A Financial Program Exclusively for Nurses

Nursing Your Money


Myrna D. Santos, RN and Linda Bolano, RN with friends at the Four Dragon Global Network Office, Richmond Hill, NY
Myrna D. Santos, RN and Tess Dunuan, RN in World Financial Group Office, Elmhurst, NY (9/2017)

General Program Description:


RN FINANCIALS is a Financial Program Exclusively designed for nurses. We help nurses create their own personal nest egg.

Mission:To help nurses take charge of their finances, develop them to become effective financial planners by providing them the tools to design their own financial empire and its management.

Vision:To become the major financial resource exclusively for nurses.

Philosophy: Financial independence is a basic need. Nurses’ background and constant application of the nursing process will help them in the assessment, planning, and management of their own financial needs.




What a down economy mean to nurses

By Myrna Santos, RN

It has been a fact that the US economy is under recession. As the economy is in crisis, we saw ripple effects on jobs, housing, spending, and unemployment.
But what does it really mean to us? Healthcare has been battling with the nursing shortage for decades. The great demand for nurses helps us keep our jobs and our income steady. Despite the darkening landscape of our economy with some closure and downsizing of several city hospitals, healthcare industry remains stable and recession-proof.
On the other hand, the loss of jobs from the financial sector is coming into the picture. Healthcare becomes a fallback position as they turn around and look for jobs to fill secretarial and administrative roles, while others take the path to their second profession: nursing.
For us, nurses, this fact should make us thankful. Let us stay put and educate ourselves financially. Review our retirement plans and secure them. Love and keep our jobs which are our best capital assets. Love what we do and care more. Live simply, but comfortably. Live well and healthy.
This economic downfall will definitely affect us all. Whatever happens, we should take care and help in every little way of austerity, resourcefulness, and conservatism. If we all do, that will be about three million strong.