is starting to take root in other jurisdictions and to a great extent makes sense under the fiduciary rules governing the responsibilities of Board members. To allow individuals to vote on committees that make decisions that bind the organization is a potential dereliction of the Board members Duty of Care. They have essentially assigned that duty to persons who legally are not bound by the fiduciary responsibilities that are part of the essential obligations of all Board members.

Seth Perlman
Perlman & Perlman, LLP
New York NY
(212) 889-0575


Must members of board committees need to be board members?

This requirement varies from state to state, but the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act states, "Unless this article, the articles of incorporation, or bylaws provide otherwise, a board of directors may create one (1) or more committees that consist of one (1) or more members of the board of directors." The Act further states, "A corporation may create or authorize the creation of one (1) or more advisory committees whose members need not be directors." (Ind. Code Ann. § 23-17-15-6.)




Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN




BOARD MEMBERS (Candidates)


Ayal B. Lindeman, EMT, LPN

Carmel Sanchez, MA, RN

Chad Gatchalian, RN (Mission of the Holy Euchartist)

Consuelo Almonte (NY) Philippine Community Center Services for Aging)

Beatriz Delvo, RN

Emil & Mariel Ramos (NY-Phil)

Florida Phanomrat (V)

Irene Lumbrera (NY) The Rising

Imogene Raypoon

Jaime Sales

John Llemos

Kitty Lin, Realtor (V)

Laura Fives, RN

Leticia Puguon, PhD, RN (Philippines)

Lutgarda Resurreccion, BA (V)

Marcos Panlilio, Lifestyle Artist (NJ)

Nieva Q Burdick

Nilda Berguido, BSN, RN (V)

Rose Campos, SW (Philippines) (V)

Sabrina Gardner (Diabetes Health &Wellness Academy)

Shini Joseph, RN

Tess Dunuan, RN

Venilda Jaynal 

Yolanda Nurse, MSA, RN