Community Services/Social Philanthropy


No man is an island, no man lives alone. We are social beings and caring is what we do. We are developed into compassionate people by our profession, if not really born with innate kindness. We have a natural sense of feeling for other people’s misfortunes and sufferings. Although it is not mandatory, it is our social responsibility to take care of the world and the community, our people.

Emergency & Disaster Management


When disaster happen and cause chaos among the people, both affected/ victims and rescuers, The Nursing Office plans a structured system to help, collaborating wth all organizations and utilizing all resources to the fullest.


As individuals, we advise you to keep calm and don't panic to show the biggest emotional reaction to make people think that you care. And of course, you do, but the least emotion you have, will be a clearer mind for you to plan to help. Make a difference in silence. Think bigger and look at the picture from the higher planes.

BASIC COMMUNITY LIFE SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE ( After Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, Philippines, Nov, 2013)


Areas to be served: BOHOL, CEBU, LEYTE, SAMAR, ILO-ILO





I  Identify nurses,families and friends and other resources

II Set Up: The Nurse Is IN




A Foundation of Compassion & Relief

Lions Clubs International

The Salvation Army International


Teaching Culture and Oral Traditions
Teaching Children on Blood Pressure
Supporting the Filipino American Seniors Association of Queens
Promoting Families & Children and Neighborhoods during Play Streets, Woodside, NY
Beautifying Neighborhoods, Woodside, Queens, NY
Handed down children's clothing courtesy of Brooklyn Day Care
Operation Blood Pressure

Meet our Communities


Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI)

Philippine American Center

185-14 Hillside Avenue

Jamaica, NY 11432


About Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI) is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the most vulnerable segments of the Filipino community of New York - particularly youth, women, recent immigrants, and the elderly. (Read more…..

Philippine American Group for Active Seniors of America

115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill 11418, NY


 A nonprofit organization located in Queens, New York to reach out to the growing number of isolated elderly Filipino Americans and to provide them with a hub where they can gather together to interact with other seniors and share their expertise in their given professions/talents and restore their  pride and respect.

The Kerala Center

1824 Fairfax St., Elmont, NY 11003

With the enormous growth of the community in the U.S. and New York in particular, the Kerala Community had long felt the need for a Community Center. Such a Center could serve to promote the civic and other social service activities among the Indian American community and also to serve as a focal point to coordinate the activities and services to the Kerala Community.


Kalusugan Coalition, Inc.
39-04 63rd Street
Woodside, NY 11377


The Kalusugan Coalition is a multidisciplinary collaboration dedicated to creating a unified voice to improve the health of the Filipino American community in the New York/New Jersey area through network and resource development, educational activities, research, community action, and advocacy.

Bayanihan Community Center:

Home for the Fil-American and Latinos community in Queens

40-21 69th Street

Roosevelt, NY 11377

Social Justice

Campaign for human rights against trafficking of Filipino workers in New Orleans oil rigs( Jan, 2013 at Bayanihan Center, NY)

Ann Beryl Corotan, RN, plays a major role to this campaign against social injustice of Human Trafficking and modern day slavery.

Nurses at Large Caring for the International Community

Ayal B. Lindeman, EMT, LPN


When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, he got to work soliciting medical supplies and personnel for transport to the island nation. He then deployed himself, served for 4 weeks at General Hospital PAP as well as in the UM Medishare field hospital. At the General Hospital he took on the care of four wards with one other volunteer from 1700 – 0800. He has made seven trips to Haiti to date. He also assisted in Japan in the days following the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, volunteering the north eastern regions which suffered some of the greatest damage.



& an ECONOMY for ALL

( Washington DC, Nov,2011)

Peaceful Rally for Nurse Driven Healthcare Solutions and Economy for the 99%
Potri Ranka Manis addressing at the rally

Campaign for Solidarity:How a Muslim Nurse Looks at Islamaphobia

New York City, September 12, 2010


Standing before a large crowd of bystanders and supporters of the Unity for Peace Rally at the East of NY City Hall Park, a muslim nurse, Potri Ranka Manis spoke of her views on the solidarity campaign: “we breath the same air, we have the same heart beating and  we have the same red blood flowing in our veins, let our heart guide us..  let us not focus on hate. Our lifetime is short...let us concentrate in Love and Unity.  Peace be to all of us! Asalaam Alaykom


The rally promotes the freedom of religion and campaign against bigotry and racism. 


by Myrna Santos,RN

Photo by myRNphotoimages