PIDCI PARADE 2017-2018

What: 120 th Philippine Independence Day Parade

When: June, 2018 12-2PM

Where: 38 St/ Madison Avenue



36th Street between Madison Avenue & 5th Avenue


Philippine Independence Day Parade June 2018


  • Promote Las Islas Filipinas    "You always have a part"
  • Mabuhay March/Parade
  • Promote Zarzuela Filipina (Rajah Humabon, The King and I (Philippine Version)
  • Promote Las Islas Filipinas Journal (Special Philippine Independence Day Issue) 

Chair Persons:

  • AKA Tito de Vera (" Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada", NYC)
  • The Nursing Office
  • Drs. Zal & Josie Velez (West Orange)
  • Ma. Consuelo Almonte (PCCSA, NYC)
  • Joy Theriot (United Nations, NY)
  • Ping Panlilio ( Santo Nino Museum, Linden, NJ)


Las Islas Filipinas proudly presents: (For 2017)

     (In Order of appearance/ March/Parade Position)

  • Philippine Flag
  • Banner
  • Drum (To Announce Rajah Humabon's Court)
  • Rajah Humabon & his Forty Wives
  • Guest Organization
  • Juan dela Cruz Flag Bearer
  • Miss Las Islas Filipinas( Women in Waiting, Little Miss Las Islas Filipinas)
  • Hermanos & Hermanas
  • Open Car:
  1.  Connie Almonte (Luzon)
  2.  Lumen Castaneda (Vizayas)
  3.  Rufina Ghan (Mindanao)


  • Hermano & Hermana Dr. Zal Velez, Dr.Josie Velez, Zonny Lerum, Connie Almonte,Vangie Lazaro
  • Zarzuela Filipina Ensemble: Rajah Humabon and his 40 wives (The Harem)
  • Raised Pinay (J. L. Umipig)
  • Ugnayan
  • PCCSA (Philippine Community Center Services for Aging)
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz (Formerly)
  • People's Theater/ Purple Pillars Production
  • Mission of Holy Eucharist
  • IANE


Zarzuela " Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada" ("The Coming of the Cross and the Sword") Ensemble: "The Way We Were" (in Filipiniana costumes, Precolonial Ethnic; Contemporary)/ Rajah Humabon & His Forty Wives.

  • Princess Agana ( Mr & Mrs Kristy)
  • Magellan & Miss Las Islas Filipinas 2018 (Mr & Mrs Walsh)
  • Enrique (John Llemos,son)
  • Lakan LapuLapu (Nelson P)
  • Magellan (John Theriot) 
  • John LLemos (Enrique) 
  • Princess Juana (Grace Llemos)
  • Rajah Humabon (Aka de Vera) with horn/espada
  • Hara Humani......(Francia de Vera) with Santo Nino
  • The Natives in Las Islas T-shirt (White) and multi-colored pants
  • Intergenerational, intercultural 
  • The Children (Julia, Joyce)
  • Thelma Andaya
  • Gigie Adelan
  • Susan Thater
  • Vicky Suba
  • Organizations
  • Imogene Raypoon
  • Lena
  • JayR
  • JJ Thater
  • Rose Campos
  • Ana & Lisa Hernandez
  • Jimmy & Lourdes Sales
  • Tess Dunuan & IANE

Preparation:(Day of)

  • Umbrellas
  • Gongs
  • Banner
  • Flags
  • Camera
  • Sombreros
  • Clothing for Characters
  • brown bags (water, sandwiches)

Address to the PIDCI Grand Marshall & to New York City


We are Las Islas Filipinas.Org, a coalition of 7,107 islands. We  salute our pre-colonial ancestors in the persona of Rajah Humabon, one of our first great rulers. Today, on the celebration of our 119th Independence Day from Spain and the US, we are proud to proclaim what we have become: Philippines,  A great nation with global presence.


We proudly present Raised Pinays/IANE, our younger generation of the New Filipinos, who have exemplified our philosophy to raise consciousness among our youth the bonds of a confirmed identity of WHO WE ARE with a firm and proud understanding of our Filipino Heritage, Culture, and Values.


IANE will perform

(Raised Pinays will demonstrate their strongest Trademark of being Filipinos, in another time and place, as Millennials in the Big Apple)


                                   Viva Las Islas Filipinas! Long Live the Philippines!



Raised Pinay

Special Philippine Independence Day Edition                                        June 2016

The Beginning of PIDCI

"Since the fall of 1989 Filipino American organizations have come together to plan, design, and prepare for an all-day parade, cultural show and street fair that showcase the sounds and spectacle of participating contingents, and the discovery of an array of Filipino musical and performing arts talents. Initiated by the Philippine Consulate General in New York under Consul General Hermenigildo Garcia, the creation of the Philippine Independence Day committee was formed with the accomplished community leaders primarily from the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from which the Overall Chairpersons were elected"...The first Overall Chairman was Honesto “Ness” Quijano while Mrs. Nina Garcia, was wife of Consul General Garcia was its Honorary Overall Chairman, thus started the close partnership between the community and the Consulate in planning, organizing, and managing the celebration. Vice Consul Fe Fuentebella for Cultural Affairs guided and encouraged the PIDCI from its inception, a role to be assumed hereafter by other Consuls for Cultural Affairs, notably by Consul Ruperto ‘Tong’ Dizon.
In 1991, Nilda Jaynal was the Overall Chairman and the title of Honarary Overall Chairman was offered to Consul General Rodolfo Arizala and to future Consul Generals thereafter. This was the year that launched the grand parade along Madison Avenue from 48th Street to 38th Street with Parade Chair Luis San Pascual with the first time Grand Marshal, Lilia Clemente; and Broadway star Lea Salonga of Miss Saigon as Guest of Honor. The Street Fair and Cultural Festival was held along 45th Street close to the Consulate. The first beauty pageant Diwa ng Kalayaan was held in the Kalayaan Hall (introduced by Ms. Jaynal), and the winners were the central attraction in the parade perched on a PIDCI float and personified the spirit of Philippine freedom....During the term of Sofie Abad as Overall Chairman in 1994, Ambassador Melody Lopez was the Honorary Overall Chairman, responsible in bringing for the first time a Gues of Honor from the Philippines, Senate President Edgardo Angara who marched in the Parade lead by Grand Marshal Dr. Estela Gonzales. This would be the genesis of participation by high-ranking Philippine government officials. Ambassador Lopez would also be credited for the successful large sponsorship of Pepsi Cola ($50k). There was no more doubt that the PIDCI had become institutionalized, accepted by the community, and recognized by New York City..Such was the impact and success of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration and continued with its many firsts through 2001. 1996 was most memorable with the presence of highly popular politician-actor Philippine Vice President Joseph as Guest of Honor, and Overall Chairman Luz Sapin Micabalo was credited for inviting him and became his first official visit to the East Coast. Grand Marshal was businessman Manuel Aldana, PIDCI also made its mark at the City Hall with Mayor Guiliani’s continued appearance in the parade from 1996-1999 & 2001. Parades were now aimed at featuring spectacular floats to depict the rich cultural heritage of the Filipinos; politicians and beauty queens were invited yearly; Eucharistic Masses were held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Fundraisings soared, seeking corporate donations and more organizations participation lengthened the parade..".
Written by Amb Ruperto "Tong" Dizon

The Contemporary of Enrique