Myrna D Santos, MSN, RN

As a Leader, Educator, Mentor and Nurse Advocate, a Critical Care RN for 35 years, she founded The Nursing Office.Com as a Community & Public Health Delivery System, a venue to make a difference and give back to the community. She Lived in Queens for almost 30 years and have been in community organizing for a decade. Her social activism and constant presence in the Fil-Am community encouraged her to establish/organize Las Islas Filipinas, a Coalition of 7,107 islands with a motto, “You Always Have a Part”. To promote its vision of Philippine Renaissance and raise consciousness of global Filipinos with the bonds of a confirmed identity of WHO WE ARE and ground Filipino youth and future generations with a firm and proud understanding of our Filipino Heritage, Culture, and Values, she is the Producer/ Director of Purple Pillars Production’s “Ang Pagdating ng Krus at Espada”, a Zarzuela Filipina with community participation, “Peoples Theater” as the real life artists on stage.



Dec, 2015 .............Christmas Party at West Orange

First Meeting (Zonny Lerum Residence) 6-10pm

  • Accounting for WO Zarzuela
  • Selection of Officers

January 9, 2016 .......Meeting at Dr. Zal's Residence 2-6 PM

  • Accounting
  • Moving Forward

April 24, 2016..........Meeting at Linden, NJ 5-6pm

  • Upcoming Schedule/AKA's Wedding Reception, PIDCI Parade 

April 30, 2016..........Meeting with Nilda Jaynal (Westchester)

  • Services for Distressed Filipinos in NYC
  • Weaving the Fil-Am Communities in New York
  • Library & Museum of Phil-Am History, Arts & Culture
  • Goals
  • Sustainability


Please let us know how you want to help.

Your HELP is as big as the sum of our Mission.

You always have a PART.


Please contact us, we are always OPEN: 24/7



Looking at things that matter to the Fil-Am Community in New York (4/30/2016) Ludy Resurreccion & Nilda Jaynal
Las Islas Filipinas Meeting, Linden, New Jersey 4/24/2016


Anak Bayan

Alliance of Manila and hilippine Islanders USA

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP)

Bayanihan Club of Union



Filipino School of NY-NJ

Kinding Sindaw




People's Theater

Philippine Forum

Philippine Folk Arts Society

Purple Pillars Production



Officers/Executive Board 2020

Executive Director: Fausto “Bro. Aka Tito” deVera

Managing Director: Myrna D. Santos

Program Director/Secretary: Lutgarda Resurreccion

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Josie Velez

Board Member:

Violeta Ibarra

Dr. Francia de Vera

Board of Trustees:

Dr. Zal Velez

Marcos Panlilio