The Show/ Program

The Aging New Yorker. VM of Aging.

Women's Talk/Tertulla "At this time and age, what can you or what do you want to share the Fil-Am community and the world on S,L,W &W?"

V Goldies

Golden Girls( GG Monologues as they are)


  • CA
  • VLazaro
  • LR
  • GBald
  • LCast

Goal: To launch the Phillipine Community Center Services for Aging (PCCSA)

Objectives: Celebrating the Fil-Am Seniors of NY  & Friends/ Presentation.Entertainment.Fundraising


Place: Queensborough Hall

Time: 3-5 PM


Toast Master: LP/ RO/IR


I          WELCOME: C. Almonte

II         OPENING: LR on The Graying New Yorker

III        The GG Monologues: Sex, Lies. Wit & Wisdom

IV       GILDA's Dance

V        The Ghost of Elvis: What if Elvis is Alive?

VI       Keynote Speaker: Consul General NY

VII      Induction of Officers

VIII     Closing Remarks: Melinda Katz on The Graying New Yorker


"Handog kay Lolo" Kay Habana/Kael (Promote Tapes/CD's) 

Jun Puenteverde

Homecoming "Lola" Queen (Lumen Castaneda)

Homecoming "Lolo" King 

Junior Homecoming Prince (Kael)

Junior Homecoming Princess


Collaborating Organizations:

Fr. Ben Beltran's Faith & Struggle

Philippine Consulate

The Nursing Office

Divine Child Foundation

Las Islas Filipinas

AKA Wellness


BS (United) Group


Forever Living

August's Senior Citizens Day (21)

Kalayaan Hall

Junior Senior Prom

Adopt a Lolo/Lola

Pagbabalik Parangal Awards

Raising/Raised Pinay