Philippine American Group for Aging Seniors in America

PAGASA Social Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit (501 (C) 3 organization aimed to reach out to the growing number of isolated elderly Filipino Americans and provide them with a hub where they can gather and interact with other seniors, share their experiences , their professions and restore their pride.

Let us support this foundation which will make a difference for our aging Filipino American community.






Organizational Issues for Resolutions & Amendments:

  • Mission/Vision ACRONYM
  • PAGASAsfi & PAGASA Social Foundation
  • By-Laws
  • Organizational Structure/ PAGASA, Four Dragon Atlantic, LLC
  • Financial Reports & Accounting
  • Website: www.pagasasfi.org
  • Guidelines: Flea Market
  •                  Volunteers

I    Getting to know you & Organizational Exchanges and Establishing Coalition

II   PROJECT: Adult Day Care/ Shared Home Living    

  • Project Study & Research
  • Planning

III  Sustainability/Fundraising

  • Drives
  • Events

IV  Public Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Interviews & Write Ups
  • Newsletter Bi-weekly (Constant Contact)
  • Database/ Memberships


V   Social Media

VI Activities for Seniors

   Establishing connections/coalitions with other organizations & Senior Citizens Group

  • Filipino American Senior Citizens of Queens
  • Philippine Nurses Association
  • Kalusugan Coalition
  • Volker Orth Museum
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Homes & Offices
  • Parks

Upcoming Events


  • TNO/PAGASA........Satellite Program for Seniors July, 2015
  • Launching of The Library & Museum of Philippine American Arts & Culture 
  • How to Celebrate your 100th Birthday: August, 2015........Celebrating Lita Solis 75th
  • My Baryo, My Boro Intergenerational Workshop (August 30, 2015) 
  • So long, Enzo & Huey............................................(August 30, 2015)
  • Preparing & Enjoying the Golden Years.................(September 10, 2015)
  • Richmond Hill Health Fair.......................................(September 20, 2015)
  • Zarzuela Filipina (The Coming of the Cross & the Sword) October 2, 2015
  • Zarzuela Filipina West Orange................................(Dec. 12,2015)


  • Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza: Health Fair, Walk, Cultural Fair (May 1, 2016)
  • Art Festival Williamsburg
  • Zarzuela Queens, NYC

One-on-One with the President

Ma. Consuelo Almonte/ President


Corporate Planning


  • Dec. 10, 2015 Simbang Gabi
  • Dec. 17,2015  Preparing &Enjoying the Golden Years at PAYAG
  • Dec. 18,2015  Handing Off

Database Membership




Accounting/2015 Donations



  • Asessing the Needs of Aging Seniors
  • Entitlement from Medicare & Medicaid
  • Services for Aging Immigrants


Mark Schaeffer celebrates 70th with family & friends


Financial Empowerment
Promoting Quality Lifestyle and Satisfaction
Leadership & Advocacy
Safe Housing & Assistance
Cultural Legacy
Celebrate Golden Years

P.E.T.A.  PAGASA Education Training & Advocacy, 2014               

Slogan:  “Lakasan Ang Loob …Ibangon Ang Sarili”

(A Program of PAGASA & The Nursing Office COMMUNITY CENTER)



Filipino-American Seniors educated and trained to advocate for their rights to culturally sensitive & competent health-care services or therapies; to fair housing practices; to technological literacy; to financial independence --- nurtured and honed in Senior-friendly spaces/environments with family, friends, and the general community. 

Filipino-American Seniors empowered to support other Seniors in the general community with similar situations or challenges, in their pursuit of happiness and true meaning or purpose in life.


To reach out to Invisible Seniors living in our community who are seriously challenged by loneliness, isolation, and helplessness, through the activities at the PAGASA & The Nursing Office Community Center, and participation in larger community activities.

To encourage Seniors to expand their range of choices & strengthen support networks that help them address their health, housing, psycho-social, financial, or legal issues (See www.pagasasfi.com; www.thenursingoffice.com).



  1. Establish Case Management Protocol for technical, legal, financial, health, housing, etc., challenges of Senior citizens, regardless of race, gender, color, or ethnicity.
  2. Draw up Support network, contacts, resource, & point person to meet the specific challenge of the Senior citizen.
  3. Implement Plan of action to address urgent and/or pending issue of the Senior person and secure a Safe Space to protect confidentiality.
  4. Execute timely, appropriate Documentation (paper, electronic, etc.) and Reference files on each Senior’s case.
  5. Resolve urgent issues with the least harm, at the least cost to the Senior citizen.
  6. Conduct education, skills-training, and advocacy-training classes necessary to upgrade Seniors’ learning & awareness on self-care, health care services, fair housing, financial and legal issues, such as, living will, estate planning, property management, pensions & benefits, social security, taxes & retirement (both here or abroad).

Join US

Salute to our Mothers

A group of concerned Filipino Americans have bound together to form an organization that  answers  the needs of the growing numbers of elderly population.  Hence the goal of Pagasasfi is to reach out to the isolated elderly Filipino Americans seeking help to stir up their desire to be a part of a community.


PAGASA Social Foundation Inc. a not for  profit organization founded  in 2011 and officially launched at the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate General in New York in October 2013.  It has established a place where seniors can interact with their peer groups; relive their past to restore their identity and pride.  On the other hand,   it should be noted that these seniors are  a bastion of wealth with their experiences that can be beneficial to other needy seniors, children and grand children.


PAGASAsfi  holds various events including health fair with Q&A medical issues, nutritional counseling, and education on their civil rights.  Other activities provided are one dollar flea market on any item, cultural events, workshops, field trips, raffles, bingo etc served with Filipino refreshments

Admission to all events is free of charge. Donation is welcome.


PAGASAsfi  is also in collaboration with the issue of Medicare portability to the Philippines.   Eric Lachica the l lobbyist in Congress was instrumental in the passage of the "Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2008".  Now called “Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Bill”, finally signed into law in 2009 that provides $198m to Filipino veterans.  Please go to USMEDICAREPH. ORG.; The NURSING OFFICE Community Center and AARP.


PAGASA Social Foundation, Inc. is looking for volunteers to spread the word  and invite Filipino Americans seniors who are looking for help and zest in their lives. 


                           TIME TO ENJOY THE GOLDEN YEARS

…aging is not loneliness and giving up

                     ….it is a continuing life of fun, diversity and spin.

                                      ...one must seek it....PAGASAsfi is here for you.


Ma. Consuelo Almonte