1. Live in your own place to enjoy independence and privacy.
  2. Hold on to your bank deposits and assets with yourself or your spouse.
  3. Don’t depend only on your children’s promise to care for you when you grow old as their priorities change with time.
  4. Expand your circle of friends to include those who will outlive you.
  5. Do not compare; expect nothing from others.
  6. Do not meddle in the life of your children. Let them live THEIR life, not yours.
  7. Do not use old age as your shield and justification to demand care, respect and attention.
  8. Listen to what others say, but think and act independently.
  9. Pray but do not beg even from God.  Seek His Grace.

        And finally, DO NOT RETIRE FROM LIFE.

Connie Almonte & Resty Estacio: A Healthy Date, No Conditions
Irene Lumbrera's 89th Birthday Celebrations at the Philippine Community Center Services for the Aging
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