The Clinical Eye: A Bedside Journal


After few months in college, my son came home to visit and with full of excitement and sparkle in his eyes, he said, “Mom, I am so much changed, I now look at how things work. I see the clock not as just to know time, but how it works, how precise the tics to count the seconds in minutes and minutes in hour.” Then I was sure of what he is talking about, more than ever, I believed that he will become an engineer as his chosen career.


For over thirty years of nursing, I have seen so much, so close to life and death. This has given me a lot of musing about reality and facts of life. I have developed a sixth sense, which is the ability to see through and read deeper meanings, in thoughts, actions and words, beyond what meets the eye, and in the context of nursing: a clinical eye.


As I am nearing my retirement, I am getting anxious that one day, I will forget these vignettes and episodes of real life encounters. I value each experience and I find them as fulfilling to my role as “The Nurse”, the most trusted person in a patient’s life, when struggle between life and death is a total trust in this stranger or rather, a good Samaritan in their sick bed.


I decided to keep this journal, as my depository of rich experiences, not as told by others, but as I saw them before my eyes.


Myrna D. Santos, RN

Love is Beautiful

Where do I begin  to tell this glimpse of how beautiful Love is?

One afternoon, I passed by one of the ICU rooms when I saw an old lady holding an incentive inspirometer coaching a patient. They were in their nineties, that it came into my mind, they must be married so long for this act of affection so natural and genuine.

I went into the room to greet and acknowledge them. Then I found out that they got married only for five years. I was so impressed and inspired by these 2 most beautiful sight of two elderly, a perfect picture of what is love and caring.