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In this page, we will teach you how easy to use our applications and you can do it yourself even without prior experience. Just bring in your idea, write and type it in here. We will give you guidance and coaching.

The Making of a Zarzuela in Queens, LIC (St Patrick's Church)


What: The Coming of the Cross and the Sword

When: March 16, 2018

          2-4 PM

          St Patrick, LIC


Checklist/ Things to do and have

  1. Venue Reservation
  2. The Perfect Picture in Script*
  3. Read & Time*
  4. Invitation Letters & Communications
  5. Solicitation Letter
  6. Release Form
  7. Cast & Costume
  8. Marketing Strategies & Press Releases
  9. Marketing Packet
  10. Schedule & Program Management
  11. MOU with Sponsors/Producers
  12. Volunteers (Ushers, Ticket Table, Reception, Clean Up)
  13. Tickets & Sales
  14. The Playbill
  15. The Flyer
  16. The Rehearsal
  17. Appreciation & Awards
  18. Reviews
  19. Photos: The Bow

The Script:  Use the Script from NYC Production. It’s timed for a 1-hr presentation.

Scene I The Knighting of Magellan …… Director:  

Scene II The Sea/ Expedition ……………. Director:  

Scene III The Coming of the Cross (Landing in Cebu )…Director: 

Scene IV The Coming of the Sword (Christianization)...Director: 

Scene V   Battle of Mactan   …………………Director: 


The Cast…. Use minimal characters, use doubles

(Note: These performers were from the previous show)




  • VENUE ( churches, schools, public halls)
  • SHOW (1-2 hours)
  • IT ( avoid interfacing people and web graphics. Be simple)
  • STAGE ( Philippine Fabric Display use organizations, individuals to showcase their products))
  • COSTUMES  (Encourage participants to use their own costumes)
  • MEALS & REFRESHMENTS (For Performers & Production Team) (Merienda Cena)



Memorandum of Understanding:

Definition of Terms

The Nursing Office Extended Arts … The Nursing Office Department incharged of developing concepts for Zarzuela and other theatrical presentations providing safe haven for creativity and artistic expressions.

Purple Pillars Production… The Nursing Office Theatrical Arm developing logistics to produce the Zarzuela and other events sponsored by The nursing Office

The Coming of the Cross and the Sword (Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada) is an operetta(zarzuela) based on the Historical Novel of Dr. Zal Velez Las Islas Filipinas: Man of Destiny

Peoples Theater... The pool of Fil-Am Artists & friends who agree to appear pro bono in the Zarzuela and other media of stage presentations.

351 Media Movement is the 501 c 3 sponsoring the West Orange Zarzuela Production

Las Islas Filipinas.Org is the organization promoting the Philippine Renaissance


Be it known that the production of "The Coming of the Cross and the Sword", a Zarzuela to be staged in West Orange Middle School on Dec, 12, 2015 3-5 PM is under the West Orange Production Team under the directorship of Dr. Zal Velez and Dr. Josie Velez.

The West Orange Team is responsible for the production, management, direction, budget, finance, marketing, ticket sales, documentation, accounting and records 


  • West Orange Educational scholarship Fund
  • Sandiwaan Learning Center (Philipiines)
  • The Nursing Office Extended Arts

Sources of Income:

  • Sponsorships  Banks, Stores, Restaurants

            Each Scene should have a Sponsor (100.00)

  • Donations…..100 with 1 complimentary ticket
  • Tickets…………25 General Admission/ 10.00  Seniors and Students


The Program:

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Historical Orators for each Scene
  • Dancers, Singers, Misc. Talents & Performers


Entrance Lay-out

Tables for Exhibitors

Ushers/ Volunteers

Table for Tickets/ Money Changer




  1. All Group Performers will practice in their own grounds for convenience.
  2. All Scene Directors may practice their own cast in their own time and place.
  3. All directors and groups are encouraged to report /document practice and progress to Dr. Zal or Dr. Josie Velez
  4. Everyone is encouraged to have an active role in this production.
  5. Please speak up, express your creativity.
  6. Audio Taping Schedule will be announced.



  1. Practice/ Rehearsals will be on stage.
  2. Food/Refreshments will be served complimentary of Las Islas Filipinas.Org
  3. Food will be served in the dining area.
  4. Use of cell phones should be limited to maximize practice time and productivity.
  5. Timeliness is our asset.
  6. You may speak up.
  7. Respectful and orderly conduct is very much appreciated.
  8. For any questions, call 973-736-5794 or 973-865-7060 (Drs. Zal & Josie Velez)


Providing Safe Haven for Creativity

  • The cast is chosen from the community promoting talents individually and as a group, friendships and family ties.
  •  Each Scene has its director.
  • The cast is encouraged to give their input on how to present and deliver the scenes.
  • The casts will use their own costumes.
  • Las Islas Filipinas  Costumes: Sign & Release





I Production Time Plan (December,2017 to March, 2018)

  • Venue
  • Production Team


II The Play

  • The Script
  • Peoples Theater

AKA Tito DeVera............Rajah Humabon

Francia DeVera ..............Hara Humani

Dr. Zal/ Jay....................King Of Spain

Ryan Walsh .................. Magellan

Richarleen Walsh............

Jay R............................Enrique


Consuelo Almonte..........Agurang

Mike Jampayas

Mr & Mrs Kristy Dawn Russo

Joyce Adelan

Julia Adelan

Juliet Adelan

Susan Thater

Vicky Suba




III Budget























IV Peoples Theater

  • Waivers
  • Certificates
  • Appreciation

V Journal

  • Editorial
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

VI Show Time

  • Reception
  • Volunteers
  • Clean Up


VII Documentation

  • Accounting
  • Closure
  • Appreciation Party


CARDINAL RULE IN THEATER PRODUCTION:  The literary novelist is different from the Scriptwriter and from the Director of Play and from the Producer. This allows for maximum creative interaction that produces the ORGANIC WHOLE called "the play."


The success of the Zarzuela is not only the beauty of the presentation, but the clear conveyance of the message and the fulfillment/statement of a mission. Then it mattered.

The People's Production Plan

Ang Pagdating ng Krus at ng Espada 2015 : It's More than a Show


Dec. 12, 2015 West Orange, NJ 3-5 pm


  • West Orange, NJ
  • Queens/ Immaculate Conception/ Nena Matela Production
  • New Jersey/ Elizabeth of Hungary Parish/ Purple Pillars Production/ Divine Child Foundation
  • June 12, 2016


Main sponsor: 

  • PAGASA (NYC & Queens)
  • Divine Child Foundation (NJ)



  • Filipino School of NY-NJ
  • FIND
  • All Fil-Am Organizations
  • CEBU



Kilusan/ Universal Self


Public Relations:

Press Conference

  • Makilala TV (The Production Team and Cast/ Princess Agana & Enrique & Wushu Team)
  • Jeffrey Abatayo TV Production
  • Don Tagala ABS/CBN 
  • FIL-AM Whos WHO
  • Asian Journal
  • Filipino Express
  • Filipino catholic
  • Tertulia
  • Workshops
  • School of NY-NJ children (Sampaguita)

Launch the Museum & Library of Philippine American Arts & Culture


Elements of the Event:

I Zarzuela of Historical Novel

Literary Oration (History Telling) of a Historical Novel by Outstanding FIL-American Men & Women who have Made a Difference to the Philippines and the Fil-Am Community

Special Narrators: To be determined, by special invitation only) 


II Showcase of Philippine Culture and Tradition

III Showcase the graciousness of the Filipino-Americans

     Performance of Fil-Am artists

  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Martial Artists (Wushu/ Kali Silat)

IV  Tertulia (Intellectual/Erudite Discussion)

     FAHNS/ Panel..Rachel/ Jen Furer/ Cristina Pastor

Interview of Cristo Rey Alunan/Dr. Zal Velez

Writing History as a Tribute to the Renaissance of Philippine Arts & Culture

Why did you write Philippine history in a novel format?   

"Why did Lakan Lapu-Lapu kill Magellan?"

"Where is Magellan's body?" What happened to his remains?


  Awards & Appreciation(Parangal: Sampaguita Award)

     What is the Sampaguita Award? Ludy Resurreccion

     Special Award: Dr. Zal Velez (by PAGASA Pres. Consuelo Almonte)

     Sampaguita Flower Girls & Boys Guitar Music background/ instrumental of Sampaguita

     Commissioning Dr. Zal Velez as President of the Las Islas

     Induction of the Officers (Mass Induction of the People from the 7,107 islands)                Las Islas Filipinas Awards to the Cast and Production Team 

     (Group Photo Shots at the Final Bow)


Principal Director: 

Co-Directors: 5 directors – one for each episode

Costume & Design:  Marcos Panlilio 

Play script:  60-90 min. 

Intermission: Parangal ritual for Cristo Rey Alunan, author & pen name of Dr. Zal Velez.

-presentation of historical novel, Las Islas Filipinas, Vols. 1-10 (paper & disk)



  • Sale of Purple Pillars Journal, 1st Issue, June 15, 2013
  • Edited CDs of zarzuela, “Ang Krus at Espada,”@Jersey City Museum, June 15, 2013
  • Ethnic Filipino costumes, jewelries, artifacts, paintings, etc., c/o Ping Panlilio,Traditional/modern Barong Tagalog haute couture by Watusi
  • Book Sale: Kevin Nadal/ Dr. Velez/ UPAA, Dr. Menchee Fulgado/ Jen Furer
  • Mani 
  • Sound Tracks by Fil-aM aRTISTS
  • A sponsor/Patron/Organization for each Scene


WO Middle School: 

350 seating capacity

25.00  General Admission/ 10.00 Seniors & Students

Reserve 2 rows of VIP seats (12 – 15 persons)

Student & Senior Discounts (2 rows)

Appreciation Ritual (after the play)

Certificates of appreciation for all play participants & sponsors



A People’s Production

A Director for every episode

Get doubles

Multi-role Actors

Continous Auditions

Empowered Artists Participation


Resource Utilization

  • Social Media Marketing/FB page
  • Website
  • Constant Contact Newsletter Publication of Las Islas Filipinas Journal
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Continuous Auditioning/ Get doubles
  • Use Teachers as Directors/ Narrators



Historical Background: Literary Oration/History Telling by 


The surrender of the Moorish King Boabdil of Granada ended the 100 years of Muslim rule in Spain in the 15th century. In the Treaty of Tordesillas, Pope Alexander VI of the Vatican divided the world for exploration and conquest, and assigned to Portugal the East and to Spain the West. This opened up the Age of Discovery for the Western countries to expand their power to influence and acquire resources abundant in the “New World.”


Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan witnessed such historical geographical discoveries and desired to do his part.  Unable to convince King Manuel I of Portugal to finance his proposed “Armada de Maluco” to reach the Moluccas Spice Islands, Magellan found the novice young King Carlos I of Spain a willing sponsor to support the unproven venture of a 3-year journey across the seas.


Magellan (speaks/sings): 


Your Majesty, I come before you to pledge my loyalty and ask for your blessings, so I can undertake the voyage to the Moluccas Spice Islands!”


King Carlos responds: 


“I, Carlos King of Spain, by this power vested in me by God, knight and appoint thee, Ferdinand Magellan, Captain General of the Armada de Maluco. Go forth and plant the flag of Spain on the land you discover in my name. And may God bless you in your endeavor. Rise, Sir Ferdinand Magellan!” 


Magellan responds: 


“I, Ferdinand Magellan, Admiral of the Armada de Maluco, solemnly pledge before God, my loyalty to Your Majesty, Carlos I, King of Spain, and as your good subject, will carry out your royal orders in conducting the enterprise that I am about to undertake. So help me God!” 


Magellan (feeling triumphant)


“Thank you, Lord God for your command! Now I can achieve my dream of conquest!”

Magellan sings…The Impossible Dream



(The summer day of August 10, 1519, King Carlos I knighted Magellan and appointed him Captain General of the fleet named Armada de Maluco amidst much royal fanfare, beating drums, and blaring trumpets.)

Spanish Court of King Carlos I/ Knighting of Magellan

(Flamenco Dancers perform with Castanets & Spanish music)


STAGE: KINGS COURT by Marcos "Ping" Panlilio

  • King's Court of Young King Carlos*  ( Jeffrey)
  • Magellan (John Theriot)(Knighting) *


  • Trumpeter ()
  • Impossible Dream ( )*
  • (Flamenco)





Dr. Zal Velez

Lutgarda Resurreccion


Patron/Sponsor Organization: PIDCI


SCENE II:   The Expedition: Magellan's Fleet Sailing Out for Spices & Gold

Crossing the Pacific and Surviving the Storm



Historical Background:  

  Literary Oration/History Telling ( )


On October 18, 1519, while at sea opposite Sierra Leone, Magellan, fearing the Portuguese fleet sent out to stop him, took the tortuous route to avoid capture. The voyagers encountered stormy seas, and the sailors fearful for their lives, implore St. Elmo and the Virgin Mary to spare them from impending death and disaster.


Magellan is attended by his servant, a Malayan slave sold to him and from whom he learned about the Islands near Maluco. Enrique spoke Visayan, the language of the Islands. While serving, Enrique had learned the Spanish language and later became Magellan’s Loyal Companion and Interpreter.


(Visayan Enrique prays aloud while struggling to stand up, showing his presence as part of the Armada de Maluco:)


“Lord God who rules the universe, We implore Thee, to grant us respite from this cruel journey across the seas. You guide us through this route to evade our enemy, must we perish from Nature’s mandate before we reach our destiny?


Your celestial sign consoles our soul, with fervor and courage we take them all! As we sail through your gate of call, of stormy wind and forceful toll!


With angry wrath, you cast your rod. Disturbing our course, of fearful cast. We travel forth the untrodden path, with unyielding faith and loyal heart.


Now guide us back, to see the light, and restore our faith in your unblemished might.”


On December 13, 1519, the Armada de Maluco landed in Sugar Loaf Bay  on the Feast Day of St. Lucy. Hence, Magellan named it Santa Lucia Bay at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sailors were met by the Guarani tribe who offered armaments, knives, hatchets, lances, and other weapons in exchange for trading their virgins and other women. The happy times rolled on until Christmas Day, and on December 26, 1521, Magellan decided to leave Santa Lucia Bay and farewells were made amidst dancing and singing by the natives.



The sailors were tired and well spent after being exhausted from the rough seas. Completely fatigued, they sprawled on the ground.

The Women of Corcovado Dancing

(Song: “Santa Lucia”)    


(The Narrator will fill in the details that cannot be shown in stage.Will give vivid and dramatic picture of the Expedition)



The Storm at Sea

  • Enrique's Prayer
  • Sailors (2)
  • Dancing & Singing natives of Sta Lucia Bay......
  • South American/ Brazilian dances ( )




Patron/ Sponsor Organization: 


SCENE III:  The Coming of the Cross

The landing in Cebu, Befriending the Natives, First Mass in Mazaua, Rajah Humabon with Court and Harem, Conversion & Baptism of Rajah Humabon & 800 Natives, Gifting of the Santo Nino, Enrique & Princess Agana 

Historical Background

Literary Oration/History Telling/Narration by 


On March 16, 1521, after more than 3 months crossing the expansive and hazardous Pacific Ocean and with only 3 of his 5 ships left, Ferdinand Magellan and the “Armada de Maluco”reached the Archipelago of San Lazarus with 175 men.  On Easter Sunday March 31, 1521, the First Mass was celebrated in an island named MAZAUA. After befriending the natives,  Magellan and his Armada de Maluco were guided to Cebu island to meet with Rajah Humabon on April 3, 1521. 


With Rajah Humabon’s permission, Magellan was allowed to bury 2 of his dead men,  in the middle of the town of Cebu, making the place a Christian cemetery.  This solemn Christian funeral impressed the people of Cebu. 


On April 14, 1521, the Christianization process started with the conversion and baptism of Rajah Humabon, his chief wife Hara Amihan, sons and daughters and 800 other native converts. This was a most significant day in the history of Christianity in the Philippines. 


At the baptismal ceremony, Ferdinand Magellan gives the icon of the SANTO NINO to the local queen, Hara Amihan, as a gift for being converted as a Christian. The new converts sing the Santo Nino song with Sinulog dancing. 




  • The Harem/Rajah Humabon’s Harem, Princess Agana. (Rajah Humabon and his court wait patiently for the visit of another chieftain, Lakan Lapulapu and his family. Hara Lai-lani brings her 3 lovely daughters to be presented to the Rajah and to entertain the court with their dancing. After their graceful performance, the Rajah chooses Princess Agana to be a member of the harem. This act seals the alliance between Rajah Humabon of Cebu and Lakan Lapu-Lapu of Mactan. In a ceremonial response, Lakan Lapu-Lapu demonstrates his formidable skills in KALI SILAT. Meanwhile, Enrique meets and falls in love with Princess Agana) 
  • Kulintang drums
  • Sinulog
  • Princess Agana sings (Visayan Song)

Meanwhile, Enrique meets and falls in love with a member of Rajah Humabon’s harem, Princess Agana.


Rajah Humabon's Harem:

AKA Tito De Vera ...Rahaj Humabon

Hara Lailani with her 3 daughters ( Mary Ann Sanagustin, Marvee and 2 sisters)

Marvee ....Princess Agana

Kay Habana...Princess ( Sing Visayan song)

Kristy Badlon..Princess

Dr. Francia

Rachelle Ocampo..Pincess

Lakan Lapu-Lapu and his men ( Mathew Sanagustin)







SCENE IVThe Coming of the Sword: The Burning of Bulaya


Magellan’s Strategy of Divide and Conquer, Lakan Lapu-Lapu’s Defiance, Attack on the Village of Bulaya, and Agurang Agay-Agay’s Sad Song 


Historical Background: 

Literary Oration/History Telling


After Rajah Humabon converted as a Christian, Magellan presented to him the strategic advantage of being a Christian warrior aligned with the Spanish forces of Carlos I. This assurance of increased power prompted Humabon to order all his chieftains to convert as Christians. However, some defied his command, among them Lakan Lapu-Lapu. 


Determined to have Rajah Humabon be made the undisputed ruler, Magellan ordered all the independent chieftains to acknowledge Rajah Humabon, and warned any refusal to recognize the Rajah would mean death and the confiscation of their property. To enforce his message, Magellan sent a detachment to a peaceful village called Bulaya, where the inhabitants refused to obey Rajah Humabon. 


After scorching the village, the Spanish soldiers found the old lady Agurang Agay-Agay returning to the village with her grandchild, and they asked for the whereabouts of other natives. Agurang Agay-Agay refused to disclose this information, so they ended up tying her to a coconut tree and accused her of idol worship. She was whipped and after 2 strokes, she fainted and collapsed. 


The burning embers of the torched village of Bulaya remind the natives of the curse of conquest. Manuel, a native member of the Spanish detachment, disgusted with the dastardly act of his companions, turns around while gazing at the burning ruins, utters angry thoughts crying out:

“Why must I be a party to this ignoble act? This imbalance of justice will not be forgotten nor will it ever be forgiven. That day will surely come when justice will prevail!” 



The Burning of Bulaya

 Agurang Agay-Agay sings a Sad Tagalog/ Visayan song



  • Spanish Soldiers (2-3)
  • Agurang Agay-Agay; Dr. Cora/ Dr. Francia/  (Malungkot ang Maya/ Ibong Sawi
  • Manuel/  Jeffrey
  • Elderlies (2-3)
  • Seniors (2) 



Dr. Josie Velez



Sponsor/ Patron Organization: AARP


"He who comes to dominate us at Las Islas Filipinas will be himself dominated"


V...The Battle of Mactan.......Narrator: 


STAGE: Marcos Panlilio



Lapulapu man exhibition of Kali-Silat with background music of Kulintang




Director:Ludy Resurreccion



Ang Pagdating ng Krus at ng Espada 2015 : More than a Show

Elements of the Event:

  • Zarzuela of Historical Novel
  • Awards & Appreciation(Pagbabalik Parangal)
  • Showcase of Philippine Culture and Tradition
  • Showcase the graciousness of the Filipino-Americans
  • Tertulia (Intellectual Discussion)














The Production Team

Executive Director/Concept

Dr. Zal Velez


Script & Story Line

Dr. Zal Velez

Lutgarda Resurreccion



Myrna D. Santos



Marcos Panlilio


Community Relations

Zonny Lerum

Dr. Josie Velez

Amy Lerum



Musical Director

Mark Mendoza


Costumes & Make up

Marianne Sanagustin


Choreography/ Stage Director

Lutgarda Resurreccion


Audio-Video & Cinematography



Theater Consultant

Nelson Padilla



Producer/ Consultant

Myrna D. Santos





  • on your own time
  • one on one with directors
  • via phone/email


 (Directors will determine the day and will be responsible to inform cast members of the schedule.)

  • Regular Rehearsals
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • Final Dress Rehearsal on stage


TIME:   The Purple Pillars Studio is available from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


 Directors: You may schedule each Scene at 30 minutes to 1 hour intervals.

 Cast Members:  Check with your directors for your scheduled time


Scene I  The Knighting of Magellan (Director: Dr. Zal & Ludy Resurreccion)

Scene II  The Sea/ Expedition (Director: Senen & Ping)  

Scene III  The Coming of the Cross (Landing in Cebu )(Director: Dr. Cora )  

Scene IV  The  Coming of the Sword (Christianization)(Director: Dr. Josie & Mark)

Scene V   Battle of Mactan (Director: Dr. Zal, Ludy & Mathew)



             115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY 11418



  • All Group Performers will practice in their own grounds for convenience
  • All Scene Directors may practice their own cast in their own time and place
  • All directors and groups are encouraged to report /document practice and progress to Dr. Zal or Ludy Resurreccion
  • Everyone is encouraged to have an active role in this production
  • Please speak up, express your creativity
  • Audio Taping Schedule will be announced.



·         Practice/ Rehearsals will be on stage.

·         Food/Refreshments will be served complimentary of Las Islas Filipinas.

·         Food will be served in the dining area.

·         Use of cell phones should be limited to maximize practice time and productivity.

·         Timeliness is our asset.

·         You may speak up.

·         Respectful and orderly conduct is very much appreciated.

·         For any questions, call 973-736-5794 or 973-865-7060 (Drs. Zal & Josie Velez)

Providing Safe Haven for Creativity

  • The cast is chosen from the community promoting talents individually and as a group, friendships and family ties.
  •  Each Scene has its director.
  • The cast is encouraged to give their input on how to present and deliver the scenes.
  • The casts will use their own costumes.
  • LIF Costumes: Sign & Release


Cast in order of appearance:


Cristo Rey Alunan – Dr. Zal Velez

King Carlos – Rick Lipetz

Magellan – John Theriot

Enrique – Mark Aranjuez................................

Spanish Soldiers – Kevin Marcelo and Brandon Binsol

Rajah Humabon – Aka Tito DeVera

Hara Humani – Dr. Cora Mendoza

Hara Lailani – Maria Sanagustin

Princess Agana – Marvee Sanagustin/             

Lakan Lapu-Lapu – Matthew Sanagustin...........Nelson Padilla

Agurang Agay-Agay – Dr. Cora Mendoza/ Emma Santos

Manuel – John Uno/ Young Habana



(All Male)



Sound Track List


  1. Bayang Magiliw
  2. Flamenco dance Music
  3. The Impossible Dream
  4. You Raise me Up 
  5. Sinulog Song
  6. Ikaw
  7. Kay Habana Song
  8. Dahil sa Iyo
  9. Ugoy ng Duyan
  10. Akoy isang Ibong Sawi
  11. Ang Bayan Ko
  12. Sampaguita(Chords by Michael Dadap)
  13. Lahat ng ito'y Para sa Iyo