Myrna D Santos, MSN, RN

As a Leader, Educator, Mentor and Nurse Advocate, a Critical Care RN for 35 years, she founded The Nursing Office.Com as a Community & Public Health Delivery System, a venue to make a difference and give back to the community. She Lived in Queens for almost 30 years and have been in community organizing for a decade. Her social activism and constant presence in the Fil-Am community encouraged her to establish/organize Las Islas Filipinas, a Coalition of 7,107 islands with a motto, “You Always Have a Part”. To promote its vision of Philippine Renaissance and raise consciousness of global Filipinos with the bonds of a confirmed identity of WHO WE ARE and ground Filipino youth and future generations with a firm and proud understanding of our Filipino Heritage, Culture, and Values, she is the Producer/ Director of Purple Pillars Production’s “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada”, a Zarzuela Filipina with community participation, “Peoples Theater” as the real life artists on stage.



Supporting our senior, Irene Lumbrera on her naturalization as US citizen at age 92, June 7, 2021 (Holtsville, New York)


Dec, 2015 .............Christmas Party at West Orange

First Meeting (Zonny Lerum Residence) 6-10pm

  • Accounting for WO Zarzuela
  • Selection of Officers

January 9, 2016 .......Meeting at Dr. Zal's Residence 2-6 PM

  • Accounting
  • Moving Forward

April 24, 2016..........Meeting at Linden, NJ 5-6pm

  • Upcoming Schedule/AKA's Wedding Reception, PIDCI Parade 

April 30, 2016..........Meeting with Nilda Jaynal (Westchester)

  • Services for Distressed Filipinos in NYC
  • Weaving the Fil-Am Communities in New York
  • Library & Museum of Phil-Am History, Arts & Culture
  • Goals
  • Sustainability


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You always have a PART.


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Looking at things that matter to the Fil-Am Community in New York (4/30/2016) Ludy Resurreccion & Nilda Jaynal
Las Islas Filipinas Meeting, Linden, New Jersey 4/24/2016


Anak Bayan

Alliance of Manila and hilippine Islanders USA

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP)

Bayanihan Club of Union



Filipino School of NY-NJ

Kinding Sindaw




People's Theater

Philippine Forum

Philippine Folk Arts Society

Purple Pillars Production



Officers/Executive Board 2022

Executive Director: Janette Andrada Lane

Managing Director: Myrna D. Santos

Program Director/Secretary: Lutgarda Resurreccion

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Josie Velez

Board Member:

Violeta Ibarra

Dr. Francia de Vera

Board of Trustees:

Bro. Fausto “Aka” DeVera

Marcos Panlilio

Officers/Executive Board 2020

Executive Director: Fausto “Bro. Aka Tito” deVera

Managing Director: Myrna D. Santos

Program Director/Secretary: Lutgarda Resurreccion

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Josie Velez

Board Member:

Violeta Ibarra

Dr. Francia de Vera

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Zal Velez

Marcos Panlilio