Writing the Literature: The Importance of Evidence

The richness of civilization depends on the literature written about it. We have seen the value of literature. No matter how primitive the expression, ancient man wrote it, sketched it, in stone, trees, metals, and even tattooed their bodies.

While the mind is free and has no boundary, it is as wide as the universe and yet, it has no meaning unless it is captured in a medium, be it a poem, picture, article, or story as concrete evidence of its existence. There will never be evidence if it is not written. In our current nursing practice, if it is not written, it was not done.

Florence Nightingale believed in scholarship and did all that: she conducted studies and research, she wrote and used graphs and other mediums so that we we’re able to continue up to the present time. We needed more than the words of mouth. We need the evidence. The richness of the nursing profession as a science depends on the literature written about it, by the theorists and our founders, by us, the practitioners, and by the future generation of our nurses.

Let us leave our trace behind for the future to see; they too, need us as we needed our then founders.


Community Bulletin

The Book Worms

The book worms are lovers of books.

There are two kinds of book lovers; those who love actually reading them page by page, savoring the imagination of the author’s style and expression and those who love looking at the cover and reading through the title, flipping through the pages and getting the message.

It is amazing though that some authors can summarize or express their subject through the cover illustration and the title alone. (That’s a gift of talent.)

I love to read and I specialize in learning from a book just by looking at the cover and reading through the title. So many times I could say:” What I learn from the author, I see through the title alone and judging its cover.”

In what category are you in? How do you read your books?

Remember “Everything I learn in life, I learned from kindergarten?”



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