Cultural Pizza  FIESTA 2017 Planner




  • Establish Date, Venue, Rain Date*
  • Collaboration with Assemblyman David Weprin's Office (MOU,permit, insurance,stage) 
  • Design Flyer in different languages (Hindi, Punjabi, Trinidad, Spanish)
  • Collaborate with other organizations/ Interfaith Ministries 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Design the Park arrangement
  • Volunteers
  • Committees
  • Maximizing Attendance Turnover
  • Donations & Sponsorships
  • Banners
  • Sound & Stage
  • Create the Letter
  • Press Release*
  • The Bulletin
  • The Program*

                                                                                     LET'S GO!

                                                                            Tagalog:  Tayo na!

                                                                           Spanish: iVamos!

                                                                           Hindi: चलो जाओ

                                                                          Punjabi: ਚਲਾਂ ਚਲਦੇ ਹਾਂ


Health Fair

To communicate to the community the importance of adopting and managing a healthier lifestyle for the entire family through a culture of health, helping them navigate through the resources. with live music and dance, cooking demonstrations, and education workshops. Highlights of the day include musical performances and healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings

In addition to entertainment, the Cultural Pizza will offer an array of interactive, family-friendly workshops, and life-saving and life-altering free health screenings. A new inclusion this year will be a “brown bag” event, in which families can bring their households’ medications in for a free, private consultation with on-site pharmacists. The community is welcome and encouraged to enjoy healthy cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, Senior and Youth Pavilions, nonstop music and dance, and musical performances. 


  • Music & entertainment & Cultural show & Safety education
  • Tent for BP and Glucose screening, etc., (see generic outline of Health Fair)
  • Arts Tent ( Extended Arts) Murals. local artists (Linda Rufo, Bien Bones)
  • Ethnic Merchandise Vendors,(Flea Market & Cultural Trunk Show)
  • Mammogram Vans, Mobile Clinic


  • Operation Blood Pressure
  • Extended Arts 
  • The Nurse Mobile

The Nurse is IN Richmond Hill: " How may we help you?"

Community Assessment & Special Report

Data Gathering  

Community Needs Assessment

People Served (Children, Families, Elderlies, Immigrants)


Office of Assemblyman Weprin

River Fund

Advance Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Darby Foundation




RICHMOND HILL CULTURAL PIZZA:                                            

A Concept Closest to the Heart of Immigrants


Richmond Hill is a “rich” enclave in New York City’s central southern Queens County, which is known to be the most richly diverse community in the world. It is a place like no other --- foods, arts, languages, and cultures from all parts of the world are open and available to anyone curious enough to experience the myriad mosaic of sights and sounds, music & dance, arts & crafts that only multi-cultural diversity can offer.


PIZZA! Everyone likes pizza, hot or bland, meat & cheese or vegetarian, with fruits or plain --- every culture puts in its own flavor and condiments to make it taste like “home” or comfort food.   


Mission: This Fair and Cultural Pizza will herald the day of putting our marginalized and underserved immigrant communities of Richmond Hill into a more visible position so that their true needs will be assessed and addressed as effectively using all resources available and inherent to their cultures and complement those that the United States can support them with.


You are Cordially Invited


The Nursing Office Richmond Hill Community Center invites you to the Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza Family Fun Day/ Fiesta, on Sunday May 15th, 10am to 5pm, Smokey Oval Park, Atlantic Ave (Corner 125th St & 95th Ave).   We are featuring a Walk, Cultural Show & Health Fair & Family Picnic.


The Nursing Office, in collaboration with the Office of Assemblyman David I. Weprin, The River Fund New York, Richmond Hill High School, Queens Library (among others) offers your organization a chance to be part of this event.  Please join us as a participating business by supporting this event, or by donating pizza and beverages, or other services from your establishment. To our Richmond Hill Community, there is no gift too big or too small. We will appreciate all your support


Benefits to your business may include any of the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement as Community Partner in the form of advertisement of your business name and logo in print & online promotions,
  • Social media coverage to our networks of friends & followers,
  • Access to audiences who may not be aware of local resources & businesses
  • Driving traffic and attention of Richmond Hill residents and visitors to your establishment.

Representatives of your business/organization are most welcome to come to the Richmond Hill Cultural Pizza so we can personally thank you for your support. Thank you in advance for joining this Cultural Pizza Fun Day! Please see the press release for more details of the event.


Please confirm your participation by sending your logo and how you will contribute to, or