Marijuana for Health & Substance Use Program


ABSTRACT:  The basic tenet of The Nursing Office move towards establishing “Marijuana Pot,”  Marijuana for Health & Substance Use Program is to open up a DIALOGUE on a topic that has been socially demonized and legally prohibited.  While currently over 25 states have already initiated and/or passed laws to legalize medical marijuana, the stereotypes that mitigate against its proper use are still perpetuated by the media and popular opinion.  It is proper ad timely than The Nursing Office as a Community Healthcare Delivery System be a part of this growing awareness and campaign to use a God-given plant and expose its varied and beneficial uses for healing and even curing certain illnesses.


Hence, an Educational Dialogue, gathering Users, Non-users, people in chronic pain, sufferers of long-term illnesses and psychotic disorders (like PTSD), health providers as well as care-givers and their families be allowed the space and time to learn and earn, to heal and help community members with proper and guided use of Cannabis, the new wonder plant.