Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDCI New York)


A little bit more on history ..The Firsts, a lot of firsts in our archive ! the first PIDC president (before it was incorporated) , the first PIDC Grand Marshal, the first logo, and the good purpose of forming a non profit PIDCI corporation...and more !!!

Revisiting the past ....The first Philippine Independence Day celebration was a simple one in 1990. The 1st Overall Chair was Honesto Quijano. There was no Grand Marshal during this first celebration. The Philippine Consulate handled and managed the celebration.

1991 - The second celebration was held on 45th Street between Fifth and Sixth only with Nilda Jaynal as the 2nd Overall Chair. The Grand Marshal was Wall Street executive Lilia Clemente.

1992 - the first grand parade was held on Madison Avenue with Luis San Pascual as the 3rd Overall Chair and the late Dr. Ric Crudo as the Grand Marshal. The layouts of these 1st parade, 1st street fair and 1st cultural stage were all done by Penn Baluyut, architect. These layouts are still being used every year ! ***Note : From 1991 to 2001, the Philippine Consulate handled the preparations of the Philippine Independence Day parades and other form of celebrations.

2001 - Fast forward...A referendum was held to form the first non-profit organization called PIDCI (Incorporated). One of the purposes for which the corporation was formed was quote ""to encourage the participation of all Filipino Americans, especially the youth, in all aspects of the organization and share with them the responsibilities of community involvement (Reference : Certificate of Incorporation Under Section 402 of the Not for Profit Corporation Law, Page one Section E)...End of quote "". It was also to be able to get a 501c3 tax exempt status for all donations with responsibilities to be compliant with IRS Rules and Regulations for a non profit organization. That includes filing of taxes each year.

2002 - PIDCI, a registered NY non-profit entity was born on February 6, 2002 and witnessed by the first (original) 13 incorporators namely Sofia Abad, Roger Alama, Lolita Compas, Ramon J. Constancio, Angie Cruz, Rudy Nicolas, Cora Reyes, Juliet Payabyab, Honesto Quijano, Arnie Rosario, Reuben Seguritan, Francis Talangbayan and Lee Vargas. The first bylaws was then discussed and approved.

2002 - The first logo, in picture, was created by Fernando Mendez. That was the winning logo among the many entries submitted. It is still PIDCI's logo to present time.

Enjoy and don't forget the purpose of encouraging ALL Filams and ALL Filam organizations and the youth to get involve, let us not be selective, let us not be just us, whoever wants to serve the community, let us welcome them !



FB/ 02/04/2019

Las Islas Filipinas join the biggest Independence Day Parade celebrations in the East Coast, (6/2017)