Las Islas Filipinas Chronicles of the 21st Century


Filipinos possessed an elaborate civilization in the past, as Dr. F. Landa Jocano, prominent Filipino anthropologist, wrote, that did not become part of present Filipino consciousness due to a colonization that has systematically distorted our perspectives about ourselves. However, current archaeological and anthropological evidence has revealed that our Ancestors possessed, pursued, or accomplished all the elements of an elaborate civilization, and perhaps even better than others! We have absolutely no reason to deny ourselves the prestige of having been civilized prior to the coming of the Westerner.


We are now recognizing our accomplishments and making efforts to make them part of Filipino consciousness.

We are now recovering from our colonial mentality and we Filipinos are continuously searching for the meaning of our destiny, not elsewhere, but on native ground.

We are now recovering from our cultural amnesia, and our strong identity with our national heritage will be responsible for much of our ability to achieve greatness.




(1)     We claim the mandate to greatness as we reject a historical allegation that our culture is a borrowed one, handed to us initially by the so-called immigrating pre-historic peoples and later by the colonial masters;


(2)     We accept for ourselves the Right to Greatness as we proclaim one of our contributions to the geniuses of mankind, by calling him Jose Rizal, Filipino,pride of the Malay Race; Lakan Lapu-Lapufirst Filipino to resist foreign dominance; and now, Visayan Enrique, first circumnavigator of the globe --- and let the world accept that!


(3)      We possess the Right to stand as Co-equal with the rest of humanity as we reject a history that chronicles our defeats rather than our victories;


(4)      We will ourselves to greatness as we proclaim our strengths and achievements in civilization, most strongly evidenced by the on-going exhibit, “Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms,” now being shown at The Asia Society, New York City.


“The vision of the future is rooted in the image of our past, in our views of the present and in our pride of ourselves.”   No more, no less.


(Quoted and freely paraphrased from “The Vision of the Past Must be Rooted in Our Image of the Future,” by F. Landa Jocano, in On Art, Man & Nature: Selected Readings in the Humanities.  Edited by Felipe M. de Leon, Jr. c 1981, Manila, Philippines)

By: Lutgarda Resurreccion

      Las Islas Filipinas



Celebrating our Heroes

The Sampaguita Award

Like the lovely white Sampaguita, our national flower of purity of intent

Symbol of pristine love of country and our glorious past,

Like the mystical and enchanting fragrance of the Sampaguita flower,

Emanating from our profound Sense of Identity, hidden in the ashes of colonial past,

A strong boisterous Spirit arises to declare that WE ARE FILIPINOS,

Ready, Willing, and Able to stand with our kindred in America n all Nations.

PAGASA Social Foundation, Inc. & Las Islas Filipinas.Org  present the Sampaguita Award to Cristo Rey Alunan, Dr. Zal Velez on this day, October 2, 2015, Kalayaan Hall, New York City.


To Cristo Rey Alunan…


For re-capturing the Voices of our Illustrious Historical figures,

For re-connecting us to the Truth in the Events of our Colonial past,

For re-kindling the Pride in Who we are and What we have achieved

For re-igniting the Love of Country, our Culture and our Heritage.

For Painstaking Research and Writing the True Script of Our Own History that make us Principal Actors on the Grand Stage of Nation Building and Development.

Celebrating our Independence

119th Philippine Independence Day Parade, NYC, 2017

Promoting our Culture

As a major mission of Las Islas Filipinas organization to celebrate Philippine Renaissance, we have collaborated with Kinding Sindaw to award the Parangal: Ginto at Bulaklak (Honoring Our Roots) on the Finale show of "Pagbabalik"(Tracing the path home) at La Mama Theater, April 27,2014, Sunday at 2 pm.

We  are  glad to inform you that you are all invited to participate and give your support to honor our Mano Po tradition. We are giving 6 Awards, mostly to our Seniors, honoring them for their silent contribution to the development of our most valuable national treasure, the Filipino people, the Filipino Family. If you have any candidate in mind, any ideas let us know.

Remember, Las Islas Filipinas.Org, where you always have a part.


 Pagbabalik, portrayed by Potri Ranka Manis, in this dance ensemble presentation mean tracing the path home, a piece that explores the migratory experience of displaced indigenous peoples of the Southern Philippines through live music, dance, storytelling, and videography. This is a response to the plight of these indigenous peoples and the experiences of Filipinos in the Diasporas. Indigenous communities are facing extinction due to the modern forces of displacement, deforestation, mining, and globalization.

Pagbabalik depicts these through the stories of migrating indigenous communities and how their oral traditions, which include storytelling, music, and dance, have in turn become fractured as communities are dispersed worldwide. While dislocated communities strive to reclaim their identity, the piece explores the question of whether one can ever really return home.


Passing on our Traditions

Parol Making in NYC (Filipino School of NY-NJ)
Mano Po, Lolo Fred
The Ameri-Fil of Long Island New York Learning the Steps (2015)

Documenting & Sharing History

Celebrating Asian-American Communities in Queens at Queens Memories ( 2/6/16

Collaboration & Partnerships for a Better Future

Anak Bayan

Alliance of Manila and hilippine Islanders USA

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP)

Bayanihan Club of Union



Filipino School of NY-NJ

Kinding Sindaw




People's Theater

Philippine Forum

Philippine Folk Arts Society

Purple Pillars Production






Agana & Enrique

Dagohoy Revolt: The Bravery of Boholanos lasting 85 years

The Community Board of Officers

Council of Elders/Founding Members

Dr. Zal Velez 

Dr. Josie Velez 

Venilda Jaynal

Consuelo Almonte

Dr. Cora Mendoza

AKA & Dr.Francia deVera

Zonny and Amy Lerum


Myrna D. Santos (Chief Operating Officer)

Ludy Resurreccion (Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer)

Marcos Panlilio ( Director of Phil Arts and Culture)