Spirituality: Finding God

As we search for God who is as wide as the universe, we narrow even our ways to find him.How can we make God a reality in our lives? How can we find true answers to our deepest questions? What is the way to God? Our God is within us whose presence we carry in our soul.  We do not need to search everywhere for God as He is our nearest and dearest friend, teacher, coach, partner, and life whisperer. The only way to find and catch God is by just remembering Him in everything we do until He will become active in our life. This is our spirituality or God experience, feeling His Presence and Love. Your spiritual practice is to relate with God as you go through the experiences of life. Just go through its ups and downs with God by your side and God’s wisdom will grow into you. Then you naturally understand the mysteries of the inner-life and the universe. The understanding of Truth that arises by relating with God is not something you can get through study or learning. It arises from within you as your mind attunes with God. Then Truth simply manifests itself. However, there is a false identity within you, the ego-self, that will resist your effort to make God’s Presence a reality. It will continuously distract you with petty concerns and void pursuits. You must be watchful against your own self as your greatest enemy. But God is kind and merciful, and so at these times of weakness, God reaches out as you seek for Him. There is no other time but the present to receive God’s grace. The practice of finding your spiritual inner self and connecting with one another being through divine intervention; the finding of God and putting Him in our highest consciousness , our daily living putting him in our midst, this is God and my perception of who He Is. Find Him once and stay forever.